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A Demon Named Celia Heart on 2012-02-13

It has been a very long time since I was last on this site, and as you can see from the title I am need of help. I am currently 16-years-old and have been in contact with the paranormal since I was a child; however, this has nothing to do with my problem at hand. I am need of advice of how to banish...

Something Evil In That House on 2011-04-19

When I was around the age of 5 my aunt lived just down the street from us. My mom would be at work a lot so I would spend a lot of time with her. I used to love going to her house especially because of her daughter and my babysitter Kim. We were very close and always got along, and while she was sti...

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one last comment sorry if the story's tone was misleading she no longer lives in that house she moved out about 5 years ago as did i. We still live close to each other (the same town) just not within walking distance. Once again I'm sorry if the story seems misleading I am not the best at writing and as you read this happen a while ago so I may of missed a few details. If I begin to remember something that is important I will post it right away
to answer the figure it is very hard to explain, it was cloaked in shadow but the shadows appeared to form a smile that is why I put that as you can guess this happened a while ago so when I wrote the story I forgot some details. As for my aunt she was home she was asleep and if you read my last comment then you should understand more. As for the voices I think the yelling was something only I could hear because the next day I asked my aunt and she said she didn't hear a thing. I don't think that Kim was influenced by this spirit but I am not saying that it was not possible. My aunt has not seen anything in that house, at least nothing that she has shared with me. If I suspect that whatever happened to Kim was paranormal and it is happening to me I assure those of you who are concerned I will seek help right away. Thank you for all of the help you guys. 😁
i understand what you mean. I to this day do not know why I didn't just run to find her or run outside where it was safe. I just for some reason felt like I had to go back to the living room like it was the only safe place left in the world. It was almost like if I went anywhere else whatever I heard was going to get me, but for reasons I don't fully understand that room felt the safest out of all of the rooms in the house. I hope this is helping some of you understand what I went through.
i think that it is one of two things. 1, your daughter could be psychic and can see spirits or 2 your daughter is the target of a demonic force. If it is the second on I recommend going to a priest and getting a blessing. Best of luck.
Date: 2011-04-29
what an amazing story I went through something like this in my past to... Although I wasn't as lucky as you to see the person after they have died. My cousin/babysitter killed herself when I was a very young child. Ever since then I have had quite a few paranormal experiences nothing from her but I have devoted my spare time to helping people with a paranormal problem. I hope you continue to see Jonah and that he continues to comfort you. Best of luck, Justin.
Date: 2011-04-29
I agree with Rachel if you post the footage we may be able to further help you. Also if you do decide to communicate with the spirit then do not use a Ouija board they are very dangerous and whatever you talk to could be the spirit in your house or even worse it could be a demon. If you truly want the spirits out of your house you could try blessing it but that is very risky. You will not know for certain if it works and if it doesn't the only thing you have accomplished will be angering the spirit. I personally think you should do a little research on your house and the area it is built in. I also think if you were to post the footage as I said before it would help us get an understanding with what your going through. I hope this helps. Best of luck Justin.
i disagree with you this story was very entertaining. You met a spirit made contact with it and to your luck the spirit was friendly. You are a very lucky person for being able to experience this and if you look up my story you will know that I have not been able to make contact with such a spirit yet but I am still hopeful. Best of luck for you and your family and I hope you do hear from Vinnie someday.
Date: 2011-04-27
it sounds demonic to me. If it reacted when you screamed god then it is as you said evil. It obviously wants your baby and there's only one thing to do. I would get the house blessed by a priest and wait to see if that works whatever you do do not run away or use a ouijji board both will only anger the spirit and give it power. Best of luck.
Date: 2011-04-26
it sounds demonic. Demons can be any shape size or form. The demon is there and will be there unless you bless your farm this is the only way to get rid of the demon. A few words of advice though, do not use a ouijjji board to try to make contact that is very dangerous and 2 do not do the blessing yourself have a paranormal investigator or a priest do it. If you do it yourself you will only anger the demon and that will cause it to act violently.
Date: 2011-04-15
it seems like the spirit is interested in you and only wants to get to know you I would start treating it like a family member maybe try buying some toys for it and leaving them around for it to play with, but whatever you decide to do, do not use a ouijii board they only lead to disaster. Be careful and cautious. I hope I helped you.
Date: 2011-04-15
great story. I think it was half and half. When ever spirits are present technology tends to malfunction quite a bit and that could explain the beeping. Also the footsteps could be paranormal but just a reoccurring spirit which means when that person died their essence was captured by the building and now the "projection of a spirit" lives the last moments of the persons life. Also the feeling of being stared at also may be paranormal. When a ghost is around and doesn't like someone or just doesn't want them around they tend to stare and give you a feeling of anxiety but that can also be explained by many other things. I hope I helped you out and always keep an eye out for the paranormal you never know when they will try to establish contact with you.
