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I'm 15 years old. I love music, singing and reading. I'm atheist. I love Heavy Metal, but I've never had anything to do with bad stuff like satanists or something like that.
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Did I Meet My Guardian Angel? on 2011-05-16

This happened to me on the night of the 9th August 2010. At this time, I was really sad, almost depressed as I know today, because my life just seemed useless. I had trouble with love, my sister (whom I always loved and always will love) had moved to the other side of the country one year before,...

Weird Experience At My Father's Home on 2011-04-13

First of all, I'm 15 and I'm from Germany, so my English isn't the best, but I'll try to write as good as I can. My parents got divorced years ago, and I'm staying with my father and his girlfriend at least once every month. The room where I sleep in is their living room and it's quite weird in t...

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Okay, I finally got time to do the EVP, but couldn't catch anything.

School started again, so it probably takes a little time for me to answer, as school keeps me quite busy at the moment...

I have to say that I had the time of my life in the holidays. Met new people, made a lot of friends, and (can't believe it) got a boyfriend (a close friend whom I'm in love with since months) 😁

So, together with Lucius and my sister, this makes already three people who "watch over me" 😊
Well, I could have smelled something from outside, my window hasn't a very good frame, sometimes smells get in from outside, cigarette smoke or flowers/trees, this could be a possibility...

I didn't get a chance to do the EVP by now, you know, here in Germany, holidays started this weekend, and I was outside with some friends for almost the entire last two days and I was really tired when I got home... I'll do it as soon as I get a chance 😊
[at] rookdygin

Well, I had worn my clothes in school the day before...

There are some relatives that passed on... But those ones have already been dead before I was born, so I don't know if one of the females used perfume...

There weren't any other experiences since I heard the voice, I'm just not sure if it's really something paranormal or just an overreaction of mine.
[at] rookdygin

Okay, I'll try do describe it... It was a bit like hyacinths, but a little sour, and when I smelt it first, I had the feeling of not being able to breath, the same feeling like when you breath in a lot of sweet perfume.

I also thought about my mother maybe talking in her sleep (she sometimes does this too, and the voice resembled her voice) and the smell being a coincidence, maybe my clothes "caught" the smell at school (there are weird scents everywhere in my school) or something, which could be why I smelt it after I got dressed...
This morning I had a small unexplainable experience. I just woke up and was sitting in my bed, when I heard what seemed like a voice. I could tell it was female, but I couldn't understand what it said or what language it was. It sounded like it came from my mothers room. When I got home from school, I asked my mother if she had been talking to herself this morning (she sometimes does, like I do) and she said she couldn't remember... This can't be based on lack of sleep cause I actually slept very good this night and was fully awake when I heard it. Right after I heard it, I got up and started to get dressed. After I got dressed I was putting on my earrings and noticed a strange, heavy, sweet smell in my room which made me cough very hard. I never smelt this before, neither perfume nor something else. Paranormal or just weird coincidences mixed up with my mothers illness?
[at] rookdygin

Well, the girl doesn't sound familiar, almost all my family members have brown hair, but no blue eyes... And I can't remember if I ever have been in a room with a vanity, to be honest. And I have to say that my hair is longer, it conceals my shoulder blades.

The clock spooks my mind since days... As more as I try to remember, I think I saw one of that kind... Like, my greatgrandmother had or still has one of those clocks... But I didn't visit her for ages as she lives on the other end of the country 😕
[at] rookdygin

It still isn't a hundred per cent correct, but the shelf with the dolls seems familiar... There are some of those dolls at my fathers apartment, which is some kind of home for me too, maybe you've got the wrong home? This blanket is a little familiar too, I think I saw it at my fathers apartment once or twice, as part of the autumn decoration... But I don't suppose it's there now, it's spring at the moment...

And I have a shelf with some porcelain stuff and stuffed animals in it at my room, no dolls, but a dolphin that was a Christmas gift from my (paternal) grandmother as far as I remember, I own it since I'm about five or six years old...

