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The Ghost That Committed Suicide on 2011-02-28

I was on a business trip with a colleague in Bogor, Indonesia about 2 years back. While we were there, our partners arranged all our hotel bookings, and they booked us at an old looking hotel but very well established. The partners even went as far as booking us our very own rooms rather than share ...

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Javelina - Thank you for the welcome and comment. That truly an experience I will never forget! Eventhough my part was not as scary as my colleague, but because I too saw the ghost, I can imagine how it would look like with the ghost sitting in the bathtub. I still felt the chills even as I was typing up the story, and I made sure it was during the day with lots of people around me! Till this day, when I'm staying at hotels, I will request a room without a bathtub! I wonder when will I ever enjoy a nice hot bath hahaha!