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I'm on this site seeking answers to countless questions and wishing a sense of connection with those who have had a glimpse of the other side.
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The Athens Apartment on 2008-11-03

At the age of 25, I decided that it was time to pursue another career-a decision which led me to the capital city of Athens, sharing a flat with my 6 years younger brother-also attending university. We lived in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by a small forest. The apartment itself was enormous;...

The Cat House on 2008-11-03

There is this very old stone house that still stands in one of the oldest neighborhood on the island just on the outskirts of the Medieval Town-the place I proudly call "Home". Almost twenty-five to thirty years ago when I was still a young child this house was a popular meeting place for kids my ag...

My Night Visitor's Lullaby on 2008-09-09

This is a recent account of events following My Night Visitor's encounters. I have tried to the best of my abilities to face the fear of the misty lady's visits and her persistence to approach my face while asleep. I have spoken to her, prayed for her, offered her my assistance, even called a minist...

My Night Visitor Pays Another Visit on 2008-07-21

This is the second noteworthy encounter I've had with the misty figure over my bed since that night. I've been sleeping almost peacefully for sometime now since nothing frightening or extraordinary had happened for quite a few nights. In the company of my guard dogs, I dare say, I feel somewhat p...

Chrisa Couldn't Play on 2008-07-14

During my childhood, I would spend most of my time at Grandma and Grandpa's house and many nights, I would fall asleep in the guest-room after the tenth or eleventh bed-time story. I didn't like sleeping. I felt it took me away from a fascinating world I needed to explore! Sometimes grandma would...

A Night Visitor on 2008-06-23

For those who've read my stories concerning Anima, I'd like to say that I have decided not to continue with an update of the recent events simply because it involves people other than me and a long history that is best to be forgotten. With that being said, I'd like to share two recent events tha...

Some More Disturbing Encounters at Anima on 2008-03-04

This is an account of the events that were related to me by our student and waitress at Anima. I have already mentioned in my previous story, The Mirror at Anima, that Elisabeth (one of the bartenders) had claimed to have felt a presence passing almost through her at some point, as well as heard gla...

Jasmine by the Window and the Old Man's Rocking Chair on 2008-02-25

Rhodes is known as the island devoted to Apollo - the ancient Sun God. Winter seems to have almost forgotten this part of the world as it barely "touches" it. If one excludes the boiling hot summers from June until mid-October and the torrential rain and thunderstorms from January until late Februar...

Anima 2 on 2008-02-19

It was early one Sunday afternoon and since it was our day off, which meant that Anima was also closed, I decided to take advantage of the huge back garden and the sunshine and took my four dogs (3 boxers and a tiny greek breed) and headed down to the bar which is just two blocks away. My four-legge...

The Mirror at Anima on 2008-02-18

I'm writing a fragment of a much larger story with certain reluctance. In most parts, it still remains a mystery refusing to unravel. On a few occasions I dare to think that I might have found the answers to my questions but not with absolute certainty. When my second husband and I got married th...

A Candle in the Snow on 2008-02-12

Many have come to call it "follie"; I have always thought it as being the "yearning" of a "young heart" to dwell into the mysteries of love and seek for a sense of completion and, with that being the moving force, I set off to marry my good friend at the age of 19. It didn't last long! I still recal...

Through the Eyes of a Little Girl on 2008-01-30

This is not a story of ghosts. It is one that led me to believe in a world beyond the one we see. I don't know if I have any special powers - maybe we all do, provided that something triggers them, or maybe, it was the helping hand of another that "touched" me in the hour of need, and if that's the ...

To my Lost Siblings on 2008-01-28

I was born on 5th May after a very difficult pregnancy and an even more difficulty labour that nearly caused both, my mother's and my life. Mum still narrates every minute of it, with tears in her eyes, every chance she gets and I know that she still suffers every time she does. Grandma (when sti...

Disrespectful of the Dead on 2008-01-23

Having lived most of my life on an island, I had the good fortune of being allowed to play outdoors even after sunset and do things a city-child wouldn't normally dream of. It's this sense of security that small places provide that make even the most protective parents less worried about and, of cou...

