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Elderly Wartime Map-readers on 2008-03-17

In the small town where I go to uni, there are quite a few stories of hauntings hither and thither, but I've never stumbled across any myself. However, the other day when I was walking back through some narrow residential streets, lined with pretty little cottages, I noticed an elderly couple standi...

Child in the Farmhouse on 2008-02-06

A couple of years back, my parents and I were planning our annual family holiday to Brittany, France. Usually, we booked the gites through reputable brochures and suchlike. However, this one summer, we decided to try finding a gite on the Internet. We soon stumbled across a rather lovely looking...

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Date: 2008-02-24
EDIT: Okay, when I posted this block of replies before, some of you requested to see the website where we booked the holiday /photos. I was fine with this, and originally linked to them, however due to personal circumstances I have taken them down. I hope this does not offend any of you in any way, because it truly is not intended as such.

Anyway, to post my replies again, along with some new ones...

...Wow! That's a helluva lot of comments - thanks so much! =D I've noticed that some of you are wondering what happened re: getting monies back and suchlike. In retrospect, perhaps I ought to have said this in the story as well, but ehh. Sadly, no money was actually returned. We consulted the owner on several occasions via telephone, both on the holiday and when we returned to England, and he was very apologetic, but nothing more. He even said to us "Well, what did you expect from an "authentic French farmhouse?" Well... Certainly not a decrepit building and false advertising, being that he had stayed in other "authentic French farmhouses" and they had been nothing short of lovely. In the end, he did say that he would be sending a cheque for £100 our way.

We're still waiting for that cheque...

As far as legal action goes...well, at the time it really didn't occur to us. Also, we have no actual evidence that would stand up in a court of the state of the house as we found it. Tying in with what Frawin asked here, it's probably worth noting that we did return to the house the next day, just to see if it looked better in the day - it did not. It did however have the hangings replaced in the "painting room", and all the bedclothes had been washed, ironed etc. So all in all, it was still very creepy in the day, but we think the owner had contacted the maid or something after we had rung him that morning, and given her a few choice phrases to clean up the house.

All in all, it's left us with a very bad taste in our mouths, and also, it did happen a few years back now. I'm not sure, even if we could, we'd want to kick up a fuss and bring it all up. The only real merit in trying to get legal action taken is that the property might be taken off the market and others spared our experiences.

Frawin : Well, I can assure you that it wasn't fiction heehee. Your idea of slipping into a timewarp does interest me though. I have no experience of doing so in any time in my life, nor do I know people who have. But nonetheless it interests me highly.

Bellissima : "Deliverance"...I haven't heard of that. Assuming it's a film? Hmm. Will have to check that out, thanks! The idea also of the owners running off when they saw us coming up the drive, amuses me. But so far as I am aware, the owner was still in England when we were there heehee. But you never know I suppose...

Whitebuffalo : Actually nope, it wasn't an advertised ghost town, nor anything like. It was just a quiet little village - nothing odd about it to speak of, save for this farmhouse. It would perhaps have made more sense if it *was* a ghost town lol!

KimSouthO: Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I'm heartily glad we trusted our guts rather than our pursestrings in this case. As far as the painting goes, I reckon it was either left with the house when the owner bought it (which is the uber-creepy option), or he bought it himself, which leaves me thinking "why?" and wondering about his sense of taste in art. As you said though, it does make me wonder about why, if he bought it himself, why it was pointing at the bed. I'm not above believing that, under a spirit's hand, an inanimate object can be made animate, or suchlike, thus there is always the possibility that the painting was an innocent country scene, and then figure of the girl was a spirit inhabiting the painting - the like of which I have heard of happening.

Mustang: Yeah, I have a gut feeling that if we had stayed, we would have probably met with something that would have been a lot worse than lost money. Scary really. I know that might come off as over dramatic, but that's honestly what I believe. Thanks for reading and commenting : )

Flutterofwings : O-O Really?! Crikey, I had no idea it could be translated as such. That certainly ups the Creepy Factor somewhat! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks again for all your replies! I loved reading them :D