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Visit From My Cat And Loud Radio on 2014-02-17

I still hesitate before submitting this story. I am not sure whether it is a haunting, or even anything paranormal, but it's definitely one the weird things that has happened to me of late. I had to put down my 14-year old cat last January 11th. Stage 4 kidney failure. Almost a month later, on...

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Thank you everyone for your taking the time to comment my story!
[at] mii_chl: you bring something interesting with the idea that a cell phone can pick other calls. I was not aware of that, and think that could be an explanation.
[at] Triskaideka and [at] frangelica1: really, you can hear me say "cat"? I'll have to check that!
FYI, I have listened to my recordings since that episode, and nothing special has happened, except my snoring 😉. And Joe-the-Cat didn't come back either (that I know of).
Date: 2013-01-15
Thank you for your story. You're a talented writer.

I like your attitude towards... This kind of stuff.