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Strange Apparition In My Room on 2011-01-25

It all began when I was a kid; I lived in a small house in an estate with my mother, father and my baby sister. I'm not sure what age I was but it would have been when I was in school in junior infants. My mother used to always say to my father that she thought I was possessed jokingly mainly becaus...

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Date: 2011-11-15
I'm the exact same, I would record and see what's going on. The only thing is that something like this could upset whatever is there and it could make it self known once again.
This is only an opinion, I'm not saying this will happen but you never know!
Hi, I haven't been on this in ages, Miracles51031 I learned a few years back that my mother had a brother that had died that I did not know about! So one night I was in my granny's house and I was thinking about it when I was up in my other uncles room (I was in bed). As I was thinking about it I heard a voice say something, I can't remember what the voice said but I think it was hello or something like that. I ran downstairs crying to my aunty I wouldn't tell her what had happened but she just hugged me cause I was petrified
I know this probably sounds far fetched but these two incidents stand out in my memory.