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I live in the Pacific Northwest and am in my 50's. I love sailing, gardening, camping and working.

UPDATE- No longer sail, not into gardening anymore, just want to be in the mountains and camping. I\'m now 60 and still work lol.

My Grandmother (mothers side) used to see people all the time in her bedroom. She saw aunts, uncles, brother and sister. She didn't like to sleep in her bedroom because of this but eventually they would wise up to her and appeared where ever she slept. I don't know if she saw them during the day.

My mother had no paranormal experiences on her own, just with me. One day I was watching tv with her and was telling her about the tv turning off on me downstairs in the basement apartment when I was house-sitting, she said "I don't know about you girls, I've never had anything like that happen to me!" The tv in the room with us turned off! Made me crack up laughing!

My sister is sensitive. One late night in our parents home she saw a candle reflection in our front door windows, as if someone was walking in our hallway with a candle. No one was in the hallway. She doesn't like to talk about her experiences which include a ghost that came with an old hatbox.

Update- she recently related a story about seeing a roman soldier walking through a doorway while in a old Tavern in Ireland near Dublin. She could only see him from the pelvis up, like the ground he walked on was 3 feet below the floor. Only found out about this story because my mom, her traveling companion at the time, goaded her into telling me the story, apparently my sister didn't take seeing the apparition very well, she caused quite a stir in the building. I didn't know Romans were in Ireland. Hmmp.

My young teen niece see's dead people everywhere. She saw my deceased Father and Grandmother when she was still in the crib, she told my brother their names and described them correctly. She saw her dead cat, a little boy upstairs in my mothers house, and when she and her family where in a hotel in Oregon on vacation she received a call on the hotel phone from my deceased father. She and her mother have both seen a white short shadow person dart through their living room at night after hearing a disturbance in the adjoining kitchen (they thought it looked like an alien!)

I started experiencing things when I was 21. I have seen lights go off, flicker, TV's turn on and off, things go missing, toys and personal items move and fall. I've known when the phone was going to ring by reaching for it and have it ring just as my hand touches the phone. I did this once at work and freaked out my friends lol! I have been visited by an invisible cat. I've had dreams which have come true and have had one experience where I left my body and watched my parents in my living room while they watched TV during the night. I was up in the corner and I could see what they were watching and correctly described it the next morning. Quite frankly, I would pass out if I saw an apparition in the dark so I regularly ask my dad not to pop in and scare the hee bee jee bee's out me that way. The only one I have seen that I know of was in broad daylight. Ill write about that later...

Update - absolutely nothing going on with me paranormally in the past 2 years. Have had a few visitations in dreams but that's about it, and, I'm still not sure about those.

So for me, this seems to be a family affair. So far, my son has not experienced anything paranormal personally on his own but was with me when our tv turned off and when a key of mine relocated from the wall to the middle of the floor (we heard it drop)
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A Visit To An Old Plantation on 2015-11-02

Back in 1978 while visiting my then fiance who lived in New Orleans, my traveling companion and I decided to drive out to some of the plantations in the countryside while my fiance was at work. We ended up at a Plantation located roughly halfway between the city and Baton Rouge. It was a lovely stat...

Crossing Over, A Families Experience on 2015-10-01

Reading another poster's experience about being with his father before he died made me reflect upon my own experience recently with my ex-husband's own passing. My ex came to live with my son and I when he was homeless and ill. He was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer soon after. I decided that even...

History Through The Rear View Mirror on 2011-06-28

This incident took place about 10 years ago. My son and I decided to go for a drive on a hot sunny day. We chose to drive down to our local marina, located on the Puget Sound in a town whose first inhabitants landed in the late 1700's. The town is located in a low lying spot at the bottom of what wa...

Two Different Types Of Premonitions on 2011-05-30

If you have read my stories, they are about some entity that steps in and warns me when things are about to go wrong. These stories are a bit different. They touch on the other side of my "abilities," the premonition side. I have had dreams that have come true and I know we are supposed to share "gh...

Premonition And Ghost Steps on 2011-05-23

Story 1. I was a Travel Agent at the time the first premonition incident occurred. I suspect because I was immersed in air travel and love airplanes I was tuned into aircraft. Who knows? I woke up from a nasty dream one morning sweating, heart pounding. I ran into the kitchen and told my room-...

The Key Warning on 2011-05-16

This story is about the third warning I had received from my warning entity. If you have read my other stories you will know I believe I am somewhat psychic, I have had encounters with entities since I was 21 years old, always in the form of sounds, manipulation of electronics, things going missing ...

I'm Trying To Tell You Something on 2011-05-16

If you have read my other story, I believe I am somewhat psychic, I have had encounters with entities since I was 21 years old, always in the form of sounds, manipulation of electronics, things going missing and then reappearing in different places and dreams that come true. They happen anywhere, no...

