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Michelle "Mikka" H
United States
Unfortunatly we lost a team member, my best friend Tanya Toberman, DRP Broke up due to this loss and I went solo back in So cal and began this group called Dark Slide Paranormal. Its just closer to my home in So Cal.

We are a professional group of paranormal investigators dedicated to experiencing and serving the spirit realm.

Evidence is a powerful weapon.
It should be used as an educational tool.
Our ability to understand greater things is advancing quickly.
We have to make sure we do the right thing with this knowledge.

The Great Exchange
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Goldfield Hotel Investigation Captures on 2011-03-31

While editing our footage of the Investigation at the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada. I came across more than I was hoping for at the hotel. I will share a few Infrared Video Stills with you all shortly. This was one of the most exciting investigations for me. When we all first entered the hotel, we i...

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Date: 2011-09-12
Hello! How have you been? We are going back to Goldfield. Its going to be a year soon since our last visit. I can't wait.
Date: 2011-09-12

How are things going with you? I just got this feeling for some reason... What is it about? I don't know. I ws reading about the Sock Puppet name... I do like that. But this name stands differently. So, how are things going with the above... Or what's changed with it?

Mikka H 😊

A year will have passed come this october 31st and so much has grown from our experiences. This place holds a special spot in my heart. It always has and always will.
This place has a 1000 realms crossing at so many points and who knows when one begins and the other ends. We have been invited once again. To enter the front doors of the goldfield is like entering into a special gift. To walk down into the basement is unlike any other experience... The space in between the walls that takes you into her belly is filled with a life of its own. Its alive. Its different than above and also from further down below. There are humorous gents singing gigs and children calling out your name. There are things testing your balance and others making sure you know whos house your in. Every step I took deep inside this place brought me to new discoveries. Yeah... I know that we were the ones being observed and yes... I made it clear that I was only passing through and had no intentions of claiming spaces or changing places. My thanks would be the exchange. Its all that I was hoping to part with. And yes... There were a few situations were it was obvious that a flashlight or two was desired... I was able to part with one and tanya with the other,woooosh!. There were other times when I thought that I was going to have to part with more than I was willing to give. For better or worse? Its the only way to scale it since nothings written in stone and you shouldn't enter if you can't afford to lose anything you took with you.

I can't wait to go back. I can't wait to inhale that world into my lungs. I have so much to share with that place. I have so much to give back.
Oh the exchange, I wonder.
Goldfield Hotel Nov 2010

Michelle "Mikka" Hewitt

Death and Roses Paranormal, Sin City NV 😁
I have another experience to share about our WOLFE MANOR investigation. OMG... This place is called THE DARK HOLE for a reason. Abuse, sinister activity and horrific medical malpractices happened here. The criminally insane were housed with those that lived in the "poor House" part of this place. Bodies were stacked head to toe on the floor and the living slept side by side with the dead. Yes the police and medics had to step over these bodies to help some of the other patients. Lost, old, insane... All were housed here. I was attacked here. I was charged at. I have nightmarish evidence of what happened here in our evidence files by evp and more. I have things I can't share that was shared with us by these poor victims of the past. You tube has lots of stories. Wolfe Manor in Clovis Ca. We have a video at FREKKLEBACK on Youtube. Death and roses wolfe manor.

I have lots of evidence that mirrored that of which we captured at Goldfield. I am on the brink of compiling my own theories with certain traumatic situations. My team members aka my best friends had so many things happen to them here.

I am in the process of completing more videos from our Goldfield INvestigation now that we have more evidence that has been established from that visit.

I thank you all for such wonderful comments and stories. Again... Support your local paranormal community. Most active places are historical places and we have to keep them open and standing. Don't let your city bulldoze your history.
Date: 2011-06-02
Demon Demon Proelium.
Abraxas illuminates and extiguishes
I have posted most of our groups photos and videos on our MySpace Site. I appreciate all of your comments. The Goldfield Hotel was certainly a surprise opportunity in my personal eyes (Michelle) but Rick has the magic touch.
Regarding the comments about the reasons as to why the demon/s didn't attack us, I really do believe its because we had a certain connection with the spirit occupants of the goldfield. Through the ovulus, it appeared that the spirits were keeping tabs on us all and letting us know when to leave and what direction it wanted us to run too.
In the basement, tanya and I made sure to question the validity of the demon/s presence as well as the others and questioned their actions with past visitors and investigators. This sounds crazy but the horrific and almost violent approaches that came towards us seemed to almost just stop before becoming dangerous to us mentally and physically.
Thanks for the experience and can't wait to hear more comments
You need to call a group to come over and uncover the truth. Wish you were close to us.
Good Luck. If you need any references, let me know.
Date: 2011-03-31
I have had the same experiences. I have heard that "Breathing" coming from different areas of the house and even at times, from the room that I am in. I have also heard, in addition to the breathing sounds a "Growling" sound. It sounds like its gurgling and breathing loudly. Like with much force behind it.