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Living A Nightmare on 2011-04-11

I am Alissa. I am 13 and I know I am young, but I have reached the point where I need advice here. Recently, in January, I noticed odd things going on around the house. It had always happened in my room, so I decided to ignore it. It was just a heavy feeling in the air, like being in a crowded room,...

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Date: 2011-09-08
Hello again! I was just thinking a lot today, decided I would come back on to see how the site was doing. I have one story to post, but sadly the page is down, so I must be patient. I have been dealing with severe depression, and even with medications it seems impossible to find help. What adds up to the stress,depression,and anxiety is what my best friend, Caroline and I had happen one night. Everything has calmed down now, I really forgot everything that has happened at the beginning of this year-until now. For a basic sneak peak, or so I should say, over the summer, the depression had seem to cut so deep, draining my energy and my will to do anything. I couldn't fight back, and the tiny source of happiness was coming from Caroline. She came up every now and then, she knew I needed comfort. I will not say why I am in depression for that is family matter. Being teenagers, and goofy girls that we are, we were messing around one night, making Fart noises as we lay in bed recording them. Well, after listening over it, I heard one thing that stood out when we were both making noises and laughing. There was this voice, I myself am still unsure of what it says. Clearly its a boy. And it still sends chills all over my body when I hear it. It seems now the days unfold to a new chapter in my life, and as they do, answer my questions. As I write, I feel at ease, but at night, things always take a turn. Until the posting page is back up, look for my new post. Thank you all.
Date: 2011-04-26
Hello everybody, I am sorry I didn't get to you sooner, I have been busy with schoolwork. I have never done any witch craft of any kind, but I would like to share my church story. Saturday we went, and I was afraid to go. But I did go, and I just took a seat near my parents. I listened to our preacher, and sang. I still felt very uneasy. I wanted to leave, but I kept quiet. The preacher began talking about the blood of Jesus Christ, and I began to claw my arms. I only though terrible thoughts. When she asked if anyone wanted prayer, my mother asked me if I wanted to go up. All I could say was no. I felt like I was being choked, but kept quiet. The 3rd time mother asked, I finally shook my head yes. I walked up crying as she prayed for me, and just felt peace. I listened to her speaking in tongues, and the interpretation. Everything is fine now, but I know this will not be the end forever. /thank you all so much for your advice ands support. I plan to write more of my past experiences with ghosts. So check back for any more stories. Again I thank you all!
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Date: 2011-04-20
Saturday is the day we go to church. I haven't been in 3 to 4 months. Again I woke to 3:00 Am. My foot was being burnt again. It felt as if Someone was taking cold cold metal, that was on fire as well to my foot. After about 15 minutes of laying in pain I went to the bathroom. My foot was swollen,blistered,red,and bleeding. I didn't do anything to my foot at all. I took pictures, possibly I may post. I got my large wolf dog inside with me and she slept with me. She would jump every now and then, but she is the only animal that has stayed in my room since. I still feel my foot burning. 😨 but I also found out not only my best friend, but my boyfriend is experiencing things. Same things as well. He woke at 3 last night too, and the night before he stayed up all night with me. He woke to scratches on his arms. I am making him come to church as well. I don't think he has ever been, but he is Christian too. Just a hunch, but I have the feeling there are four demons. Each experience is different than the next. Even the feeling is different. I will keep you updated. Something else tells me somethings going to change plans for saturday 😕 Thank you for your support I couldn't keep this bottled up.
Date: 2011-04-19
I understand some people will not always agree and believe, but we as human beings know when something is terribly wrong. In my case, I just know, this is a demon. Saturday I am going to church. I also did something weird. I wasn't tired, but yesterday I got home and went strait to my room, and fell asleep. I slept until 3:00 am. I stayed up since. And I just sat there in complete darkness listening to what was going on around the house. I was the only one awake. My animals were put up. So many things happen. Everyday there is negative energy. My arms are still swollen. The only problem is, if it is my sister bringing the demon here, she will just keep bringing it back. Again, no one may agree. But its something I know deep down. This is a demon. Saturday is the end of this. But part of me wonders whether I will be able to make it through the week, as drained as I am. I haven't eaten in a few days. Barely drinking. Very sick. But I just can't eat.
Date: 2011-04-18
Thank you. I do have an update of what happened yesterday, and last night again at around 3:00 am. They don't stay in my home, if that's what you think. I feel their presence everywhere I go. Things have happened at school today as well. Yesterday all of my family left, so I was home alone. I don't know why, but I got up and locked the doors. I turned off lights and sat in a chair staring at my closed door. Sudden rage built up inside of me, and I began to scream. I kept screaming,"Go away! Leave!" At my bedroom door. It was unexplainable scream. Not like a girl scream. More less a growl like scream. I am a Christian yes, and never would I ave dreamed of doing this. I turned and grabbed a glass cross. I kept squeezing as hard as I could until it shattered in my hand. I knew what I was doing, but I couldn't control my actions. After that I felt very uneasy. I just fell on the floor crying. Last night at 3:00,my probably over 200lbs tv moved. And everyday I feel like something is eating me alive. Draining all of my energy, to the point where I can't walk. After this I noticed my arms would hurt after I wouldn't do anything. They feel bruised and are very swollen with scratches and bite marks all over. But yet at school today, before I said goodbye to my boyfriend. He asked for a hug. As soon as he did, an image came to mind of me choking him during a hug. Quickly I said no and walked off. Terrible images are haunting my mind and dreams. One of spiked handcuffs being put on my hands and people pulling on the chains that were attached to them. More if any. I will keep updating. Unless I decide to writ another story.
Date: 2011-04-15
I would also like to add things have happened in my past. My now ex-boyfriend basically raped me, and the death of one of the people I loved most. Family tension between me and my mother also have made problems rise.
Date: 2011-04-15
Thank you all, but it seems things have gotten worse than before in some ways. Though now I have finally started sleeping in my room again, the air is not as dense as it used to be. A little cooler, but I still can feel a presence. I am sure my family notices small signs, but they think nothing of it. I do have one solid idea of where this demon has come from. My older sister is an alcoholic, and a drug abuser. Though she is doing better, she stays with us on the weekends. She sleeps in my room, and if she has brought this demon in, it has most likely attached to me. I know I have done things that aren't right for me, such as these outbursts of anger when I am alone. I yell at something that I can't see. In this very moment that I am typing, I can smell the faint scent of the rotting animal. A few days ago, me and my friend were discussing this issue over the phone, when I noticed something very disturbing. I put a cross up where I saw the demon, and it does not move back and forth. When I looked up, something was moving it. More less, nothing much has happened. Three days of prayer and nothing will go away. Though I am not sure it is trying to hurt me, I just think it wants me to know its there. I have come to accept it. But the only thing that troubles me now, is why its here.
Wow. This story really connects with some of my experiences. I would believe you were possessed as well. The demonic voice can really send chills down your spine and make you want to faint. I really don't have much advice but to try and ignore this. If it doesn't go away, I would get a pastor. Things could backfire and you never know if things will go right. But you won't know until you try.