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MandyyNicole's pictureI've creeped this website for years, I absolutely love it. I love all things uncomprehensible and mysterious, which is what draws me to the paranormal; I am completely fascinated by every unearthly part of it. But, even though it may intrigue me, I still have somewhat of a skeptical mind, it's fun to debunk things and come away learning something new... Part of the reason I love this site!

I have two beautiful little boys and currently, I am blessed enough to be able to be a stay at home mom.
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That House Still Haunts Me on 2015-08-17

When I was between the ages of 10-12, my parents bought a house in the woods of Renton. It was a lovely place with plenty of acreage. Our neighbor was a "crazy horse lady", so to speak, and she had near 10 miniature horses, and chickens that seemed to never stop reproducing. It was a blast for me gr...

Sleep Paralysis... Without The Paralysis? on 2013-05-29

I am one of the unlucky people whom experiences sleep paralysis (sp) on an occasional basis. I have learned to avoid naps as they tend to trigger an episode. As of lately, I have been thinking upon certain experiences and I wonder if this is even sp at all, or is it some other sleep disorder, or mor...

Our Duplex- Continuation on 2013-05-20

I recently submitted story about the occurrences in my home (thank you to those who commented, I apologize for my belated response!), unbelievably, I left out a piece of possible evidence. There has also been a new happening with my son; I'll start with the new and end with the old. Three weeks ...

Our Duplex on 2013-04-22

I appologize for the length of this story, I've been putting off writing this for about a year now, and I think it's time I finally get some input from y'all on what's been going on. I have posted another story concerning our home when we had first moved in. My family, my fiance, our four year ol...

The Unseen on 2011-08-22

When my fiance and I first moved into the house we're living in now, I decided to center myself and meditate. I have a three year old son and it's very hard to get peace and quiet when he's awake so I waited until the house was asleep and started to meditate on the floor next to my bed, leaning agai...

Alien Creatures? on 2011-07-18

When I was 17 I worked at a summer camp, there were a sister and a brother who attended, Wyatt and Vivienne; they were adorable and extremely smart for being so young. I remember being kind of shocked at the intelligence/maturity level they had, which is why I never doubted what they told me. They ...

Apartment D-102 On Blueberry Lane on 2011-04-18

I've read stories on here for ages now and I finally decided to post my own, sadly it's not as entertaining as some I've read, but it's mine! When I was in high school my mom moved into a bottom floor apartment, D-102, on Blueberry Lane. I came to live with her and my stepdad shortly after; I nev...

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Date: 2016-02-03
I am inclined to wonder if Benny was actually a real person before the incident occurred, kind and human- and perhaps, what you came across that day was an impersonation of the real Benny. Something evil moonlighting as a child's friend to draw them closer... But when the child feels how wrong it is, doesn't come closer so it scares the kid as best it can, because. Well, it's evil.
I only wonder this because you had never previously felt any negativity from Benny prior (is that right?) and I assume you would have, should he have been the same entity the entire time. I feel like, with the way you've described it, that kind of primordial evil would be difficult to mask without setting off your internal alarm bells sooner. Plus, why not just mask it until you're close enough to grab...hmmm. I'm very sorry you experienced such a terrifying thing, especially as a child!
Do you think it's possible that there are no children spirits at all, just the man masquerading as "children"? That's sort of how the entire situation comes off to me.
I'm going to need some clarification on a couple of points...

1) You went to a doctor and a psychologist to rule out anything abnormal...however, you did not divulge to the doctor or the psychiatrist the actual REASON, or the "symptoms", that brought you there in the first place (the electrical tocuches/feelings of evil)? So, the doctors really didn't have any idea what they should be looking for beyond the standard evaluation, did they? To be honest, it doesn't sound at all like a skin condition, but more like a brain/nerve condition...

Which brings me to my second point...

2) "Whatever this is, it is extremely powerful. Nothing else happens or I would have mentioned it already"...this statement is completely contradictory to me. If literally nothing else is happening, other than the touches and feelings of good/evil, what makes you think it's powerful?
This leads me back to point #1, possible medical condition.

The fact that your prayers go unanswered also leads me to believe it's because you need to be thoroughly checked again at the doctor's office and have a professional emf evaluation of your home. Lack of sleep. Electrical "touches". Anxiety (the feelings of good/evil)...I am not trying to discredit your story, I am only trying to offer my perspective. A medical condition would be a welcomed finding, as opposed to evil entities haunting you, don't you think?

I also recommend you try a cleansing on your home/yourself. Rook's cleansing method is a good one to use (you can look him up on this site under Rookdygin and it is posted on his page for all to use).
Also, to help paint a clearer picture, the actual dissociation that happened when my dad would talk to me ONLY occurred after my mom moved out. I am unable to place the time frame of the being sucked out feelings, though they stopped after moving out and before 7th grade.
For some reason I've never thought about stress playing a role in the recurring dream. It's quite possible! When I started having the dream my mom still lived with us. She did until about 6 months before we moved away.
The picture of little me was taken at a park as I sat at a picnic table. It was likely a place we frequented.

