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The Ghost In The Hallway on 2011-01-24

Like my first encounter, my second encounter with the supernatural world came aboard The Queen Mary. It came about a year later and was not nearly as 'gentle' as the first one. My roommate at the time and I decided that we wanted to go down to the Queen Mary for the day. I had seen a dress in one...

My First Encounter With A Spirit Was On Board The Queen Mary on 2011-01-20

I have always been enamoured with the idea of spirits. Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, etc., always fascinated me when they were on television. But a strong sense of, self-preservation, for lack of a better phrase, kept me from actively seeking out the paranormal. I was always of the mind, 'If a ghost ...

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Date: 2011-01-27
It was strange because just as I passed that hallway, in my mind's eye, I was looking through the eyes of what ever it was that flew out of that hallway behind me. It didn't last very long, but enough that as it ended, the black weight began.

Shelby, I really don't know how to describe it beyond a 'creature.' it was absolutely non-human, that's all I know. It does feel very invasive. I just consider myself lucky that this one listened to me and backed off when I told it to.
I get you when you say you get the feeling that it seems like no one should be there or everyone should be there. However with me, each time I've gone into that room, it seems as if I'm walking into a room where no living person has the right to be. Does that make sense? The Queen's salon is another area of the ship that I found just, 'other worldly.' Like we were sneaking into a place we (living people) shouldn't be.

Miracles~ it actually turned out great! I'm quite proud of it and ended up as one of the pieces on my thesis reel. 😊
Shelby & Lark~

Thank you for commenting on my story. It was quite disconcerting, actually, when I realized that no one was there. I've gone back to The Queen Mary several times since then, and have returned each time to the pool area. And each time I have felt a presence, but most definitely NOT the same one as the first time. This one has me begging to leave within the first few seconds of stepping into the room without anything even happening! I actually had another encounter on one of those trips in a different area that I think I shall post here as well.

Shelby, in response to your question about my possibly feeling another's emotions to the point it affects my own, I think maybe that has happened a couple times, but rare enough where I can't say with any certainty. It was exciting, but frightening to the point where I now had actual PROOF that there was something there that I couldn't see and didn't have any rational explanation for.