And in our living room there is a shelf with some porcelain stuff on it to, but no dolls, just random decoration stuff...
[at] rookdygin

Thanks, I'm so excited for your validation points 😊

By the way, I feel much better now, the man who discovered Penicillin was a genius.
By the way, if I respond slower than usual in the next few days, unfortunately I'm one of those people who never get ill in winter but catch a cold at summertime... Better should stay in bed for some days, I will check for comments a few times with my cell phone, I don't know how late it'll be when everybody reads this but as I'm typing this it's ten minutes before 4am at Germany and I woke up shortly after 3am and can't go to sleep again cause my headache is so hard (I'm online with my cell phone again)...
Whatever, just wanted to say that I probably won't be able to answer as fast as usual.
[at] rookdygin

You have my permission to try again.

I hope too I will find the time to complete it... Right now it feels like I always accidentally "drop" the shield if my mom's illness gets worse, she shouted at me yesterday right after I woke up (so I wasn't even able to have done something wrong) and I literally felt Negative Energy creeping into my room. Not a good feeling when you just woke up 😐
[at] rookdygin

I have to say that nothing of this fits to our home... Only the grandfather clock is a little familiar, a neighbor of us had a clock that could fit your description as far as I remember. But the only thing I ever had to do with this clock was that it scared me at night (weird chime every hour)...

So it seems like it's not the right house... Unfortunately 😢

I actually found a white candle yesterday evening (I think it was leftover from Christmas). I lit it and walked through the apartment with it (I did this because my mom is in trouble with her boyfriend again) and ordered everything bad to get out. After I did this I went to our balcony and blew out the candle there. Seems like it helped a bit. My mother apologized herself after I came back to school cause she was shouting again this morning, she was angry with her boyfriend... Maybe it helps her too.
The feeling of being watched fortunately disappeared. I just awoke this night at about 4am and felt like I was literally on fire, I think I was having fever, I drank something cause I was really thirsty and tried to go back to sleep until I had to get up at 7am. I slept a bit, but still felt tired when I went to school today, I almost fell asleep twice at school, and this NEVER happens to me normally 😆

After I got home I went to bed almost immediately and slept a few hours, I feel a lot better now 😊
Okay, I won't write about my opinion in this fight that occurred here before, as I am not feeding trolls.

Well, I had quite a bit trouble to sleep this night, first, I wasn't tired at all until about 1am (nothing too unusual for me) and when I finally got a bit tired, the computer which stands in my room started developing an own will, it started to make ticking sounds and everything, although it was switched off, that never occurred before. But this wasn't the weirdest thing, at about 2.30am, I had the feeling of someone lurking into my room who was NOT welcome there. I even heard footsteps or something. But I couldn't catch any noises except this, and the house we live in is not very well built, so maybe it was a pipe that made those footstep noises, but I can't explain that feeling of being watched. I went to sleep finally at 3am, with lights on again. I hope it won't be the same tonight, I wish for some sleep.
[at] Moondefi

I know your stories, I read them, I found them very interesting 😊
Sure we could compare... Unfortunately I'm not a good drawer, I would love to draw a picture of Lucius to load it up here, I tried and it always looked so stupid I had to laugh after drawing it 😢
I can't see your email address on your page, I don't know why... But I have my email address up too, feel free to send me a mail 😊
[at] your_dude

How often do people have to repeat this. Lucius isn't equal with Satan, Devil or stuff like that. It's "light bearer", just like Lucifer. And I LOVE this name. Light is something good. And yes, Lucifer is the name of a Fallen Angel, but just because it's one Fallen Angel with this name it does NOT mean everyone named Lucifer or something similar is bad, evil, satanic or whatever, does it?
By the way, my real life name is Michelle, and I'm saying this because Michelle comes from Hebrew Mikael (I think it was spelled like this) and this means "Who is like God?" So, first, my name is actually a question (I always have to laugh if I think about this, never heard of another name meaning a question if it's translated) and, second, I'll never get the point of this question. So, you see, a name is a name, it could mean more, but it doesn't have to. I think parents actually give their children names they like, and not names that have a specific meaning, do they?
And I think with "I'll be back" he meant that I will feel or hear him in a bit, not that he's leaving, he just left my dream, although I wish I had dreamed a bit more.

