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Since I was a child I have seen, heard and felt things I cannot explain. The paranormal is a double edged sword for me and I am both fascinated and frighted by it. I was lucky that my mother never told me I was making things up, and I could always talk to her about my experiences. She also is the reason I have been very careful with how far into the paranormal I dive. She always taught me the dangers.
I have had people, who don't believe in the paranormal, say they discredit it less after hearing my experiences.

My two biggest dreams are to stay at the Stanley Hotel and actually experience something, and to one day start an Investigation Team.
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Fairies, Orbs, Spirits, What Could They Be? on 2012-04-25

I need some help in identifying what I am currently dealing with. I have never seen it/them but my son, J, does. One seems "good" the other "evil". My husband and I assume they are light orbs of some kind because our son's reaction to my husband's light sabers is the same as to whatever he is se...

My First Encounter With A Benevolent Spirit on 2011-10-18

This occurred this past weekend at a friend's house, it was our first visit there and it definitely made it memorable. I think the best part about this is that my husband and six month old son both saw what I saw. The area our friends, (I'll use the first letters of their names) T and C, live in ...

My Childhood At Coyote Trail on 2011-09-26

First off I just want to say how much this site has helped me. I live with some pretty terrible memories from paranormal encounters, and this place has become my refuge. This experience started when I was six and continued for as long as I visited my Grandmother's house. We moved in with her since ...

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So its been a few months since my godfather came and helped and I am happy to report no new occurrences. Though I still get the occasional passing through spirit.
I cannot tell you how weird it is to live in a house and for the first time not deal with something all the time.

I just wanted to give an official update that what ever it was has moved on!
Its one of the main reasons I asked my Godfather, he never over thinks. Just takes everything one step at a time.
Well my Godfather came by Saturday, and said that its possible it could have just been some energy that got trapped due to the recent bad thunderstorms we've been having. He said that if I remembered the date it started up correctly it would correlate with one of the local tribes remembrance holidays. Where they honored those lost in a tribal conflict. He came in said a few prays, and we left an offering out side the front door to entice them to move on.
So far so good, the next day I could feel a difference in the energy. But only time can tell.
He doesn't test it each time. That was only once that he tried to touch it.
I forgot to add that in my other comment, its been a busy morning.
Javelin I always love your scientific input. 😁
I want to say hes not color blind because he doesn't react that way to his toys of the same color.
The neighbors are usually only loud at night, and all the occurrences happen in the day. Last night I had a strange experience, my husband goes to work around 4am, and I had fallen asleep on the couch with the baby. He's been having some teething issues. I woke up about 30 minutes after my husband left to our cat yowling and hissing at the front door. I figured it was just raccoons or the feral cat that comes around. I told him to sush and then played back down. I noticed he started to stalk something along the wall from the door to couch. He slept up on the arm of the couch and his hair was standing on end. I don't know if it was paranoia that got me, but the room felt heavy I slept up and flipped on a light. As I did the cat rushed over to J and layed over him very protectively.

This morning I called my godfather, he is native American and spoke to him about what's going on. He's going to come out this weekend and perform a ceremony. So we'll see what happens.
Thank you Rook. I actually do a cleansing once a month. My husband has a high stress job and it definitely keeps out the negativity from that. So far no change in regards to these things.

Chazlow, I am assuming that is what he is seeing, I honestly don't know. He is only a year and cannot tell me.
We are not religious in our household, in fact my husband and I hold different beliefs. Thank you though for your input.
We do live in an apartment and there have been no deaths in our unit, we asked before move in. The land is near a natural creek and there were Indians living on this land. As a matter of fact 5 miles down the road its confirmed as once being a burial ground. When the store my husband works at was built, a priest from the reservation came and blessed land. On stormy nights you can hear chanting by the water, its rather magical. Its definitely not a spirit attached to the dwelling it self. It appeared rather sudden, I'm not sure if it was ssomething we brought in. Not knowing what they could be is the hardest because I do not know how to deal with them.

Although, around the time of their appearance we did get some new neighbors. They are pretty loud and rowdy all through the week. May just be a coincidence, but worth mentioning.
So I just realized I never added an update after the Halloween party. After speaking to my friends about what we experienced and felt they confirmed activity. Specifically that their bunny's toys are being played with. In fact that night I went to get my purse out of their apartment cause we had moved into the main house to play a board game and I could hear one of the bunny's balls being moved, it has a bell in it. The bunny's were all asleep in their cage.

