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alandhopewell's pictureI am a Christian, and I believe that the supernatural is an example of demonic deception. However, I know such occurrences exist, as I have had such encounters myself.

I enjoy reading, good films, my marriage, animals, and good-natured debate.
Ghost Stories from alandhopewell

An Infernal Machine on 2014-04-15

Again, memory veiled this until recently. This shoud be the last of my recountings. It was nineteen eighty-six, and I was spending the night at Dave's home in Avon Lake. He'd grown up there, living with his parents, presently just his mother, as his father had passed away about four years previou...

The Last Strange Trip on 2014-03-10

Memory being what it is, I'd remembered the events of the Labor Day weekend of 1992, but it didn't occur to me to relate them here until now... A conversation with my sister-in-law about odd happenings brought them to mind. As I said, it was the Friday starting the Labor Day weekend. At that poi...

Those Eyes on 2013-03-11

This story is not mine; it was related to me by Mark, a friend, just after it happened. Mark was the keyboard player in a local band... Still plays professionally, in fact, these days with his own group. This was nineteen seventy-five, when Mark, all of us, were still young men, energetic, looki...

A Ghost Story From 20th And Broadway? on 2013-02-06

This one was strange, and I was never sure exactly how to categorize it; I blogged about it, under a kind of "WT*?" heading. At 20th and Broadway in Lorain, on the northwest corner, sits a storefront property. Today, it's vacant, and the basement entrance is concreted over. In the 60s, there was ...

Smoky Spirit on 2012-12-11

This was about the mid-seventies, about seventy-five or six. I was downtown in Lorain, about eleven in the morning. I was walking south, heading in the general direction of home, after a morning appointment. In those days, there was still some foot traffic on Broadway during business hours, as ...

Did An Evil Spirit Take Me Over? on 2012-11-12

Back in the late 70's, we lived in a converted garage behind another house, my mother, my two brothers, and myself. I had an upstairs room, in the rear, with a crawlspace in the ceiling, reached by a trapdoor. At the time, I was heavily into recreational drugs, and the occult; my bookshelves wer...

A Really Bad Trip on 2012-08-27

This MAY have been a ghost story. All I can say for sure is that we were not alone out in the woods that night. This was the summer of '82, and it was the usual crew for camping then: Dave, Fernando, Frankie, and myself. We'd hiked to our usual campsite, had gotten there early, before 3:00, and w...

A Shady Character on 2012-06-19

August, 1991. I'm staying with Dave, Buddi, and Dave's mother at their home in Avon Lake, a little town about twelve miles east of Lorain. I'd been evicted from 1444 Broadway for nonpayment, which I didn't pay because the new owner wanted to (A) raise the rent, (B) tack on utilities, but (C) didn't ...

Where Did They Go? on 2012-05-29

This story is one of those stories that, had someone told it to me, I'd probably figure they were having me on. If you decide that, I can't stop you. However, this story, as with all my other stories, is true. It was the summer of '82, and some of my friends and I were camping in the same general...

He Used To Live Here on 2012-05-01

This took place about a week before the events in "This Scared Me Silly... Not Sure Why". As was my habit, I'd stopped up at my mother's apartment to have dinner, and visit with her for a while-she lived in a government-owned highrise in downtown Lorain. The residents were mainly elderly people,...

A Christmas Fright on 2012-04-10

This was my first, and only, experience with a Ouija board... It was the week after Christmas, 1969, and I'd just returned to Boy's Village, a juvenile institution in Ohio, after Christmas vacation at home. I'd turned fourteen two days before Christmas, and enjoyed spending time with my mother a...

The Restless Room on 2012-02-13

By the spring of 1991, I'd pretty much gotten used to the fact that 1444 Broadway had some problems, to put it mildly...noises, lights, objects being moved or acting strangely were everyday things by then, and were generally more of a nuisance than a terror. The manifestations in the bathroom were j...

No One Can Help Me on 2011-12-21

Back about the summer of '88, I'd walked up to an all-night gas station to buy some smokes-it was about half-past midnight. The station was about a half mile from my apartment, but the night was pleasant, and I didn't mind the walk. I strolled north down Reid Avenue, waving as a passing car honked a...

Experience At Findley Park on 2011-11-14

A conversation with a relative reminded me of this unsettling event... Back in the summer of '88, my cousin Pat and I were out cruising around on a late Saturday afternoon. We'd both gotten paid, and were just enjoying the day. We were getting close to Elyria, a neighboring town, and we decide...

Something On The Stairs on 2011-09-28

I'm pretty sure this was my first experience with the paranormal; at the very least, I can't recall anything similar occurring earlier than this. The year was nineteen sixty-eight, and we were living in an apartment on Washington Avenue, right at Nineteenth Street. It was a two story house divi...

Spooky Compliment on 2011-09-14

Back in '78, my friend Dave was living with his future wife on Washington Avenue, in Lorain; it was an upstairs apartment, part of a divided house. We were somewhat used to strange things happening, as we all were interested in the occult to varying degrees. So, when things started happening ar...

