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i like ghosts and stuff
United Kingdom
hello, I am shadowspirit. I have had many encounters from poltergeist to succubus. I am always detecting strange energy around me, as if someone is following me throughout my daily routine. I am very strongly educated with the different types of ghosts, tools and ways to communicate and have been interested since my first encounter when I was 6 years old

I always try and find a logical explaination for anything that happens to me first before trying to find out what spirit caused this but I'm a strong believer in the spirits.
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Relaxing Massage on 2011-03-14

Yet another succubus story. Just thought I'd upload this before I forgot about it and just a quick side note. I have done some research on my house as I said I would in my last part, it had a pretty interesting history, however it has nothing to do with my story at this current time, so I'll go into...

The Valentines Visitor on 2011-02-21

I haven't posted in a while, because everything has stayed pretty much the same since last time (see my friend the succubus) but anyway, this story takes place on Monday the 14th of February I said last time in my stories comments that I didn't know if demons or whatnot understood holidays. But a...

My Friend The Succubus on 2011-01-31

Before reading this story, I recommend you read my story "the blue ribbon" to get an insight on my demon My story takes place on Sunday morning (30th of January 2011, between 6am and 9am GMT). I had not been feeling very well in the upcoming days and so I decided to stay in bed after I couldn't s...

The Blue Ribbon on 2011-01-24

This story takes place about 2 months ago in November, before I had this dream I was feeling a presence of a female spirit (subbucus). I felt like I was being followed around my house and have has a few encounters when I was in the bathroom things had fallen off the shelves above the bath and toilet...

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Date: 2012-02-11
hi, thanks for the comment

I haven't used this site in a while, and I did a check of the comments that I do every so often, and saw your comment

Have you ever gone long periods of time without an encounter, and then suddenly have a few, then none?

And is it just me or is this site a bit slow/buggy today?
Date: 2011-08-15
i don't feel like a victim, I just didn't have a better word to describe someone who is on the recieving end of this

Honestly, I would like to keep her around me, although since I moved the encounters have been decreasing, and it is quite nice having her pleasure me, and would be strange having her around
Date: 2011-08-13

Just to let you know rook. I don't comment unless responding. Although I havnt been very active, I do check every so often to see if my stories are commented on, and if they are, and are worth replying to, I shall do accordingly

Date: 2011-08-13
sorry for the long wait for a reply, I havnt been on the site as much as there hasn't been any experiences I havnt told you or worth writing out, as well as moving house

I don't know if personality varies in succubi and I don't know if they just take it or wait to see if their "victim" wants an invitiation

Honestly, I don't want to get too attatched to her, because if she knows I do, she'll screw around with my head for more attention, if you get what I'm saying

Im waiting until something serious happens (such as minor injuries or forced sex) before taking action. So far none of this has happened yet, and I don't think it will, it's been almost a year since I've known her, so yeah.
Date: 2011-05-30
hi eclipse, glad you enjoyed my story and thanks for takin the time to read both of them. Maybe the girl had a guardian angel? Or got lucky when a good incubus chose her
Date: 2011-05-01
wow, I was gone for a few weeks and I just come back when I don't check my comments each day and there's just loads of random comments, I'm going to answer them all in order, or whichever I find easier to answer

Lovedby, her eyes are a kind of light blue, she once said her name was helen, but she has said several things to try and decieve me before.

Javel, I'm guessing your asking me how I know its a demon, and ill answer that question. When this all first started I looked up what happened, sexual ghost encounters etc. On the internet and it came up with a load of things that would happen (sleep paralysis, coldness of gennitalia etc) and I made my decission on that. I also found some stories on this site that are similar to my experiences.

LS, it was scary when it all first started, however over time I grew to live with it, no threats were made but I was constantly waiting for things to happen to me.

Aia, I have wondered several times, maybe its the fact they see an athiest will not pray to something they don't believe in, and see them as an easy target. I'm not going to lie I'm not the most perfect person and have done a lot of bad things in my life, maybe its negative energy?
Date: 2011-03-18
thanks, ill try doing that when I can, however demons can get angry when they know they are trying to get rid of them, what should I do if it turns angry?
Date: 2011-03-18
i don't really follow any religion, and I'm not easily offended. I wouldn't mind if someone came up to me and said "you should do this" or "______ is (nt) real". I welcome everybodies advice and oppinions, they are trying to help and make my life better
Date: 2011-03-18
im not a big believer in destiny or fate or anything, but I'm pretty sure something will probably happen when I decide to get out more. If you don't mind, how did you get this thing out of your life?

Ive seen what I believe it is, as when it appears in my dreams its always the same person, whom I have never seen before

Glad I enspired you to upload your story as well =]
Date: 2011-03-17
do you have any tips on how to remove them? I hear they are particualary hard to get rid of. Should I ask a priest or something

On a side note, never take friends who like 80s music to cosplay cons, my friend once dressed as rick astley and tried to start a flashmob in the middle
Date: 2011-03-17
smokey, I went to pax east once. It was strange, especially when you don't know half of the characters you are

Im not trying to make my stories believable, as I just intend people to read them

Ive emailed quite a few people, some wacky and some wonderful, ill email you if I need any help though 😳
Date: 2011-03-17
its not an excuse lol, most of the females about my age in my area would rather be with their guy down the pub or at a cafe than watching a grown man play super mario

When I eventually get round to looking for a girlfriend, ill email you. Thanks
Date: 2011-03-17
i think one of the reasons the girls don't like me, I like video games (super nintendo, gameboy advance) laugh all you want, ill let you. But that's something that would take a while to change

Im also not very confident at public speaking
Date: 2011-03-17
as I said previously. There are people on this site with different religions/beliefs, by asking "do you think its my succubus" I'm addressing those people personally and allowing them to place their oppinions if they don't think it isnt

The girl who died was about 15, and my succubus looked about 20-23. If ghosts do age after passing, she must be at least 33

I mentioned it because someone eventually will tell me to "research my house, and see if anything serious happens"
Date: 2011-03-17
smokey, don't you think I have already tried to get a girlfriend? I'm just 1 of those guys who women don't give two tosses about
Date: 2011-03-17
i mentioned at the top, the research had no actual relevance to the story
Date: 2011-03-17
hello lou. In my research into my house history, although unmentioned, I found out a woman about 15 had fallen down the stairs and died a few years before I moved in. I ask "do you think it was my succubus?" because its the easiest way imo to ask for your oppinion.
Date: 2011-03-16
ive known her since november, as I claimed in my 1st story, the blue ribbon

Since then, the only sexual incident shes ever physically done to me is the one of valentines day
Date: 2011-03-16
hope so. Maybe its just reassuring or maybe its trying to tell me I should go to a spa or something lol
Date: 2011-03-13
hi, do you remember what the date was? Because it wasn't mentioned, I have seen some strange things in the sky, like clouds that look like writing (it wasn't plane writing, it was cloud vapoyr)