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Henry Mena
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My name is Henry Mena, 25 years of age... I have had plenty of Paranormal experiences... Both Good and Bad... Glad I came upon this site... My passion is music...
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Voices In The Hallway on 2014-10-13

My name is Henry Mena I am currently living in San Jacinto California. I believe the first story I shared with this site was when I was 26 I am now 29. The story was basically my life experiences from the age of 4 or 5 through 26. Since then I have experienced an apparition of black smoke appearing ...

The Black Smoke on 2012-11-20

We'll my story begins with me coming home back from Las Vegas about three months ago around August 2012. I had unpacked and started to relax by watching some T.V. In the living room. I had fallen asleep while watching the T.V. When I woke up from my sleep to see this thick really dark, black, bl...

My True Paranormal Experiences on 2011-02-14

I'm 25 years old I have experienced paranormal things since I was young. My first experience is when I was maybe somewhere between 4 or 5 years of age, my parents were missionaries and we were back in the United States we were staying at my grandparents' house. It was night time and I was sleeping a...

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[at] Franny_who I think some people are just more open than others, gifted... I defiantly embrace that fact that I can hear and see things, it does frighten me at times... I don't fully understand it either... And I don't let everyone know because... It does sound crazy but its the truth... But your prof and I'm prof that there is more to life, than just this life...It's gift tho... At least for me
Date: 2012-11-20
We'll if it was something passing through then great... But this is the third house that i've have experienced something, I have had about 9 encounters ranging from Voice's calling my name to seeing objects move on there own to even hearing Angels sing that's why I said can something be following me, I don't feel there is... But I do feel that I attract things... I defiantly wasn't imagining it because I stood awake after the incident, It wasn't my mind playing tricks... Because I even moved my head to observe it from different angles.
Wow I have experience this, I was actually trying to do research which led me to your story...I'm at lost for words my story is very similar... I had fallen asleep while watching t.v. In my living room, I woke up and seen This thick really Dark black Smoke that some what seemed contained an a circumference of a circle above my t.v. It was like it was watching me... I remember just looking at it and all of a sudden it all started to come together to a center like the smoke was being sucked into a small hole and then diapered...That's crazy I'm glad to know some else has experienced this too... I as we'll have experienced things my whole life
Thanks monster... Javelina I'm glad my story touched you she was defiantly my best friend best Dog ever...
My experience with a similar situation. Is I was awake but not my body but my mind, I was aware of what was happening something was crawling on me... I did my best to move and finally I controlled my body and stood up strait but there was nothing there... I thought I was going crazy because I remember thinking something is walking on me...
At Geminigoat I feel it is a blessing most of the time I'm not afraid most things have had positive energy or non threatening... Except for what ever it was that pushed my bed down it freaked me out... At Darkness-Dan Yeah I was happy my dog came back, even now it amazes me... Foxy was her name, Siberian husky
Thanks Mike appreciate that... At Heidi180180 yes I do at times feel I I'm being watched, sometimes I wake up out of a dead sleep feeling some what frightened... Looking around my room because I know something is there, something is watching me. It scares me more that I can't see it... But I can feel it