This Scared Me Silly... Not Sure Why on 2011-08-30

During the last eighteen months I lived at 1444 Broadway, all kinds of strange things happened, from the cold spot in the vacant apartment across the hall (if you stuck your hand in it, it felt ice-cold, although a thermometer registered no change in temperature) to the shadowy figure I'd seen walk ...

For The Record, Odd on 2011-08-02

I must preface this story by telling that I no longer possess the tapes mentioned; the tapes, two originals and two copies of the second tape, vanished. Back in late nineteen ninety, I bought an AM-FM cassette recorder, an inexpensive model. When I got it home, I plugged it in, turned on a loc...

The Spectral Flatboat on 2011-07-25

This story takes place in 1980, in the area known as Bacon Woods. Back then, we camped in a different location than we did later, upstream of the Mill Hollow park, about two miles or so, on the riverbank. There were four of us, Dave, Fernando, Frankie, and myself, hauling our gear for the weeke...

Strange And Electrifying on 2011-07-20

From late 1989 until July of 1991, my apartment at 1444 Broadway in Lorain was the site of numerous unexplained phenomena. A lot of it dealt with the odd behavior of electrical and electronic devices when on the premises. These were but a few. I was waiting for company one Friday evening-among o...

Apparition On Broadway on 2011-06-29

I was on my way home at about three one morning, walking north on Broadway in Lorain. It was September of 1987, and still summery warm. I was passing a gas station right at the bend where Broadway meets Elyria Avenue when I decided to call a young lady friend, who'd generally be up. So, I sauntered ...

The Shadow Car on 2011-06-28

As I've mentioned before, the area to the south and west of Lorain has had a long history of unusual occurrences; our campgrounds are in this area. This story takes place near to an area known as Gore Orphanage. If you Google "Gore Orphanage", you'll get a number of listings about a legend of a...

Cast-iron Haunting on 2011-05-16

The year was nineteen seventy-five, and I was nineteen years old when this happened. I was unemployed, a common occurrence for me, and that summer, I was picking up as many odd jobs as I could, as were many of my friends. In addition, I sometimes engaged in things that weren't exactly legal, like sc...

Eerie Crime on 2011-05-16

About four months before I moved out of 1444 Broadway, around March of 1991, I was heading home after visiting my mother. It was an unseasonably warm night for March, so walking home was a pleasure. It was about a quarter to eleven at night, and I planned to stop at home long enough to check my mail...

What Was She? on 2011-04-11

Its summer, 1981, and I'm riding my old ten-speed bike over the Henderson Bridge in Lorain one night. The night is warm, clear, and pleasant, and I'm enjoying the slow climb to the peak of the bridge's arch. The bridge spans the Black River, rising to one hundred feet between the walkway and the w...

Booby-trap For A Spirit on 2011-03-29

One Saturday evening, Dave, Buddi and I were sitting in my living room, discussing a common topic of conversation, i.e. The evident haunting of the building I lived in. At that time, there were no other tenants, and we three were the only people in the building. Over that year, so many different thi...

Daylight Phantom Hiker on 2011-03-16

My friends and I used to go hiking and camping every spring and summer, in an area known as the Bacon Woods. We had a number of odd events happen over the years there. This particular time, about June of '88, Dave and I had gone out for a day hike; we'd decided to hike up to our usual campsite, and...

Unseen Weekend Guests on 2011-03-14

About twenty years ago, I lived in an old apartment building in downtown Lorain; much of the time, I was the only tenant. Over the four years that I lived there, dozens of unusual occurrences happened to me and others... This is but one. On a summer Friday night, I was sitting in my apartment, w...

Last 20 posts from alandhopewell
Date: 2016-02-18
MONICA- I grew up in Lorain, and most of my posts took place there.

Great story.
Date: 2015-11-12
That may be exactly what led to the other experiences, especially as I and my friends were disposed to monkey with such stuff, in later years.
Date: 2014-04-28
ALLESGUTE- God bless you, as well. Dave's mother was, to be sure, in denial, about much.
Date: 2014-04-28
We weren't the only ones to experience this car; we were quite jittery afterwards.
Date: 2014-04-21
ARGETTE- I've got a letter from Dave at home that I must answer; he writes about every other month, and won't touch a computer for love or money.

His mother passed on seventeen years ago, and the house went up for sale. For another account of happenings at that house, check out, "A Shady Character".
Date: 2014-04-07
If you've read my other stories, then you know that this area has a strange history, much of which seens to be almost unclassifiable.

We spent many hours out in those woods between 1978 and 1992, both weekend camp-outs and day hikes, and we were familiar with the ordinary sounds and movements of the area-indeed, some of us had had experience camping there as Scouts, or with our families as children.

The things we experienced were definitely not ordinary... Unless you're talking about ordinary for that place.
Date: 2014-02-26
explain the fireplace. Ouija boards are nothing to play with.
Date: 2013-12-10
TOMTOM- kind of bothered us, as well; however, we had reasons not to raise too much of a fuss. We had a small quantity of herb with us.
Presently, Sami, the occurrences around me are of a minor nature, 4-X Last night, my tv turned the volume way up all by itself; the remotes were in front of me on a table, untouched, and I was the only one up. The volume got louder, and the volume indicator was visible on the screen, climbing.

