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No Priest Says The 15 Year Old Boy? on 2011-03-16

First, I just want to say that ever since I can remember, every time I read, talk, hear, or see any kind of ghost story my eyes water. Like when you yawn. Only worse. Like I'm starting to cry. Only not that bad. Don't know if anyone knows what that's about or not. Maybe you can tell me. Anyway, my ...

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Thank you guys for the comments.

We haven't done any research on the property. But we're pretty sure there used to be a house here. Or very close by. Atleast going by the very old barb wire fence on 2 sides of the house.

We don't mind the little things that have happened. And I've told them that. I've got my wife talking to them also. We tell them now when we don't like something they do.

But we have had some more things happen since I submitted this last week.

- My wife was getting up to go to the bathroom one night last week. She heard footsteps in our bathroom followed by the shower being turned on for about 20-30 seconds.

- My parents and sister were here this weekend. My sister, sleeping in the living room, heard cabinet doors closing.

- Saturday night my wife & I put our daughter to bed. I shut her blinds like every other night. My wife remembers me doing it. Well the next morning they were open.

- And an extension cord in the garage was unplugged. That thing is always plugged in.

One thing I forgot to mention in my

- The night the front door opened and closed I was playing with my daugter. She came up the steps, and like all the time I was hiding to scare her. She loves it. Anyway, I scare her. She screams like always. Laughs like always. And gives me a hug like always. Well as I'm hugging her I say "Nobody scares you but daddy." Five seconds later I hear a bang. It was a balloon downstairs that popped. My wife was down there and it turns out the baloon was in the center of the livingroom floor. Two feet from anything else in the room and was sitting still. The funny thing is, this isn't your standard balloon. It was one of those thick punch baloons with the rubber band on one end.

Those things don't just pop. It's about impossible to pop them.

Until next time...
Date: 2011-03-08
I just moved into a new house back in September. Had my dog Belle since October of '04 when she was 7 weeks old. Grew up in my old place and I couldn't ask for a better dog. Didn't growl, bark, bite or anything. Well after moving here, she was always scared. From the moment she stepped in the door she was frightened horribly. And in case you are wondering, I took her all kinds of places over the 6 years I had her. She loved going places, but was just freaked out in the new house.

Long story short, she acted about like your dog after we moved. Except she wouldn't leave my side in this house and would shake all the time.

On halloween she growled at me, showed her teeth, and about 20 minutes later bit me.

I got rid of her the next day. Can't say that will happen to your dog. But I firmly believe what's in my house changed my Belle. And quite possibly could do the same to yours.