Tweed, I think we definitely could have used rook's cleansing back then! Haha. The vibe of the house couldn't have been the most pleasant as my parents didn't get along, ever, and fought often (nothing physical but lots of emotional abuse). And that wasn't a new occurrence, they'd always been that way which is why I wasn't too upset about the divorce.

I also realize that I didn't put this in my story as I just kind of spewed it out when I wrote it, but when little me's hands started to go faster and faster, its head moved side to side (ear to shoulder).
I also thought/think that it could be visual matrixing, but the thing that bothers me is that it still persisted without stopping, even after looking away/blinking/eye rubbing etc... Is that normal with visual matrixing? I would think it would have stopped when I looked away? But I am no expert!

I know y'all aren't doctors either, lol, but why do you think the dissociation and feelings of being sucked out of my body may have stopped after moving out and never happened again? The negative energy in the home perhaps?

(Side note: my OBE, I feel, was legitimate and possibly unrelated to the dissociation feelings, but it's the only thing I could connect those feelings to as that's what I felt was going to happen again if I let myself be "sucked out")

I would consider myself somewhat of an empath, so maybe it was too much for me to handle at that age?
That brings back another memory. I recall going to camp for two weeks during this time and having the absolute worst case of deja vu I've ever experienced. It was so bad I racked my brain for days trying to remember if I'd dreamt about it or had a similar experience. I think it gave me a panic attack at the time because it really freaked me out. What's your opinion (anyone) on deja vu?

I'm sorry this was such a long comment. It's just nice and exciting to talk to someone about all this without being looked at like a crazy person 😆
I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. As a mother myself, my heart hurts for your son. I believe the two of you will be able to overcome this. It sounds like you have all the bases covered and the rest of the posters have given great advice (as usual, they're amazing- lookin' at you, Rook)!

On another note, this reminds of me of a great article I read about what a shaman sees in a mental hospital, or "Looney bin".;) It's definitely worth a read, very interesting!
Date: 2015-06-18
Well this an all around heartbreaking story: (
I am in agreement with Rook; I think he may have reached out to the last person who showed him kindness. How very tragic it ended that way though. I hope his soul is finally at peace now.
I'm sorry for this being off topic right off the bat. Miracles, I find that statement slightly offensive (but not totally because I doubt you meant to be, in any way).
"Sometimes Christians believe something to be a demon when it isn't. I'm not arguing with you or debating your statement. Just pointing out that sometimes faith/culture, whatever raises people to believe something is evil when, after stepping back and truly assessing the situation, it isn't."...
To me, it feels like you are minimizing the beliefs of Christians who fall into that category and are flat out telling them that their beliefs are wrong, according to you.
If someone is raised with those beliefs, or just plain believes that any (/all) "spirit" activity is demonic in nature, that is their truth (while it is not mine, I do have family and friends who believe that). You have your own, but theirs is not "wrong" or misinformed. It would be like a christian telling an athiest that god exists- whether or not they believe it, and because they obviously do not, their belief is wrong... Which would be just as offensive, as you would be minimizing the athiest's beliefs.
At least that is my opinion. I know you would never mean to shut down another's beliefs. It's just that, if the poster feels as though this activity were demonic, as they clearly do and are unwavering in that decision, then nothing will change their perspective and you should just let it be rather than being unintentionally insulting. I hope I do not insult or offend you either with my comment here. Just hoping to bring to light another perspective regarding that aspect:)

Anyway, Vicky, after reading this story, I side with Rook in thinking that it may very well have been a manifestation of her negative energy and depression. Nothing to do with puberty, but those emotions can be incredibly strong and there have been lots of instances where adults have had/created (unintentionally) poltergeist activity. It would explain why you still sometimes felt the bad energy after cleansings, and why it stopped/lessened once she moved away. Either that, OR, your sister, bless her heart, had something negative feeding on that energy. I hope she is no longer dealing with those issues!
Date: 2015-03-13
Hey rook! Thank you for your input, I am not sure why I just now saw it. I still need to do your cleansing in it's entirety, I just get sidetracked by life. You know how it is!:)

I'm coming back here with another update/journal entry. On February 24th from 3am to 830am my car keys disappeared. I ALWAYS leave them on the kitchen counter. It was especially irritating because I had to drive my husband to the vanpool at 350am, we tore the house apart from top to bottom... Obviously we didn't find them in time (and luckily he was able to be picked up).
So, I go back to sleep once he leaves and resume my search at 8am when I wake to get my son ready for school (I drive him and I REALLY need the keys this time). Again I rip apart the house. Nothing. I even tell my son i'll give him 5 bucks if he can find them! We both look everywhere and come up empty handed. My littlest awoke in the middle of my third search since 8am (small house, lol), I went to get him out of his crib and by that time I was so frustrated I said to the empty room, "If it was you, give them back now. If it wasn't please help!". The baby and I return to the living room, I set him down and turn around and BOOM, right where I had JUST stepped on the floor (middle of the room, to be exact), are my freaking car keys. There is no possible way I didn't notice them. There is no possible way my oldest kid placed them there... I just have no idea wtf happened, lol. So I said thank you and carried on my day.

