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Sleep Disturbance on 2011-09-12

I'm 20 years old and live with my parents. Every day of the week, my parents go to work and leave me home alone which is amazing in my opinion lol. This morning I had something very disturbing happen to me. Let me say first, I am NOT a person who likes to be touched like at all and I have my reasons...

Weird Words on 2011-05-31

This may have to be short because I'm not typing from my computer right now but I have time to say what's been going on at my house lately. I was in my bedroom watching a movie about a week ago and I kind of got the urge to go do something else instead, so I paused the movie to try and make my de...

Ghost Twin? on 2011-03-16

I wasn't a lonely child EVER but I still felt like I was missing someone so important. A strong bond I had with someone who wasn't there? I'd never lost anyone at that age though, I thought. When I'd go to bed at night I'd look down at the empty bed with such a broken heart, almost crying and I'd th...

I'm Confused? on 2010-03-03

This is my first time posing here. I read tons of stories on here and it really seemed like the place for me to be! First, I'll just say that my whole life I have had ghostly experiences. I lived in an old house when I was a little kid, and before I lived in the house it used to be a barber shop...

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Date: 2011-09-14
Thanks bunches for the comments so far.

I've been taking the medication for seven months.
It really hasn't effected me in any bad way...
I was really sick for about 2 years before they figured out the problem and since I've been on the meds I'm improved and feel better like, it's absolutely amazing lol.

I slept well last night, nothing disturbed me WHILE I was sleeping... However I had something disturbing happen before I slept. I was sitting on my bed and there was a chip bag to the left of me. I was thinking about someone I'm in love with just minding my own business. And the dang chip bag seriously throws itself at me, spilling chips onto the bed after hitting my shoulder. How in the world is that even possible? Which I have witnessed way crazier things in my old house, along with my family seeing the things too.

Anywho! The touching... Happened like maybe a month ago? Before this last time. But also there are times when I feel like something is breathing on my neck or a tickly feeling like someone is trying to kiss my neck and that has happened while I'm awake.
In the kitchen, my mom also says she senses a presence in the kitchen too though.

Maybe a spirit is attached to me? It could be possible. After all, I was thinking of someone else when that chip bag threw itself.
Maybe it's spirit that disturbs me while I sleep
If indeed it is a spirit...

& Thanks! I've been wanting to do a house cleansing. I'll do it:)
Date: 2011-06-13
Well, I haven't had time to look up anything yet.
But yeah, Terry could be something to look into also.
The preacher at the church I used to go to, also my dad's friend's name is Terry!

There was an old guy who lived here before us... I can't remember his name to save my life but he died of cancer.
Date: 2011-06-08
Thanks for the comments, yalls.
I honestly don't know how to look up stuff about the land x_x
I do have this book that has all kinds of stuff about places around here from way back in the day... I should probably look in it... I know there was stuff in the book about the old house I used to live in.

Two (CREEPY) things I know that have happened on my property

1.A guy was shot in the front yard some years ago.

2.There was a family that lived up here... Like right where my house is now. An old woman and man and their son. Well, their son went out drinking and partying one night and when he came home he decided to sneak through the window so he wouldn't wake anybody. His dad thought someone was breaking in and he shot him.

Sad story... Also very creepy.

I'd definitely love to learn more about this land...
Any ideas of how I could do that?
Date: 2011-05-25
It was a physical hole... Nobody knew how it got there... And I told them Sarah put it there? It was never repaired lol it stayed there for like a year I guess... Until we moved away. Sarah didn't visit me for a long time after I told her to go away, UNLESS I just didn't sense her presence. I've always felt like she's around me BUT normally I see her when she's around.
I've actually invited her over before I sleep... And I always wake up with the same terrible headache every time I invite her over or she shows up on her own. It's weird...
You know, I feel pretty silly now, I haven't ever asked her who she is... Maybe I should try that!

Thanks 😁
Date: 2011-03-25
I forgot to mention... One of the times I got really sad because Sarah had to go back into the portal. She was leaving and I was telling her bye. My mom came and asked me what I was doing, I told her "they're making Sarah go back." That was before she pulled me from the bed though!...
Date: 2011-03-25
Thank you all for the comments!:]
Minimom, I didn't flat out ask her... I kind of beat around the bush... But I think I got somewhere with it.

BadJuujuu, I really like your theory... I mean it isn't great... In a way lol but it kind of has a right feeling to it, you know?

About my mom... She is very strange.
She doesn't like to talk about certain things...
When I was little...something...happened to me and I remember crying and telling her about it. Well, I brought it up a couple years ago and she told me she didn't remember... She told me it never happened... But I'm very aware of it happening many more times than just once.

Anyway! I tried talking to her about the twin thing.
She said she had planned on having another kid.
At one point she said "Haha I obsessed over it so much, maybe I brought some ghostly spirit to life!"...
When I was hinting around about maybe a twin...
She acted strange and looked like she was going to cry. It's unusual for my mom to act that way...
I didn't want to upset her even more so I just stopped talking about it.

Last night I was walking towards my kitchen and turned away saying "Noo!" to myself because I sensed a presence in front of the sink.
It was a male spirit standing there and I could sense that he was angry. I went back into the living room and sat down in a chair. I told myself, this is my house I can't let a spirit stop me from doing what I need to do here [I needed a snack lol] So I finally worked up the courage to go to the fridge and there was a constant feeling like someone over my shoulder watching me. I felt breath on my neck. I thought I was going to faint at my fridge lol. I ran away from the kitchen!
When I got back into my room I decided to try & get some EVP's!
I called out to the spirit who was in the kitchen and I was really mad, I asked "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" I got a reply, "Henry"
I asked, "YOU THINK YOU CAN CONTROL ME IN MY HOUSE?" lol I never got a reply to the angry questions though.

A few minutes later I felt like "Henry" went away. So I tried communicating with Sarah. I clicked on my recorder... Said "Sarah, are you in here? Want to come sit by me?" the reply was "Yeah!" the voice sounded slightly like mine and kind of not.
Also a while later I asked Sarah another question, I can't remember what the question was right now but her reply was "He won't let me" >.> Creepy!

Aside from me thinking it's a twin cause she looks like me and all...Georgiee, you have me wondering now if it could be someone I was related to but I'm not sure?

I believe these friends came along before I was eight years old but I have the most memories with them when I was eight. So other than Sarah, I had one more imaginary friend. A girl I called "Fetta" who had blond hair.

My dad's mom [my grandma lol]heard me talking to "Fetta" one day and she asked everyone else if they noticed anything strange. Because she had a daughter named "Faye Etta" who died when she was about my age then... And she also had blond hair.
But "Fetta" just went away after a while.

Then when I was eight... There was a hole in the living room wall... And I told everyone that it was a portal... That Sarah lived in there. I'm like... Curious about that now because how did I even know what a portal was then? Lol I hadn't ever heard it before but I knew what it was!

Well, I think that's all I have to tell for now! 😁 Do comment back if you please! Hehe. <3