Last 20 posts from rhodes68
It seems that I have stayed away for quite some time! Thank you all for your lovely comments!
Ralu4michael, thank you for the encouraging words!
Jasmine I know exactly what you mean although I'm sure you have received your answers by now! Being sensitive to certain things is a burden at times and quite often misunderstood! Still it is your own unique gift, one you need to accept, make peace with it and learn to control!

As for me, I have chosen to stay away from all these for a while not because of any other reason but mainly because dealing with what I couldn't see most times led me to neglect what was there in real life, in the present! I will get back in time!
Thank you both Daniela and EmeraldAngel for your nice comments!
Date: 2010-04-24
Thank you for your kind words wishcat!

I was told to take wheat as it is what they do in the northern parts of Greece for those who have starved to death because of a serious illness. It seems that wheat is associated with bread and that is considered the appropriate and first thing to offer.
I wouldn't try any immediate communication and I use this term because, in a sense, I think cleansing is a form of communication-that is, they know you sense them. If I HAD to try any type of contact I would be asking for help and be very very apprehensive so, I agree with you. Now, the hangers shaking... Maybe they are attempting communication maybe it is just their being there, their energy and nothing more that interferes with any objects. In any case, please be careful and observe closely!
Date: 2010-01-18
It is true that animals have the extraordinary ability to see things we most times don't but there are times when an animal may not sense what you sense. Why? Maybe because the "calling" was for you-not for them. Maybe you were the only one who were to receive the invitation... Who can be sure. Besides, was your cat at close range? Could you see her reactions at the time of the event? Maybe she sensed no immediate danger. That's how my dogs react most of the times when I see, smell or hear something. It is only those very rare times when they sense danger and it is only then when I see them react too.

Have you ever talked with the sitter, can you be sure she has had no experiences in your house too?

One last question. What did the voices sound like? As if there were real people partying next to you or was it like a muffled noise as if you could hear them from behind a veil?

Thank you for sharing the experience.
Date: 2010-01-18
[at] DeviousAngel:Hello there! Thanks for the warm welcome... It is nice to be back although I still have to make more time for myself!

[at] dragonwalker: yes, I noticed that the objects were "misplaced" according to your "domestic order" but then again I have a suspicion... It is YOU who is placing the keys or any other object in the "wrong" place according to the "old order" if you know what I mean. In the old days, keys were not laying around. They were ALWAYS placed on a hook above the door. Think about it!
Hauntee, from your description of the events it sounds very much like intelligent haunting... They are aware you are there and, I might add, a little disturbed by your presence in "their" household. A family with that type of history as the one you mention must have always been withdrawn and suspicious of strangers and to them, you all are.

I will be looking forward to reading any more occurences if any although I hope things do not get worse. Have you considered clensing the place? There are suggestions on the site in the article section. That might protect you from any negative energy and at the same time create some sort of balance and draw a borderline between your world and theirs.
Date: 2010-01-13
Hi DeviousAngel!

Well, I really think the first incident with the fridge is definitely residual but I'm not sure about the second one with the keys. I am more incined to believe it is intelligent. The misplacing of the keys of course is not enough evidence to support that but then again, the keys were put back in their place on demand so..., the energy must have been able to hear and sense dragonwalker's presence.

[at] dragonwalker...you're talking about some serious events and a lot of history embedded in those walls! That can explain many things!
Date: 2010-01-13
Thank you for replying honey91.

I somehow knew this was going to be your answer and once again, I can relate to that! Maybe certain things are better left undone so I think it was a wise choice not to put the dress on. Besides from what I gather whoever wore that dress simply wanted to make their connection known to anyone who could sense them in any way possible. Letting you see and feel part of her life, even if that was as much as a brief image of herself is enough acknowledgent.

Again thank you!
Date: 2010-01-12
Although the first part of the experience sounds more like residual haunting- a past resident having their usual snack or even preparing food in the kitchen (I'd go for the second one as I think it was a woman), I very much agree with you on your estimation of the second part. Whoever wanted acknowledgement though was very likely distressed as well about you placing the keys in the "wrong" place according to the order of the "old house".

