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Circles And Fairies Myths on 2012-04-09

This is not a ghost story as much as it is an experience I can get no information about. I live 3 miles away from Loughcrew Cairns. The Cairns are megalithic structures originally built about 4000 bc as burial chambers. Myself and two friends took it upon us lately to walk up it every or most days...

The Old Garage on 2011-05-30

This is just something that was happening in a place I used to work in. I've no queries about the goings on I just thought I'd share it with you. I use to work in a garage or filling station some may call it back in 2006 for 6 months. It was owned by a well known family in my village and has bee...

Is There Something In My House? on 2011-04-12

I love living in my house. It was built 5 years ago in rural Ireland so what history could this house possibly have? It could just be my imagination but I would love to hear other people's opinions on my experiences. June 2010, I had lived here a month at this stage. I called my boyfriend Liam on t...

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Great story.
I can understand your fear for your son but I remember when my son was that age he use to go to my sister in laws house once every 2 weeks or so. He would always be chatting to himself but we noticed him waving at blank walls, laughing hysterically at nothing and randomly putting out his arms to be lifted into thin air.
The house belonged to my sister in laws parents in law (if that makes sense). They both died in their sleep one month apart. The last to die was the father and it was said he died of a broken heart.
I felt no fear or threat towards whatever my son was interacting with as he seemed quite happy. We put it down to being the parents. I always pray for my son and he goes to mass once a week so I feel he is somewhat protected from anything spiritually harmful. (im not trying to preach either!)
The lady you described reminds me of my friends gran who anytime see's my son she thinks he is her own due to her alzheimer's and when he was baby she would say " ah ill take him back now" all she wanted was a cuddle off him and she was satisified. (she was in a wheelchair and I would be sitting right beside her incase she took a bad notion). Mayvbe the lady felt a bit of normality seeing your son. ❤
Date: 2011-10-22
waow that must have been an extremely traumatic experience, I don't envy you. Your very courageous for sharing it, fair play. Has anything happened since? ❤
Date: 2011-10-21
Maybe your hands were wet when you were trying to open the bathroom door?
Date: 2011-06-13
You should publish the picture with the story. At least your gone from the house now.
When you were walking with your boyfriend, what did you see...?
Date: 2011-06-06
MossyCat, did this all happen in the one day or separate days.? You should definitely confide in your sister at least to see if she has noticed any of the same things.
Especially the front door being opened at night would worry me most definitely tell your parents about those incidents. I hope you find answers soon.
Date: 2011-06-06
Thank you for your positive comments on this experience.
Eclipse2000,darling,what are you confused about?

JustCurious, it is still in operation but I very rarely go in I live in a village 10 miles from it.

ILee, thank you! 😉 And I don't really visit because of a lot of new staff, its out of my way and way too expensive for petrol!

Taz890, I didn't know that fact thank you for sharing. ❤
Think I know what is wrong with the whole water thing.! I'm currently moving out and its the immersion. It has never worked but I never turn it on as we all have showers with the electric shower. If I need hot water I half boil the kettle because you would be waiting at least an hour for hot water with my experiences with immersion! I found a letter dated 3 years ago from a plumber saying he could fix it but it will cost a lot of money to previous renters so MAYBE that's what the psychic was talking about.
Date: 2011-06-05
I love hearing old stories like that of witchdoctors, very interesting. Did you tell your father about your revelations.? If so, how did he react.? 😁
Date: 2011-06-05
If the place was as dark as your describing how did you see a shadow...? If your as terrified as you say maybe it was your mind playing tricks on you.?
Date: 2011-06-05
What an odd story.! You divorced your husband over his choice to not talk about "Weird things going on".? And you did not recognise the apparent little girl that was apparently you...? I don't look at pictures of me as a child the whole time but I think I would know me.! And unless you are one of these women that have the most natural birth as possible without as much as a panadol you had to have some pain relief, especially giving birth to twins and all mommy's know the gas and air sends you koo-koo. And you exclaim that you were paying so much attention to this apparition that you could not feel pain...? Well...!
Sorry for sounding like a bi*ch but it sounds ridiculous.
I agree with Javelina here.
Having nightmares the whole time is probably because the last thought in your head before you fall asleep is oh god I hope I don't have another nightmare.
It sounds so stupid but I do test myself every now and again to try and understand my dreams like last night I was drunk and I do always take a notion when I'm drunk to drive home if taxi's are all gone but thankfully this never happens, but anyway last night I had a dream I got done by the police for drink driving. I had to ask my partner if this was fact because it was so vivid. The night before I freaked myself out thinking something was in my house and dreamt I was being chased around a boat by a ghost.! I do think your last worrying thoughts before you sleep plays a massive role in dreams and the first thing you see when you wake. Do you only see this girl around your house just after you have woken up,?
Date: 2011-06-02
I hope this comment isn't inappropriate and I'm so sorry if it is but can I just say R.I.P to little Liam Shackleton aged 6 who died yesterday after falling from the 8th floor of a block of flats in Leeds yesterday. I was painting after reading this story yesterday and had the news on in the background and heard it. It shocked me because I had just read this and completely turned my stomach that such bad things can happen to innocent children. ❤ ❤ ❤
I totally agree with Bacchaegrl and badjuujuu. When you were watching this happening did you not say it to your friend then and there considering she was sitting next to you and possibly seen it to or did you just presume she wouldn't.?
Date: 2011-06-01
Im so confused, can't wait for your next entry...
Why was there no 13th floor if there was a 14th or 15th.?
Did the police see this little boy fall from your flat or did they get reports of somebody else who seen it.?
Date: 2011-05-29
I don't believe in demons myself I believe you create your own demons subconsciously. The worst of the times this 'static man' was making direct contact with you was when your father was around and he doesn't sound like the nicest man in the world with all due respect I know he's your dad but you said he gave his wife, the mother of his children, your mother, a time frame to get on and get out, that's a little bit mean...

And you said you let your family know about this 'static man's' visits and they didn't do anything about it? Considering you do sleep walk maybe it was just bad dreams like when you said whilst sleeping with your mom she said "if you keep shaking the bed, I'm kicking you into your own room" speaking as a mother she obviously monitored your sleeping without you knowing and didn't see any static man or any harm being done.

If this is as much of a common occurrence as your saying have you recorded your sleeping pattern's.? If I were you I would record myself sleeping and if anything shows up at least you could find a professional to help you find answers. It sounds very frightening and I do apologise if I have offended in anyway I tend to go on a bit...

Il light a candle for you that this 'Static a**hole' leaves you be... ❤
Hi Tequilla56au... Mmmmmm tequila.!

Well maybe these 'children' just want to protect you and be around you. They might give psychics the "hee bee gee bees" because psychics can feel their presence and maybe the 'children' see them as a threat towards them being with you. Children have unconditional love and maybe they attached themselves to you through that and come across as creepy as their own protection.
Im no expert its only a suggestion so if its a crap suggestion apologies... 😳
Date: 2011-05-27
Sorry about the loss of your nanny. So who was the woman who looked like your mother that walked into your room.? And what did you call out to this woman.?
Date: 2011-05-27
Ah the poor little boy. The fact that you heard him say "mummy" makes me think that he is or was probably a lost child. Maybe if you ever travel back to Scotland you should go back to the forest for a walk and see if he turns up again maybe he took a liking to you.
Date: 2011-05-27
Oh dear that sounds so terrifying. Has horrible attacks like this been happening you since.? Did you take picture's of your cuts after it happened.? If the attack went on for 5 minutes it must have been pretty serious.