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Possession Or Mental Illness on 2011-02-08

My sister and I have always been extremely close growing up. She and I have always had a connection that can only really be described as kindred spirits. At the age of nineteen my sister decided to join the Navy. She spent a total of nine years in the Navy. She has been out for almost two years. In ...

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As far as the back room is concerned, all I know is that my grandfather bought the room back in the 60's and had it added onto his home. When my grandfather passed my mother moved into the house. My mother will not discuss why the room is padlocked she just states that it's because she doesn't use the room. It is a three bedroom and the other spare room has never been locked. I asked my mother to join me in the backroom to get some items for my sister. My mother refused to even walk down the hall. She informed me that she did not want to go through my sister's things, even though we were asked to bring these personal items. My mother even put the padlock back on the door once she realized that my sister would be gone for a while. Of course I am very curious but she dodges my questions.

My sister has been on medication since she was admitted to the VA but has never complained to her doctor, counselor or myself about any metallic taste. The first meds she was on included Seroquel, Wellbutrin and Busbar. The Wellbutrin was to help her quit smoking. Then they switched the Seroquel to Abilify. She is currently on Risperdone, Wellbutrin, and Busbar. My sister has never really been a religious person and any time I bring it up she feels as if I am trying to get her to ask forgiveness because we are going to "hurt" her.

It's been a very stressful learning experience but we are taking it one day at a time. I really appreciate every ones help especially the comments from other military personal. I am convinced that her condition has nothing to do with paranormal activity, but it didn't hurt to look into other possibilities. 😊
I thank everyone for their comments. I am very involved in my sister's medical treatment as I am aware that her illness could be caused by her military experiences. She was in Kuwait for 3 months before war was officially declared. Thankfully she didn't see any action but I'm sure just being there was stressful enough.

[at] whitebuffalo... Thank you so much... Your words touched me and brought tears to my eyes... As a civilian I now have a better understanding and would be glad to pass your e-mail along when the time is right.

I call her everyday and visit as much as she feels comfortable with. We are not allowed to bring objects with us during visitation so it is impossible to bring any religious items. I can tell that her spirit is very week at the moment and do not want her to give up. The only real thing that gets to me is her stare. It chills me to the bone and to be honest scares the mess out of me. It doesn't even feel like she is in her own body sometimes. She is on every prayer list that I know of and I have even asked a friend that practices healing to lend a hand.

My mother has had her home blessed twice now. She does not feel comfortable with the idea of "ghosts". As far as my home is concerned, it has always had spiritual activity just not to the degree and boldness that is currently happening. If I feel/see any signs of malice intent I will make sure that my home is cleansed. I just wanted to cover all my bases to make sure she is getting all the "help" she possibly can. Thank you all very much. ❤