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Peter Samuel Smits
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My name is Peter and the arts are very close to my heart. A heart which has always bin open to the super natural to.

That there is life after life I always knew.

Peter from Antwerp
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Haunting Of The Annoyed on 2011-03-29

It has happened twice so far. A week ago, when I was sweetly close to falling asleep, I heard a female voice calling out for me. In other cases that would be wonderful, but not in this case where I was all alone in my bed. The second time just took place a few nights back. Again on the tender momen...

Lady On The Work Floor on 2011-03-02

This sharing is one my father did. In his last week at the bank where he had bin working for thirty years, where after he would finally retire, two events happened to him which were of the ghostly nature. On monday he was standing up at his desk looking down on some papers when suddenly he felt h...

Claudio And The Toilet on 2011-02-22

I have been living in Ghent for a while. Have been working there to. Underneath where I lived I was a dishwasher washing dishes in the back of the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. "The Medici steps" My chef Claudio, who lived the building next to mine, was not just a chef to boss his staff arou...

Ghost At My Brothers House on 2011-02-14

My brother and his wife, their three daughters and three cats, found them self's a nice and cozy little house in Bornem. Bornem is a tiny village and part of the province of Antwerp. They are living there for two years and two months now. And the "strange" things I'm going to talk about started hap...

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Date: 2013-10-24
Hi Amanda32,

A most terrifying experience your daughter and yourself had with this ghost child! Its bad what he did to her simply becaus she stopped playing with him.

Not so long ago I was talking to my brothers second daughter who is seven and the conversation was about best friends. When I told her the name of my childhood best friend she asked: "Was he a real one?" She used to have conversations when laying in her bed some years ago while her sis was already sleeping. Her parents hearing this checked in on her and witnessed how she lay there speaking to an invisible someone.

I'm glad you got it away from your daughter!


In my neighbourhood there is warehouse where you can buy old second hand stuff. Individuals selling their old things or Companies that clear out houses when someone has passed on, bring their collections there and put a price on it. The longer it stays in the store the lower the price gets... But anyhow, each time when i've visited the warehouse together with my father or brother, we always come out feeling like we've just did some over intense studie marathon.

We also have this when we've been to the city for the afternoon. I used to have it when living in Ghent and walking through a particular street. So, in my case this is not mold related but rather picking up on energies.

I think you are a very sensitive person. Nothing to worry about, its a blessing in the way that it will guide you. Meditation can help cleaning up the feeling in your head. Or just being quiet for a while...

Wishing you all the best,
Date: 2013-10-24
Hi there,

I always read and heard using the ouija board is dangerous because your opening a door for whatever wants to come in. Recently I watched one of the -Most haunted- programs where they used the Ouija board and I feld how bad it could be. You can watch it on youtube its called Most haunted Christmas spirits.

So, do, like some of the readers told you to, begin that cleansing now. The sooner the better...

Greetings,Peter. 😕
Date: 2013-04-07

Thank you for this heart touching sharing...

Date: 2013-04-07
Hey Tuesdey,

I think its wonderful that you have a friend from the other side helping you out! It works both ways, she may have felt lonely for a long time and then there you were.

I love how you guys can talk to eachother! Keep us updated if you will...

Hi Ghostbusters1234,

I think that by having noticed this spirit it became more and more active with you. Making contact is like they say -waking up the dead-

I remember reading somewhere, in a book or so, about Indians stranded in Ireland. And an Indian group in America sending them money.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us...

Date: 2012-10-25
Hi Worried-Brit-Chick,

A very touching sharing also to my opinion and again a singe from that other world saying to us: "yes people, life lives on without the form."

Reading how your son was laughing during that moment in your bedroom as he always had done when your nannies spirit came to visit I wondered why this time the feeling it got you became negative and like geetha I to would like to know how your dog responded in relationship with your nanny?

It could be you felt her very strongly then which scared you a little?

Anyhow, thanks for posting your story!

Date: 2012-10-25
Hello majikflute,

I first thought these hauntings came most likely from the wife of the couple you knew who lived there before you and had died in the house. But then I read your reply to the comments where you shared how the owner of the building said he always has difficulties holding renters... In our neighbourhood we also have such a place which has been -welcoming- new tenants as long I can remember.

My grandmother (my fathers mother) passed on in January here in our house. And on a moment when I was taking a nap during a lazy Sunday afternoon later this year I heard her voice in my room calling my name. She sounded upset seeing me from where she was wasting the rich hours of the day I guess!

Much enjoyed reading your story. Hope what ever spooked around in that house has stayed there and your both doing fine!

Hi theguy0612,

It is very true that once one has seen a ghost this image will stay with that person for the rest of their lives as a very clear picture in their memory... I know. Reading your sharing plus the story which you sister told gave me chills all over! I felt sorry for your middle sister since it seemed to have given her such frights from when she was a kid. She must have seen this ghost girl many times and must always have sensed her presence hiding in her bed every night like that! It brings back a period in my life where I went to sleep scared up over a feeling in my room...