Standard procedure for such things is to tell them, in no uncertain terms, "In the name of Lord Jesus, BEGONE!"
Date: 2013-03-23
I'm going to agree with Rook... I have a skin condition, which consists of lesions that appear on my skin, particularly my arms and legs. They are not contagious, and generally take the form of raised, reddish patches about the size of a cigarette burn-indeed, they've been mistaken for such.

My point is, from the time I was five, until now, no one has been able to tell me what they are, where they come from, or how to get rid of them; I've heard every explanation from malnutrition to lack of personal hygene to parental abuse, i.e. The cigarette burns.

This just might be physical, as far as the marks.
So am I. It's always good to meet another member of the faith, wherever that may occur.
Date: 2013-03-16
MEOW3- As I mentioned in the story, about fifteen minutes elapsed between the time we went up and the time we came back-it's doubtful they could've packed up that quickly. Also, again as mentioned, the firepit was cold and dry; depending on how they quenched the fire, the ashes would've been either warm or wet when we came past.
GRANNY- Something dealing with a dog that made me say, "Hmmmm..."

My friends Dave and Buddi moved to Cleveland about a year after I did; for a while, they lived with me, while they rehabbed the apartment upstairs. They brought with them three cats, and a dog, the same dog that appeared in "Daylight Phantom Hiker".Doag was a big, friendly, smart / stupid mutt, lovable, but sometimes a pain in the tuchus, like when he'd sneak out of the yard to go hang with the dogs on the next block.

After several instances of having to track him down, Dave and I thought we'd found a solution, in the form of about 200' of quarter-inch cable the phone company had left in our yard. I took one end of the cable, tied it high on one of the posts at the rear of the building, wrapped it three times around the post, tied it again, then nailed the free end to the post.

I ran it across the yard to a tree about thirty feet away. Cutting the end, I tied it around a stout branch about 8' up the tree, wrapped it three times, tied it off, and nailed that end down. Next, I took a length of cable I'd cut previously, about 10' or so in length. I made a small loop in one end, after threading the end through a swivel snap. Taking some thin insulating wire, I lashed the loop together. The snap fit through a d-ring on Doag's collar. Then, I made a loop around the cable stretched between the post and the tree, lashing it shut in the same fashion-we figured we could clip Doag's collar to this line, and he could run back and forth in the yard to his heart's content.

Well, that worked for about two weeks... Dave came knocking at my back door one afternoon, saying, "Doag's gone." Sure enough, he was nowhere to be found, nor was the lead to the cable, although everything else was in place. Dave jumped in the truck and took off, returning about fifteen minutes later with the AWOL canine in the back.

"you gotta see this", he said to me as he got out, and walked to the truckbed. He picked up the lead, which was still attached to Doag's collar with the d-ring. The loop was still in place, as was the wire lashing I'd used to fasten it.

Dave lifted the free end of the lead... That loop was intact, along with the lashings I'd put in.

Twenty years later, I'm still scratching my head.
Date: 2013-03-14
SDS- At the time Mark recounted the story, the other three gentlemen were present-I'd met them at one of our usual haunts; they chimed in with their experience, and all four of them agreed on what happened. Also, they were quite shaken by the experience, which had happened a couple hours before I found them at the bar.

AUSSIEDAZ- I've experienced missing time and such myself- see my story "A Ghost Story From 20th and Broadway?"

As I flunked Physics, I cannot comment on your explanation.
EDENMARIE- I've no doubt of the reality of your experience, but I must caution you against communicating with such entities, as, to the best of my knowledge, they are demonic in nature.

I'm not seeking to incite controversy, if you disagree, merely giving a sincere warning of what I truly believe to be dangerous.
Date: 2013-03-13
EDENMARIE- Always good to hear from a homegirl.
I haven't seen Mark in years, so I can't really divulge more information about him, although it's certainly possible that it's the same person.

Dunno if you've read my other stories, all of which take place in and around Lorain. I'm going to look up your stories.
Date: 2013-03-12
This was one time I'm glad I wasn't along; she might've wound up in my lap!
I'm glad I didn't go; perhaps I would've gotten lost in...where? When?
ROOK- Yes, I did feel as if I could just go down those stairs, and walk in-although I'm kind of glad I didn't.

When I was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base back in '76, I spent a lot of time in Chicago on liberty. On two separate occasions, I believe I may have walked into "holes in time", the first being a bar that I wandered into one night, the second a fascinating bookstore where I spent an afternon browsing. In both cases, I attemped to return to the places the next time I was in town, only to find something entirely different in what I am positive was the same location.

I've previously related an experience of being picked up by several friends whilst walking one winter night in Lorain, riding around with them for more than an hour, being dropped off by them, only to discover that none of them had seen me, or each other, that night.

Two of these friends and I had a "missing time" experience, where we lost nearly three hours crusing on country roads that were as familiar to us as the streets we lived on.