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Hello, welcome to my profile. I would like to make it clear that I may not be on here very much do to work and college.

My interests are spending time with my twin sister, playing the guitar, and archeology. My sister loves to play the violin, drawing, and she is an archaeologist like myself.
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A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? 4 on 2011-11-23

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Things became hectic, but I've been able to keep track of what's been going on for the past few months. About three months ago my sister started acting weird again, different than she was the last time. That dog that she said Kadan gave her when the d...

A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? 3 on 2011-06-06

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We moved and have been busy with a number of things. My sister's been doing better in a way. She doesn't wake up hurt anymore, though she doesn't eat much of anything unless it's apples or oranges. I still see that thing that bothered her from before though, I've ...

A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? 2 on 2011-03-01

Over the last few weeks I've tried smudging the house and a few other things as well. Nothing seems to work with making the thing that's bothering my sister go away, it's only made it worse. After my sister broke her arm we tried to have the maid that saw tell us with our parents. My sister still th...

A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? on 2011-02-14

I'm not quite sure how to start this but here's what I have to say. My twin sister and I live in this really old house that our uncle gave to our mother and father when he passed away. We don't know how old the house is, but here's the basic layout. Mine and my sister's room is on the second floor, ...

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rookdygin, the only feeling the hallway had at the time was cold but it's almost always cold so I passed it off as normal, the hallway smelled kind of bad though but I didn't see anything to make it smell THAT bad. The hair on the back of my neck stood up on end when I smelt it.

As for why I woke up I was thirsty. But when I noticed my sister missing I went looking for her. As for that dog? It didn't come back until we were already back in our room and she was already asleep. Like I said, it's normaly right by her side. So it was kind of odd.
rookdygin, as far back as I can think of for Kadan visiting, or being around? I would have to say for almost our whole life. Our uncle's old home we moved into with our parents is where it would happen when we were little. We would stay the night there, and she would always complain to the workers or our uncle about footsteps, noises, stuff missing but until we actually moved in, nothing this bad has actually happened. So if it was Kadan messing with my sister when we would visit our uncle, then the answer to your first question would be for a number of years.

As for how I feel when the thing is around? That's hard to say really, when we first moved in it was just like someone recently had a fight in the room. That tense feeling you get? I can never sit still when that thing is around. But as of late, it's always been when my sister comes into the room. It's hard to even be in a room with her and that dog. It always feels like someone is glaring at me.

As for the last question, yes she acted differently before Kadan actually started bugging her all the time. She used to be happy and hyper. Now she's just so quiet and almost withdrawn, she still plays the violin which is the only time she'll act like her old self.

Also, the other night I woke up to get a drink and found my sister missing from her side of the bed. I found her standing in a hallway staring at the wall near the end with her dog just doing the same thing sitting on the floor near her. She didn't do anything until I shook her shoulder all she did was turn around and look like she just woke up, but her eyes were already open. Did she sleep walk or something? She's never done it before. Any idea what that was about?
To answer your questions rookdygin, yes Kurai means dark, we're identical twins, all but our eyes really. Mid teens, yes she did see a doctor, as for the dog I asked her that today. She said that she just "Followed Kadan and came to the dog." So your guess is as good as mine.