Great story!
I understand your concern but I think I would first blame it on her imagination before examining the possible metaphysical nature of these events. Any child at her age would not only get deeply influenced by what they see on tv but would mainly want to differ from the mass. What I mean is that TV tends to portray these "sensitive" people as being beyond the average which is not always true so I would expect a young girl to go as far as "immitating" or even forcing herself to believe she is actually experiencing the paranormal. The point is has your daughter ever mentioned having similar experiences before she began watching these shows? Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary before these shows became a daily or weekly habit?
Quite an unnerving experience!

I wish to ask you a question not about the incident itself but about your son's "perception" of that past event. You say your last "discussion" about Mathew was when Zack was about 14... Why did he ask you about the boy who "helped" him kill the kittens? Please don't be offended by my asking the particular question but how did he feel about that incident as he grew older? Was he disturbed at all or did he just put it behind him? Have you, since that last talk, asked him whether he sees or hears Mathew?
Date: 2010-01-12
Very interesting experience! It sounds like you don't question that feeling of connection to the dress at all or the mental picture of the young girl wearing it... Don't misunderstand my saying so. I don't doubt you, I'm simply making an observation-one I dare say I can relate to.

I read about how you stand there looking at the dress, touching its fabric, being overwhelmed by the emotions it provokes. Have you ever tried to put on the dress? I am wondering if you feel tempted.
Very well written story! I was wondering what your parents think of the occurrences now? Do they still blame the wind or the moisture?

I'm really curious as to the experiences they had themselves but I understand if you don't wish to speak about them.

I haven't read the previous comments so forgive me if I ask something you've already answered... Have you found out who lived in the house before you? Is the room you found the shoe and the doll in a room that a person could have lived in like an old bedroom or is it like a hiding place? I think if you could find the original blueprint of the house you might be able to have a better picture of what the house looked like.
Date: 2010-01-11
[at] scrapmetalkitten: Thank you for reading my experience!

What I came to learn from this... I think was mainly to not get involved with things I knew very little about, to respect and fear what is above and beyond me and lastly that there has to be some other world where all the loved ones exist-that death is not always and for everyone the end. Still that particular experience has since raised some issues I'm still uncertain about. I'm up to this day looking for the answers to my numerous questions.
Thank you garbagegigo for reading my account... I have done research and much more but because this place involves more people and their lives, I felt I should not reveal the relevant information.
I was wondering what you meant by "the dark figure" standing in the doorway. You said it looked LIKE your brother so you assumed it was him. But why dark? What time of day was it? Could you see the features of the figure clearly or did it resemble your brother?
Date: 2009-09-18
May I ask if these "occurences" are still taking place with the same intensity as that of the first time? Have you discussed them with the rest of the family or have they experienced things themselves? Is there a chance that your great grandmother is held back by some unfinished business and needs help to cross over?

Sometimes souls stay behind either because they cannot understand what has happened to them or because they are afraid to cross over. Sometimes they may have to do a few last things before they are ready to move on to the next stage.

Talk with your family and try to learn if your great grandmother had a wish to fulfill before her demise!
As I take it, it is not the houses per ce that are necessarily haunted... What is the chance of living in a haunted house each and every time?!

I 'm more inclined to believe that these "manifestations" are taking place mainly because you attract them and you do that because you have the ability to sense them! Spirits need this interaction with our world-our sensing them makes them stronger sometimes, at other times they just need help or comfort or even help in understanding their "situation" and guidance to cross.

Sometimes people's ability to sense the unseen grows stronger by time while others lose it. Yours is still there and getting more and more powerful.

The question here is what you want from all this-how would such "gift" be received and welcome into your life... Do you wish to understand it more, to put it into practice or is it something that frightens you and you could do without?
Date: 2009-09-07
That was a very interesting encounter!

I suppose the old gentleman was a kind hearted spirit as he must have been in life!

Thank you for sharing!