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A Demon Child? on 2008-01-08

I haven't experienced this, or any paranormal activity (yet), but my grandfather had informed me of his paranormal experience not long ago, and finding this site helpful I decided to post his story. I do not really know any specific details about this home, but I assume it is quite old since my g...

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Date: 2008-04-05
He didn't have any other supernatural experiences, which makes me believe more that it could have been a ghost drawn to the house, or a very vivid dream. I don't know:S
Date: 2008-01-13
<i>No offense intended bluelantern, but it seems that for most conservative christians, all ghost are "the devil" or "demons", so there isn't much more to learn from them than this.</i>

Martin, I for one don't believe that all paranormal entities are demons, and I wasn't agreeing with the priest, that's why I posted my story here ๐Ÿ˜‰

<i>Ask him about the childโ€™s eyes, assuming he was able to see it. What colour were they? If the child's eyes were black, I don't think your grandfather would survive. After seeing the โ€œthingโ€ if they had been black. He may have seen what is called are called, "Black eyed people..." They are supposed to be very powerful and evil. If you EVER see one of them run, run as fast as you can. I've heard they are very manipulative. I have yet to see any, and I'm pretty sure I won't want to see them either.</I>

SchizoSephy, my grandpa is now almost 70 and healthy, I don't think it was black eyed. This is interesting though, why are black-eyed entities so dangerous?

<i>Hello bluelantern. I agree with Martin that most conservative Christians label everything in the paranormal field as satanic. Everyone that has psychic abilities is in "league with the devil..." As far as what your grandfather seen it could have been a residual or a vivid dream. The puddle of water in the corner could have been where he or one of his siblings could have been sleepwalking and peed in the floor. I say this because I came from a large family and I used to sleepwalk. One night when I was sleepwalking my mother caught me peeing in my older brother`s cowboy boots. I, like the majority find it hard to accept that the evil one can take the shape of an innocent. Thank you for sharing your story, I enjoyed it.</i>
FRAWIN, hahaha! I'm prone to sleepwalking as well, once I went to eat things from the fridge and my mother found me in the cupboard with chocolate wrappers around me in the morning ๐Ÿ˜†. Thanks for that explanation, it is very possible! Although maybe he would have known that they were sleepwalking? It is quite a coincidence that they peed in the exact same corner! Thank you for enjoying my story! ๐Ÿ˜‰

<i>No! The Devil can not share the same space as an innocent. No.
Sorry bluelantern, did not mean to be so aggressive here but I have seen so many stories posted about small, young children being demons and devils that I just...</i>

Whitebuffalo, can't the devil take any form it wants to? I mean, lots of demons seem to lead people on, using their sympathy or "human feelings" in this case. I'm not sayinig that this particular entity was a devil though!

<i>But I do believe maybe it was a sad ghost? It was crying, but when did water puddles come after ghosts? But it might have been connected to the spirit.

It sure was interesting to read, and I hope you submit more stories Thanks again</I>
I'll ask my grandfather for more information! Maybe a child died in that house, and was sad that my grandfather, as a boy, has a life? Thanks for enjoying my story!