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Sending A Ghost To The Light on 2011-03-22

This is a true story as related by my wife Pamela: One afternoon my mother and I were talking in the living room with a couple of friends. I was sitting next to the window in the living room and I felt this ghost standing right behind me. I felt this person needed help and was in a lot of pain. I to...

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Dear Luna17,

Yes, your interpretation of the story is quite correct. Pamela has the ability to leave her body, allowing the soul of another person or ghost to enter it to express itself. In this instance, she felt all the pain of the ghost and saw visions of her experiences. Then, after this soul left her body, Pamela returned to her body. She could then see the ghost transforming into someone she called an angel. That is, the ghost took on the appearance of an angel with all the light that an angel exudes. Pamela could also feel the happiness of this spirit (formerly a ghost), which is also what Pamela senses when angels are present. Perhaps this provides a little more background to her story. But you are right, astral projection and a form of channeling (not to mention clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience) are all involved in a transformational experience like this.
Hello Javelina,

This is Pamela, RHood's wife. I wanted to tell you that I have been happily married with David (RHood) for 16 years. We have a beautiful daughter. My mother lives with us. We have four dogs and we live in the country. I have to say that because of everything that has happened to me, I feel blessed by God. I, as a mother, understand your concerns and I am happy that you are there like a lion to protect your children and others. I have asked David to not participate in this discussion any more because, even if I agree with you that there are a lot of bad people in this world, we are not among those people. On the contrary, we are trying to help as many as we can because God has blessed us in our lives so much. So I don't appreciate you calling my husband names or threatening him for whatever reason you think you may have. So keep up the good work, but don't hurt people along the way. Thank you. I wish you the best, Pamela
To aya22,

Thank you for your post, which makes sense to me. As someone who is new to this site, I have not had an appreciation for the issue of false stories until now. For what it is worth, I believe that every story that I have transcribed is true. This is not some kind of one-off practical joke. As you can gather from the aforementioned site, I have spent a full year transcribing stories. There are 108 chapters and more than 110, 000 words.

To zzsgranny,

I now have a greater appreciation for your task of rooting out those who "are not on the up and up" and I applaud you for being vigilant in this regard. One must always be skeptical in the best sense of the word. And you don't have to delete negative messages on my behalf. I can handle myself.

To thebee,

There is no intention to make myself "sound like a miracle". If anyone is a miracle, it is my wife, Pamela. A miracle is really something that happens by natural scientific laws that we haven't discovered yet. Yes, so called miraculous things have happened to Pamela. We should strive to understand what has happened, how it happened, and learn more about it.

To Javelina,

Clearly you have some pent-up anger issues here and I choose to regard your comments with compassion, not criticism. Perhaps you have suffered something in the past and you have not healed from this. A wise old saying from Eastern traditions says that when someone criticizes you, they are actually criticizing themselves. They are holding a mirror up to themselves. They see behaviour in others that they loathe in themselves. I invite you to meditate on all the unfounded accusations you have hurled at me and compare it to what you have suffered in the past.

In the meantime, I assure you that I am a serious person who genuinely believes that my wife Pamela is a psychic who has very rare talents. She sees ghosts practically on a daily basis and can converse with them and feel what they feel. She often attempts to heal them.

To Rashida,

Thank you for your encouraging comments. By the way, I tried to post something on your lightworker site but the posting mechanism did not work for some reason. Also, I was limited to only 140 characters, which barely allows me to say hello.

I will respond to you because I liked the opinions you have expressed elsewhere.

You are correct in saying that most ghosts tend to remain near the site of their death. This is true in a high percentage of cases. But I have noted that ghosts who are in distress can travel great distances. Indeed, distance is nothing to a spirit. If they sense that someone can help them, it is almost like they can see a little beacon of light from a great distance. I can think of instances in which ghosts have traveled hundreds of miles in search of help. But you are correct that most ghosts remain in the area of their death, generally speaking. All of the stories that I have posted are true insofar as I have faithfully transcribed the tape recordings of my highly psychic wife, Pamela. I will admit to you that some stories sound far-fetched and many years ago, before I met Pamela, I would not have believed some of them. But having lived with her for all these years and having seen her provide proof on a daily basis of her abilities, I am now a believer. I cannot prove that these stories are true becaue proof of the paranormal is impossible. I can only say that I believe them to be true and I have spent countless hours typing out 108 chapters of stories for others to enjoy and learn from. So, there you are. I don't intend to create controversy. I fully realize that there will be many people out there who will call me names. I believe I should not judge other people and call them names in return. Rather, I can only encourage them to learn all the facts before they rush to judgement. If you feel in your heart that this material is for you, wonderful. If you don't, then drive on. It is not meant for you at this time.
All I ask is that you judge the stories on their own merits. If you find them too fantastic to believe, fine. They are not meant for you. If, however, they bring encouragement to some, then they will have served their purpose. I am sorry if I have offended some of you and I will look elsewhere for people who are truth seekers and who want assistance.
Hello all,

Rhood here. I am very glad that the various readers liked the story. In fact, one reader just send us a testimonial that she was "stunned and awed" by the stories. The link is for a legitimate website that is totally non-profit. There are no money-making links to any sites whatsoever and so we have not seen a dime from posting these stories. I have spent perhaps a full working year transcribing tape recordings that my wife, who is a highly psychic individual, made over the years. She believes that now is the time to bring these stories to light. Please note that she is not a fortune teller and does not accept money for her services. In fact, she just wants to live a quite life here in South America. She has released these stories of psychic occurrences in her life primarily because she wants people who have emerging psychic abilities to know that they are not alone and they are not going mad. In fact, these abilities can be controlled and developed for the betterment of each individual and those around them.