Date: 2011-04-15
Ok since you've done the necessary research and realized its a demonic haunting there's only a few things you can do. Hire a paranormal team to find a way to expel the demon, hire a priest and have him bless the house and hope this works, this is not recommended but you can fight the demon for your soul or you can try moving away but it will most likely follow you. Finally some people have tried ignoring it but that usually angers it or if you feel very desperate resort to magic. I warn you though if you do resort to magic use only white magic no black magic black magic will only succeed in luring another demon to you and that is the last thing you want. I wish you luck and I sincerely hope I'm helping you out. 😁
let me begin with saying that story was not at all boring, it was very interesting. Also if your grandmother has come back to torment your home then I think you should get a paranormal team in or have a PROFESSIONAL do a routine blessing. I put professional in caps because I can not stress enough how dangerous it is to perform a blessing yourself if you are not experienced enough. I hope I'm helping and I'm sorry for your family troubles. I hope your other aunts can recover over their pointless hatred of you and your mother soon. I know how it feels to have a family that seems divided also so don't feel alone 😁.
Date: 2011-04-13
well it sounds like the girl you saw was trying to warn you or keep you safe. The girl may be attached to you or she may of died in that area and helps out others in the same area, this is not uncommon. Just consider yourself lucky that she helped you out and be grateful that even in bad times like now we still have someone watching over us and protecting us. ❤
Date: 2011-04-11
Melissa, a few words of advice never ever use a Ouija board it is a terrible idea, two maybe you could consult a paranormal team or your church or even a psychic they will all be able to help you out but its your choice which one to call upon. Good Luck and be safe.
The way your post went it sounds demonic I don't think your possessed but using the Ouija board was a very bad idea. Even if you didn't touch it the when your boyfriend used it he established contact with it and therefore opened a door for it. Running away won't help either it will only anger it just keep in mind that the demon can lay dormant for a very long time but it will come back when you are emotionally weakest. Also if the violence started after your son's birth it may mean that the demon wants your son and will fight to death for him. If it doesn't want your son then it may want you. A routine blessing may not be enough but I would consult your church or a well experienced demonologist because my knowledge of the demonic is limited but I can tell when a demonic haunting is taking place. So please take care of yourself and your son and if the physical abuse begins again call a demonologist. Also one last thing if the demon comes back and you lose control of your emotions whatever you do do not challenge it, there is a 9/10 chance you will die. Just be careful and watchful. God be with you.
Date: 2011-04-08
i really enjoyed this post I's sorry about the marriage but I think your dad wanted you to move on and stop sulking in the past and that's amazing because he came back from the dead as a ghost to tell you this. If that's not love then I don't know what is. 😁
I'm not sure how a blue scarf could of attracted a spirit to you but from the way you explained it in your story I would say that it is either a demon or a succubus (sex ghost) if it is one of the two then I don't think it was the scarf that attracted it I think it just took an interest in you. I will be able to help you more if you answer a few questions (nothing to personal). 1. Have you or any family members ever used a Ouija board? 2. Have you or any of your family ever attempted witch craft or made a deal with a demon (devil). 3. Do you believe that some devil worshiping has gone happened on your property before you bought it? If you answer these 3 questions I will be able to help you out more.
Date: 2011-04-08
i have never personally heard of a full body appiration before in the form of a animal. I am not saying that I don't believe you only that I am open minded and am willing to believe with proof. If the spirit is real and not your imagination good for you, you get to keep your pet even after it has passed. I wouldn't tell anyone unless things begin to become strange or violent. If things stay the way they are though well then you are a very lucky person for being able to keep your favorite pet, and if it is real one reason it may of come back is to help you deal with the grief of losing it, I'm not certain but I think that its possible just have a good time with it as long as you can. 😁
Date: 2011-04-07
from the way you described them they could be demons because very obviously a demon is a spirit that was never alive so a "inhuman" spirit. I can't think to why they would target you though I may need some more information like have you or a family member ever used a ouiji board (don't have to say who just a yes or no will do) also do you think that some devil worshiping may of gone on in the house you lived in when you first encountered these spirits? This may of been why they followed you because they took a liking to you a at a early age and seeing as how they are gone now I would have to say that it is quite possible that someone close to you has found a way to "banish" them or they simply found a more "interesting" victim sorry for being so dramatic. Also if they do come back and if they are demons moving will not help if they come back that means that they have taken a interest in you. And if that happens they will try to steal your soul (sorry not trying to be super religous just being very serious) and if they are demons Never Ever use a ouiji board they are not toys and are very dangerous. If you feel comfortable please answer my questions and I should be able to help you out. Sorry for typing so much.