I've even tried to kick it out of the house. I'll come back into the kitchen or the front room and see her opening the door for the stupid dog while it just sits there. I don't mean to be stupid or anything, but that darn dog mocks me. It won't even let me get near my sister unless it's on the floor and she's sitting on the couch. It hates me, always tries to bite me. It's always so innocent and cuddly with her. I didn't even do anything to it in the beginning, I only tried to leave it outside once.
Shya-chan, I would love to say it's solved but sadly it's not. As for anything weird in our uncle's home that we may have picked up, it's just an old violin that used to belong to him. He left it to my sister in his will. She loves music, and that thing likes music. It's the only time when she acts normal anymore. Our grandmother tried to put it in the storage room and my siter freaked out saying she wanted something to remember our uncle by.
As for my sister lying? I think that's true as well. I thought she might just be covering for that thing Kadan, which might be but every demonologist we ask to help us, they always say no and leave the house. I've already tried to act like I wanted to get to know the thing. She said that "Kadan says your lying and you just want him gone like everyone else." She's not pale or weak, she's actually really healthy at the moment. Though that shouldn't be with the amount of food she eats, she hardly eats at all. She's spending more time outside now as well.
As for what we were going before this started? We were working at some old shrine, it was actually our mothers idea for us to work there. My sister always hated working at shrines though, she's always been sensitive to this kind of stuff and it bothers her. She's not really the same anymore, she still watches TV and everything, but before she always watched Animal Planet, now she watches cartoons and horror movies. She used to hate cartoons, anime, horror movies, gore, things like that. If anyone knows that Naruto anime she bought a weird pendant like the one that one of those Akatsuki people wear, I asked her why she would buy something stupid like that and her response was "Kadan says it's a cool religion even if it's just a nerd cartoon religion and plus it's shiny, see?" If anyone knows why she might have changed all of a sudden some info would be nice.
Shamby, yes actuly she does get frequent headaches but she always takes Advil for it. I never really thought of that but now that I think about it, that might be why it touches her head in her sleep.
Sorry I haven't been on for a day, my sister broke her arm so I've been helping her and with school work it's hard to find time to write just about anything. Also, since she broke her arm I'm worried about how it may have happened. She said she fell down the stairs, but one of the maids here at the house said that she thought my sister was pushed. The fact that someone else saw it make's me feel better though.
Shamby, to answer your question no she hasn't been spending unusual amounts of time in the bedroom but she has been spending more time in the piano room if that means anything. As for her ex and the ouija I'm not sure. It was he that dumped her so I don't think this could have happened from something he did. My sister handles breakups rather well.
Javelina, yes I am Japanese by birth. Our mother and father thought it would be well to know more than one language so my sister and I chose the english language.
lynrinth, no we are not Christian. We're actuly Atheist, and no that's why I came on here because there wasn't anyone I could actuly talk to about it without having them think my sister and I were crazy. As far as I know neither of us did anything to trigger this. My sister is the only one who communicates with it, like I said before. One knock for yes, two for no.
To explain Miracles51031, we share the same bed we just sleep about two to three feet away from eachother. It's a twin thing, and to your question, she's younger than me by three minutes. So really she's my little sister, always will be.

Also shamby, Kadan is a male name. And yes it does have long hair, but that's from a side view I guess because when it looks up at me when I turn the lights off again, it looks like it has broad shoulders. Also she doesn't like Ouija boards, her ex boyfriend liked that sort of thing until she told him it would only turn on him. He left it alone after that, and yes she does have some communication with it.
Well zzsgranny, I'll be sure to try the 'switcheroo' idea. We always did that to confuse other's back in grade school so it might work. And no, it's not just at night that she experiences that thing, and when I see it it's hard to explain. Yes I feel fear when I see it but why wouldn't I? She's my little sister, I'm worried for her. But it just seems like when it's not looking at me, the room feels somewhat peaceful. When it does look at me, the room seems tense and the air feels heavy.
I'll try the holy water idea BadJuuJuu. I don't really think my mother and father would take lightly to the fact that something is bothering my sister, paranormally anyway. Our mother and father are rather strict, and because of our family they expect the best out of my sister and I. So telling them is basicly asking to be disowned and sent away, but I'll try to bring it up the way you mentioned. I'll keep updates on what happens to, 😕 thanks for the help though, it's really helpful knowing that I'm not going crazy and I might be able to help my sister.
Well to answer your first question BadJuuJuu, I asked her that too. She told me she made a rule for the thing to follow until she knew what to do about it. One knock for yes, two for no. She told me she got one knock, and she named the thing Kadan. I've seen her space out a lot ever since that thing started showing up on her side of the bed, so maybe she communicates with it that way or something? I don't know really, it's hard to say. I may be her twin but we still don't know each other's thoughts.
The only thing she tells me about it is that it follows her to school every now and then, and she asked if it likes music, she got one knock. My sister loves playing the violin, sometimes she would just walk out of the house into the backyard just to play it so she doesn't wake anyone up. The fact I'm hearing piano music whenever she plays her violin is weird. I would be sitting in my room, she would be playing the violin and I would hear a piano playing also. I would get up, but the closer I got the lower the sound would go. Until it stops all together.
I also want to know if it's a bad thing that she named it, will it stick around if she keeps calling it that name?
Yes we are teenagers, and yes I've heard of poltergeists. The thing is though my sister is the least stressed person in our family, and the only person who is stressful, is never around.
For your second theory, no my sister didn't insult the house or anything inside of it, she loves this place. We both do, we spent most our lives with our uncle here in this house until he died and our mother and father gained the property.
For your last theory, I did try using sage when this first started happening, I want to tell our mother and father, but I'm worried they might send us off thinking we're crazy or something. I could care less if it goes after me, I just want whatever it is to leave my sister alone.
If this helps any though, the shadow always looks like it has really long hair, really long. Down to your knees kind of long. She also gave the thing a name, so now when I hear her up in our room she tries to talk to the thing. She named it Kadan, which means companion in Japanese. I told her not to name it, but she just told me to be quiet because it wanted a name.
Do you think it might be a confused poltergeist or something?