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Childhood Experiences And The Hotel on 2011-03-14

As a child, I was always told that, throughout our Irish family, people would sometimes see things... A little out of the ordinary. Anyway, growing up, a lot of strange things happened to me. Once, I was trying to sleep, when I heard in my ear the soft voice of a woman inform me of the loss of my Gr...

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Hey, thanks for all the comments, good to see I'm not just going mad 😜
These voices, well, first my friend heard them, and we stopped and listened. They sounded like someone crying in the woods, like she was lost, or bereaved or something. They quickly passed as more people joined us. Another experience I had, which I forgot to mention, was in a castle a few years back, that was said to be haunted after a particularly brutal execution. I was in the room that was said to be haunted alone, when, all of a sudden, the temperature plummeted. Being young, I decided to get out of there sharpish, to scared to wait and see what happened!