The only thing I can think of that triggered this (if my houseguest did take them as opposed to helping me find them) would be that we had recently acquired the dog again (the dog that was mentioned when something bumped the couch). So...there's that! I'll keep updating as things go on.
Date: 2015-03-13
I am pretty sure I have also read a couple stories similar to this... The most recent one being a girls bathroom on the second floor, or something along those lines.

This would scare the bajeezus out of me at 12. If it makes you feel any better, maybe it was just bad piping, and wind-suction from your friend opening the door on her way out that caused the stall door to move. Creepy either way for sure though.
Date: 2015-01-28
Tweed, this was an awesome story.
Creepy yet sweet, and it is going straight to my favorites. Thanks for sharing with us!

Do you happen to know any history of the house or who the dancer could be? I would suggest looking into it, see what you can fimd out about her, if anything.

She seems kind of like an older sister figure to me; she definitely seems quite fond of you, with the way she danced with you and tried to warn you about your ex.
I love that you played some Madonna as a thank you.
Date: 2015-01-27
Well then, since it was likely not your sister i'll stick with what I suggested earlier and say it was probably just a little tag along. I don't believe inanimate objects can be "possesed" in the sense of like, Chucky, but I absolutely believe they can hold on to energy/emotions. Or, spirits can hold on to the item, becoming attached to it.
What an interesting experience though... And extra creepy points for the doll. I don't even think i'd have been brave enough to pick the thing up in the first place, haha.
Date: 2015-01-26
In defense of the author, it truely does seem like a lot of nitpicking is happening here. I feel like I can relate to teen-kelly, her experience seems like exactly something I would have done at same age. Stopping to pick up a wood chip and everything. It's really a shame that people can't seem to move past irrelevent tidbits in this account.
Maybe i'm not as nitpicky because it sounds exactly like a teen-me lol.

Kelly, I misread about your grandpa having passed away. My mistake! It seems as though there may have been some trapped energy, or maybe even a harmless tag along spirit. But there is still the possibility your sister was playing a prank on you. It doesn't seem like, if it were anything paranormal, that it stuck around for too long. Thankfully!
Date: 2015-01-26
Are you sure it wasn't just your grandma or grandpa (or anyone else in the house) moving those things? Kind of odd it was the toolbox laying open though, eh? I understand if you were hesitant to tell anyone (your grandma) about these experiences... As a teenager I don't think I would have either because I would have been ratting myself out on the illegal shennanigans lol. I wouldn't have wanted to keep the doll either. I hate dolls!

I did a little googling and I did seem to find a legitimate link to the crime within the time period it would have occurred according to the story.
Date: 2015-01-21
Wow. I am so sorry for your loss.
Had it been anyone else posting this, i'd have pulled out the bs blankie and kept on about my business...but. Nope. I hope the entity that resided in that house had nothing to do with poor Hank's fall. Perhaps he had been startled by something and simply tripped... 😢
Date: 2015-01-21
Oh my gosh this is hilarious. Your stories/comments always make me laugh. A ghost passing gas... I can't handle it 😆
Have you ever tried communicating with it? Just curious. 😳
Date: 2015-01-15
This just gives me a poltergiest-y vibe, with the chairs and all. I don't think I commented on your other story, but combining the two it sounds like a lot of energy is manifesting.
If a cleansing would help you feel better in any way, I would suggest it too. It doesn't hurt to try anyway.
Date: 2015-01-13
Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if you did encounter a spirit. Paris is so old, and I googled the hotel, it looks old too and is apparently full of antiques. I can't say for sure whether what happened to you is paranormal or not (see others' suggestions), but as I said, it certainly wouldn't surprise me.
Date: 2015-01-08
Why do you feel it's so important to communicate with him? Just wondering. Have you looked into the history of the house?
And, again, does this happen more often when you've had a bad day? Do the footsteps or the "hey" happen around the same time of night/day?
I'd place my bets on residual or lonely too, or just plain stubborn lol.
Date: 2015-01-08
Well. I wouldn't plan on having any full fledged conversations with him or anything, lol. He will probably never utter much more than "hey". If spirits could respond and articulate clearly what they wanted/needed, I think we'd have all the answers we could ever dream of. By helping him move on I mean, tell him. Help him. Do a cleansing. Just because it doesn't respond doesn't mean it can't hear you. If you have tried all of those thingswith no luck, i'd suggest coexisting in peace. He seems harmless enough.
Does he come around more often when you have bad days? He might be trying to say "HEY! CHEER UP MATE!".

And ahh. Meditation. I've experienced things myself while meditating. It is definitely one way to become more "in tune".