[at] Zalwang

Unfortunately I'm too polite to just ignore you. I just want to say that I read your post, and I think it's crap (sorry for this word). If you believe in God you can believe in Orbs, spirits, demons, whatever. You have to find your own faith, I think.
Second, if you want to discuss about how many people on this website believe in the Bible, I won't prevent you from doing it. But please, not in the comments of my story.

[at] Pendragon

Thanks. I already said, THOSE HORNS WERE BEAUTIFUL. They fitted the rest of his appearance. And he hasn't to be my Guardian Angel, he could just be another Guardian, so, why shouldn't he have horns? By the way, your Guardians' names are beautiful too 😊

[at] rookdygin

Okay, do the scanning. Although I can't really imagine how this should work, do it. Help is always welcome 😊
Oh, I made a mistake in my last post, the last four words aren't supposed to be there, don't know from where they came 😊
[at] rookdygin

The uncomfortable feeling lasted about a week, now it's better, I tried to imagine my bed burning in a white flame (may sound stupid, but it worked, like my door)

I just was scared of that orb showing up again and explode or so, I think I've read too much about ball lightings (those orbs who show up shortly after thunderstorms and explode, I don't know if it's the correct name) 😆

I asked Lucius if the orb was him and I didn't get an answer... Maybe it's something different?

I also used Google to find stuff about orbs, it said something about Arch Angel Micheal, but I don't think that's the reason, I don't see a reason why this angel would visit me, except that his name sounds pretty much like mine.

How would this scanning thing work?

How would this scan
[at] rookdygin

I already started to take pictures of my apartment randomly, I even took pictures of the wall behind me, but there was nothing, like this orb doesn't want to be photographed 😕

Unfortunately, I haven't got a video camera, and with my cell phone, you only can take videos of two minutes length 😢

By the way, isn't it weird that it always appears above my bed? Not like I'm disturbed by it, I don't feel threatened, but I'm afraid of lying in my bed, I've slept with lights on for the last few days 😐
[at] rookdygin

I'm glad you understood what I said, I thought my explanation was rather confusing 😆

I forgot something: It wasn't solid azure but seemed to shimmer, like oil on water. I don't know it's size, but I suppose it was a little bit smaller than a volleyball.
By the way, I think I saw it again yesterday night, I couldn't sleep so I read a bit, and when I yawned, it appeared right in front of me, I jumped and opened my eyes widely, grabbing my cell phone, but it disappeared before I could take a picture 😢

I tried to imagine a white flame in our apartment, unfortunately it was quite cloudy yesterday, I wasn't able to let in the sunlight, but it feels a lot better now, I also imagined a flame in my room, and it seems like negative energy isn't able to cross my door, thanks 😊
[at] rookdygin

Thanks, I'll try this.

I had taken a picture of the sunset while I wasn't looking into the sun, we moved four months ago and now I have only one window in my room, which faces north, so I'm never able to see the sun directly. I took my cell phone and took a picture of the west, that was why I opened my window, cause I had to stretch my hand out of my window and take a photo blindly. When I closed my window again, I saw the reflection of this orb in the window pane, it was floating above my bed some meters behind me, my bed is opposite my window. It wasn't one of those "stains" you see if you looked into sunlight for too long, when I turned around, I saw it for a split second, then I blinked and it was gone. I thought I was having hallucinations. But when I saw it in my window's reflection, I stretched my hand out towards the window, thinking it was a funny looking stain on the window pane, and the reflection of this orb was concealed with the reflection of my hand, like normal reflections do, put something in front of them and they disappear. I'm quite sad I didn't take a photo, I still had me cell phone in my hand, it went just too fast.