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The Mystery With My Girlfriend on 2011-01-25

I have lived closely with my girlfriend, whom I will call Ann, which is not her real nam. She is the person of my life. For 3 years have I spent my life with her, we have shared sorrow and happiness, mostly happiness if I am to be honest. I registered on this site just so that I could write this...

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Update coming tonight. I guess I have to keep you people up to date...
I'll start out and thank all of you who has left advice, this is not really my area of knowledge so all insight is appreciated.

I have a hard time determine what I should make of all this. The voices has continued with the same pattern, and our relationship is unchanged (since I wrote the entry) with the exception that some of my friends has started to avoid her.

Have no illusions, the possibility that her change was of a purely psychological on was the first thing I thought of, and I still do.

I will sit down and talk with her today, I think it's the best course of action for the moment, and it has gone a while since we had a serious conversation.

I have also done some research in the matters of different phenomenon that seem relevant to what all this, but the articles presented on the internet is of the less good kind. Where ever you look there's different information and little or no source recitative. I have also sent mail to a formet wiccan and another person, a satanist, to see what they think of all this.

Also: Sorry If I don't post to often, but I only log I here when I am alone at the house.
While I respect your advice and listen to it carefully, I have to ask, why God? How can you be so sure that praying to God will help?

From my point of view, there is several religions and you are telling me to put trust in one of them, but what tells me it's not an Hindu paranormal encounter or something? That aside, I have started praying, to what I do not know, but I pray to something good to help me.

I want to point out, also, that she changing attitude per se is not as alarming as the voices I've started hearing, and she removing the mirrors would not be strange if she just explained to me why, which she doesn't for some strange reason.

I am a little embarrassed to admit, but our sexlife is... Well let's say I don't complain. Sometimes I feel that it's just when we get intimate that I stop worrying about her, and since I worry a lot these days it's a welcome brake.

It's the rate of which all this has happened, that makes me feel bad about this.

And I have my rational side, saying that change scares people, and that it is that that is making me uncomfortable.

And finally, I love my girlfriend and intend to marry her one day, leaving her is not an option, I'd rather follow her to whatever hell you're saying she's heading than live without her.