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The Ghost Who Was Looking For The Child on 2011-02-16

This happened to my grandfather when he used to live in South India in a village closer to the city Kodaikanal. He used to be a non believer back then. Somewhere in the 1950's there was a drought. He doesn't remember the exact year. He was in his early 20's. His village was badly hit by the drought...

The Haunted Restaurant on 2011-01-24

Three years ago I used to study in France (Lyon) and I worked part time at a restaurant in winter. This is a very old restaurant and an expensive one. My job was to clean the whole restaurant before it was noon. So every day early in the morning around 5 am I used to start my job and it would take a...

Guardian - Blessed To Cursed on 2011-01-17

This happened in the business property we own. This property is rather a big one for a small business, it is building surrounded by big yard. The place where this property is located is not a safe place. It is surrounded by slums. This place is very popular for thieves, gangsters, drugs and every ba...

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Date: 2014-06-03
Nice story. That sounds really scary. No wonder people don't live there
[at] allesgute154 - very interesting and sounds similar, I think we are surrounded by so many invisible powers all the time, positive and negative.

[at] sheetal - thank you:)
Date: 2014-06-03
[at] bobdylanrock2244 - thank you:)
[at] gr8jatt25 - thank you:) , I think he did purify several times... I guess it doesn't seem to work
[at] bhavyapattz - thank you:)
[at] aimen - yes...:)
[at] GaryYam - cheers...:)
[at] sheetal - thank you...:) and yes I do thank god:D
Forgive me for sneaking in again,

One thing I forgot to mention was that, I too have tried to scream, shout but simply it doesn't work. No matter how loud you shout your voice will not come out.

You are awake or half awake... You sense your surrounding, you see this darkish figure... You are so scared, but you cannot do anything but wait and hope it would fade away.

Just wanted to tell that my experiences were very very similar to Siya' but a wedding or something of that nature was not involved. And It has been happening for years.
[at] Althachi
This happened in South India, Chennai.
This Guardian is worshiped around South India.
[at] Siya,

I've been experiencing something similar
(Nightmares, Shadowy figures, not being able to move etc) for years now. So I understand what you mean. I know it's very scary when it happens.

Sometimes it happens very often and sometimes it doesn't happen for months. I know changing homes won't work, because I moved from Indian sub-continent to Europe but still this stuff continued to happen.

I don't know what it is. But whenever it happens I chant "Gayathri Mantra" in my mind, and then this thing slowly fades away, and I go back to sleep. This has been happening to me for so many times that now my mind chants this mantra like a reflex... When this happens.

This is my solution and it works for me. I suggest you to do the same, it should work for you too (Google "Gayathri Mantra" if you don't know).

Seek guidance and help from a priest or someone who knows these stuff. Also it is always a best if you pray before you go to bed.

Good Luck 😊

[at] Miracles51031
I don't think this has something to do with her marriage because I've had similar experience. But still you have a point. 😊
Sometimes we have to ignore such paranormal experiences for things to work out. I completely understand and have experienced similar 😊
Nice Story!

Good Luck
whatever you do... Do Not use Ouija Boards.
It might be a spirit and it seems harmless. See your priest may be he can help you.

God bless you
that's creepy.
I don't mean to scare you but may be she's after your baby. May be your child is special in someway. May be she's a witch or some other evil entity who wants your child for some reason...

To be on the safer side I advise you to get your child protected by doing poojas and making him/her wear protection stuff.

God Bless your family
Date: 2011-02-18
That was scary!

Ghost trying to strangle...? That's really serious. I think you should leave the house temporarily and then seek help.

The saftey of your family comes first, Once you are sure your family is safe then the reason for the actions of these ghosts can be found out.

Also I strongly believe having a family prayer before going to sleep will help protect the family when they sleep.

Good luck 😊
Thank you for the comments guys.

[at] KimSouthO I agree with you. I have heard some similar stories too.

As Chingvang said, I believe that Love for someone seems to be a main reason which prevents souls from seeing light.

In Indian villages, in most cases the rituals done for the dead differ according to the nature of death, day of death, their age when they die, marital status, their spouse, family, kids etc... I think it might be the same in other parts of the world too. It might look funny as to why so many variations of rituals depending on so many variables but I think these rituals are there to help the unfortunate souls find light. Every soul might have a different reason for stay. Often the above mentioned variables have the explanation for a soul roaming the earth.
Date: 2011-02-16
That was creepy, may be somothing is after you.
I think your brother's teacher shouldn't have read the kids ghost related stuff, that wasn't wise.

Anyway I think you have to be cautious...
Good luck
Date: 2011-02-15
wow creepy. That's a great story... Did you try to find out why it happened?
Nice story 😁 Your grandpa must be a great soul.
I too have a similar experience which I will share it later.
Hi urbanhillbilly,

Sorry for your situation.

Whatever it is, I think your instincts can clearly tell you if your family is in some sort of danger because of this thing. If you sense danger then I think you should temporarily leave your house soon as possible and seek help.

Always have a family prayer before you sleep. It helps in some cases.

Good luck
Date: 2011-01-27
Hi guys,
Thank you for the comments; it's always nice to share such experiences with people who believe in them. 😊

[at] aya, thank you for adding the story in your favorites list, by the way may be if I had heard the haunting history before I might not have been brave and may have quit the

[at] butthead, I do think you are right about the wages, the only think which made me think the haunting and the wages were related is the fact each and every employee (not me though) knew this place was haunted.

[at] marley, I believe some ghosts like or want to harm the living because of various reasons like who they were as humans, their nature of death, beliefs etc. Mostly such ghosts cannot harm people since they have no direct influence in our world. Anyway under some special conditions created by nature or by man these ghosts get the power to harm the living (most of the time temporarily). I believe some accidents and deaths due to unknown circumstances happen mostly because of Paranormal entities. Science labels such deaths and accidents as human error or technical failure. This is my belief and this is what made me afraid once I got to know about the haunting history of the building.