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Is It A Dream Disorder? on 2011-06-02

I want you to read the story of what happened to me. For me is still not clear if it was my imagination, a psychic experience, a dream disorder or what. I'm a man that's not convinced of everything that read or heard. In fact I question everything. Furthermore I'm not a religious person more exact...

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Date: 2011-06-10
Hello everybody, First of all I'll thank you for reading my history,haven't answer before because I was busy all this time, besides I thought that my history wouldn't be published.
My father is against anything paranormal because my mother have some traumas in her childhood. My grandparents used to scare my mother and her brothers and sisters with ghost histories and so. My mother used to have nightmares all the time because that, and my father use skeptical behavior as a remedy against her problems, beside the family of my father is very skeptical I don't know why.
I talked about my cats, I don't know just to mention them maybe I missed to much and that recalled it into my mind.
And yes I told my friend that I see her, and yes again, I think my house have little paranormal activity, to say something very light.
My question is why did I have that vision of my girlfriend? Do that could be related to paranormal activity?
My grandmother didn't die in my home, and my father didn't invite hauntings at least intentionally, but let's say a device, to say something, I can't find a word to describe it, is related to his work and deceasing have occurred on them, hard to explain,don't want to give details.
Date: 2011-03-03
Well I think that the best way to ask him something is not by any physical method but any spiritual instead.
I recommend you to ask him directly with a low tone, firmly and secure what does he want. If this doesn't work you should contact him by a dream, thinking on him and ask the same question and adding,there's something I can do for you?
The fact that it looks like he's harmless and maybe he is trying to stay with you don't give him the right of it. The best thing to do is to tell him that he has to move away because he must go to his new life and he's wasting time wandering in a time he doesn't belong anymore. Do this calmly and in a nice way and I think that he will understand the situation. Probably he leave away. 😁
Date: 2011-03-03
Hi Meredith
As stated before by shadow_witch,this appear to be related to a physical condition. And same happened to me.
I never related this experiences to a ghost or something. I am pretty sure that is something related to a sleep state that suffers some kind of people.
In my case can say is kind of annoying but I turn on the tv with a minimum volume just enough to not heard the voices. A radio can work as well.
Nothing to worry about, maybe a little annoying but that's all. 😢