I will say that after we acknowledged this little boy that air of sadness was gone. I think he just wanted someone to know he was there.
Trust me I know better then to ever use a board. I'm making treats for the party, I think I'll make him a special one.
I planned on asking them if they've experenced anything there. We're going back this Saturday for a halloween party.
I did noticed they have an ouji board and they have astroligical pictures. So it makes me wonder if that can be aiding in this being so strong.
I will definitly see if we can figure out a way to communicate with him.
Thank you sir for your service.
The story about the ball reminded me of a story my moms friend told me. She found these bells on her front porch she thought they would be perfect for her cat. Well they rang everytime they weree alone in the room. They sat on her kitchen counter for a couple hours and then she trashed them. Lol

Any way, have you had a cat before? The sound on your truck sounds like an animal may be playing on it, and then there's the gift of the ball.
Just a thought.
I didn't feel preached to either, don't leave you've had some rather intense experences.
I think granny is just throwing it out there (I can't think of the proper word, so this will have to do lol) due to a recent troll whom created quite a problem.
My mom always warned me about the boards and I'm glad I listned.
One question, when you say he went on to tell you this story, do you mean via spelling it out or was it more through dreams or just "in your head"?
I've always wanted an old house like that, ghosts and all.
Wonderful story! Hopefully someday you'll see the girl.

[at] granny: I love that; living impared. 😆
Date: 2011-10-20
I read this and didn't realize the author until I had finished.
I have questions too...

On a side note, maybe its just me but I get the odd feeling TK is a female. Certin things that are said and how they are written.
Date: 2011-10-20
I'm a bit confused, seeing as how you already were feeling an enity back in Sept. I think that you may just be paranoid, as a few others suggested on your other story.
I don't doubt you, but considering that you had similar experences while using an online Ouji board, its harder for me to believe 100% that you have attracted a demon. With that being said, "parnoia is total awearness", in other words its quite possible that because you are parnoid about welcoming something in that your fear and anticipation is creating paranormal like experences.

I will now repeat what others have said, stop using the board and don't pick it up again. Remove it from your house and clense yourself and your space. Don't not burn the board as this can anger an entiy that has used the board as a door way, do not deface it either. Just throw it away as far from your residence as possible.
If you did invite something in, it is going to be a long road to remove it. And there are chances you won't be able to completly remove it from your life.
Sorry for the long post, and I hope I have not offended you.
Date: 2011-10-20
I havnt heard of EVPS for succubi/incubi either. Maybe she's just a lost human soul and you remind her of someone dear.
I know a crack pot theory. 😉
Have you tried to talk to "her"?
I have to agree with DA, Granny, Fanny and Nysa; many people on this site deal with far worst encounters in their every day life, my self included. If your "team" was doing an invesgation at my house, and I saw you turn tail and run I would lose all respect.
A better way to handle this would have been to grab the recorder and try and catch some evidence. I understand you were alone, but a lot of times being alone makes a spirit more likely to come forward. You know those footsteps could be seen as first contact.

With that said, I do look forward to more encounters from you. ❤
Date: 2011-10-19
Glad to know someone else doesn't feel thee need to talk to a shrink about past trama. 😁
It sounds like the unhappyness your grandmother created manafested into physical form, and possibly could have allowed a demon or even a few entry. They love negativity, and would not only feed off it, but create more.
As for the painting, maybe she just knew you guys would move it. My grandma has done that to me, freaked the crap outta me.
Has yourr family thought of sending a team of professionals in to see what they can find? If the house/land is to be sold it would be nice for the new owners to have a non-evil pallett. 😉
Wow, fancanting!
I agree on the possible water source.
From what you described he almost sounds like a shadow from a camp fire, you know how they always look stretched but you can still make out the humannoid shape?
I hope you find out what/who he is!
Good to know I wasn't alone in picturing John Marston.
I agree with R.V. Could be attatched to the land. He sounds harmless and you didn't feel threatned, so I wouldn't worry.
Has your daughter ever mentioned seeing a "cowboy"? Just curious. 😁