Thank you both for sharing your experiences here with us!

Hi mama2lucasriley,

Seeing the history of your family when it comes to the supernatural it is not surprising that now your son has got these gifts to. You could speak out loud and tell the spirits to stop scaring him. They tend showing them selfs how they died the last time and ofcourse this is not something we want to be a witness of. From the time I was able to see them I said: "i don't mind you guys appearing but please get over your old stuff and never bother me with it" This seemed to have helped because I still see them feel them but they always look normal.

Hi Javelina,

Instead of following you guy's in what ever you are talking about I rather choose to respond to the posted sharing here which I thought again was wonderful to read. Great stuff!

Does your mother still visit the place? I guess if she not longer does Georges must have lost his interest in the whole deal and therefore has switched to making plenty less action.

Peter. 😕
Hi Javelina,

I know exactly how you guys must have felt when you came down those stairs and saw how everything was changed back again! My grandmother pulled this prank with me some months ago. One of her last requests was that I would continue the ritual we had of drinking coffee and eating cookies together around four in the noon after she had gone. I still to this day am making my promise true. But at one of these afterlife tea times she re aranged the filter on top of the coffee mug standing on the livingroom table while I was in the kitchen for the water. Is it not amazing and totaly to wonder about how they can do this moving around without making a single noice?

I got a kick out of reading your sharing and am jumping where i'm sitting to go and enjoy the second posting of these events!

Peter 😁
Date: 2012-08-04

Much enjoyed reading your story which gave me goose bumps. My grandmother, who passed away in Januari, has moved stuff around at our house to. I strongly feel that you indeed were visited by your ex special person in your life...

Wonderful sharing,
Date: 2012-08-04
Hey 1spooky,

A friend of mine who has seen ghosts all of his life told me that they sometimes will imitate the voices of people we know just to catch our attention. I remember me and my mother hearing my father calling us from upstairs in our house while he was in the garden.
I came here and saw the title of your sharing and said: I want to read this, it was the right choise! Thanks!

Date: 2012-07-30
Hi starlight1976,

Like the other readers I also got a warm feeling over me while reading the goings on in your sharings... She clearly mothered children during her last incarnation and continues to do this caring bit from where she lives now. Your Lady in black seems an Angel in white.

Hey MickeyN,

I think that natures extra gifts, other then hearing with our ears, seeing with our eyes, can kick in during the unfolding of our lifes. My niece Atlanta who will turn six on the end of this month has always been able to see into the spirit world and knew things before they happened. My grandmother, who is with the spirits herself right now, only started to notice the ghosts when she was in her nineties... As for your encounters I guess this girl has now simply found a way to you and is in the clouds to be experienced! Just talk to her, try and make recordings like some have suggested...

Thanks for sharing this with us!
Much enjoyed reading about it.

Hey GhostMagnetMegan,

Your story does not at all sound crazy. Its very logical I would say. You made contact by using a board and someone hanging around seeking contact dived right in. You can still talk to Sally and tell her to let go of how she died, no matter the terror of it. She might still be there since she was not given the chanse to find peace back then. So give this to her now. Help her move on...

Looking forward to more of your experiences,

Hi teafortwo1922,

These have been some very interesting experiences which you've shared here with us! The device you spoke of sounded really cool I think... I heard of ghosts talking into tape recorders and although I'm very open in my dealings with the other side, I do not yet wish to listen to such recordings. They will scare me, haunt me even, just a bit too scary for my taste.
Thanks for posting.

Date: 2012-02-15
Hi Cheesypuffeater,

What do you see when she appears to you in both you guy's dreams? Both you and your mother dreamt of her and you said it are nightmares which she gives you... The death make use of our sleep state to contact us when they're around. So perhaps she's trying to talk to you this way. I think it would be a good thing to, during the daytime, speak to her. Tell her to stop scaring you becaus you just don't like that. Ghosts, life of another level, can hear us. If you tell her to let go of whatever is keeping her earthbound, that she has to move on, the chanse is great that she will. Then there comes a feeling of joy and liberation over you, I know.

Thank you for your sharing, I hope I've helped a little and keep us updated.

Date: 2012-02-13
Hi Elysiamarie,

You heard what you heard and still are hearing today. Then there are the feelings which go along with all of this. Energy does give off feelings, a ghost is energy without a body. It is life living on and making us aware of it if somehow we are open for business. In your experience, with this girl ghost, it seems that she just likes hanging around you. I guess she likes you and sees you as a mother figure. Talking can do the trick, like some posters said. I've had ghosts with me which I talked to and they left me.

Hope to read more from you, wishing you all the best!