An Unknown Force Steps In With A Warning on 2011-04-12

My ghost story does not revolve around a haunted place. I have had some strange dealings with unknown entities at various locations since I was 21, so I can only assume I am somewhat physic and these entities choose to contact me when they are in the area or the time is right. I can only hear or see...

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Loved the story. I have often wondered if I would ever encounter one of our deceased defendants at court while I worked late, or the pro tem judge who died in our judge's chambers (office) but I have never felt or seen a thing there... Thank goodness. Started laughing when I read about your stuff going missing, I got the mental picture of a stapler apporting onto someone's dining table 20 years from now lol...
Thanks for sharing! 😁
Date: 2016-04-26
Could be your underlying worry that made you dream about him since you discussed his driving to work the night before. If he has vision problems before maybe this came into play. However it occurred, I'm glad you had the dream and took warning.

Oh dear, those eye symptoms, he shouldn't be having blurred vision while ON medication. Usually they come when pressure is high. (had them, a blurry light filled with white sqiggles) Hopefully he is in contact with his doctor reporting these symptoms and getting his meds checked and tweeked.

Good for you for listening to your inner self or guide, hope hubby is better.

Thank you for answering my questions. I too hope she will come to you and perhaps tell you why she felt she had to leave this world, or, if she was forced to. Please let us know if she does. I hope you are ok. My thoughts are with you. Xxx
Date: 2016-04-21
Ya, that is freaky. I would have died if I saw that.
Funny how we are more accepting of people hearing, seeing and feeling spirits and their sometimes "rage" (pushing, scratching) yet we are not comfortable with the possibility of seeing "trolls" or god awful creatures that look like they are from a horror show.

If it is possible for a known person to appear younger after death then what's to stop them from manifesting as a "creature" to scare the hell out of someone if that is their intention and nature? And what of reports that people are absolutely drained after coming in contact with spirit, could they not induce sleep because of this?

Now let's assume this is a troll or an elemental gone rogue, a physical paranormal being, he would have bacteria on his claws and in his mouth. Mouth or claw wounds can and do get infected quickly because bacteria is often forced into the tissue and it gets trapped, an immune response can start immediately and start producing inflammation and dead white cells in a few hours. (been there, got a bite playing water polo that became infected quickly even after clean out at the hospital). Sounds like he passed on a form of "mrsa" It can produce skin death and flare up for years.

I hope to heaven you never see this creature again. Hope your hair grows in too, my eyebrow hair sadly, did not. "sniff".

Thanks for sharing.
So sorry for your loss! I agree with E.Lynx that loved ones and friends often come to people they care about immediately after their death, but usually its done peacefully, kind of a, "I'm ok", visit. That she would come to you crying, makes me feel she was try to tell you all was not right with her passing.

Why would she commit suicide on the 1st when she was to meet you, her trusted friend, on the 3rd? Not to be a drama queen, but I'm getting a bad vibe, that possibly her life may have been taken. Could it be that someone did not want her talking? Can you ask her mother if she knew anything about the marriage BEFORE your friend died? Could it be possible your friend was pregnant? (this would be available in the autopsy but not available to the public, but maybe her family would know)

Would be curious to know the actual cause of death, and if there is going to be an inquiry. Does anyone know you had a meeting scheduled? This may be of interest to the local authorities, a reason for perhaps an investigation to be opened if her suicide method was unusual or out of character. What vibe were you getting from the boyfriend aside from his "appearing " to be upset, anything?

So sorry again, for your loss.
Date: 2016-04-20
Interesting experiences. I'm guessing since you have been remodeling you have opened the attic up and have already inspected it. 7 children in one space, holy cow!... It must be good sized and lots of valuable living space!

It sounds to me like the attic noise was a residual haunting, just my opinion, a replay of good times gone by lol. I have had two experiences of residual in my own home so I know it can happen only just a few times. Since it is gone now I wouldn't worry about it. Just curious though, could you place the year the music was from?

As for the other spirits, the old man (assume you have seen him since you know he is an old man) sounds like he is looking after you, that is a blessing. But, what has happened to make you ask about possibly one with not so good intentions? Are things happening that are making you feel threatened?

Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2016-04-15
Interesting. You say your mum still goes there? Whats the name of the Cafe and in what city. Would love to research it as that is what I enjoy a lot on this site.
Well this is how its marketed online, not surprised lots of people buy them and "play" with them.

OUIJA Game | Toys for Kids | Ouija - Hasbro
Discover OUIJA Game, for ages 8 to Adult, and find where to buy this product... Turn out the lights... Now the board and message indicator glow in the dark

I did when I was a kid. And funny, I didn't remember it until well after I joined here and had already written my bio and several stories! So most likely I never closed it properly either. Its long gone now and the home I played it in has been sold.
Anywho... Do a cleans if you are feeling uncomfortable.
Date: 2016-04-15
Great story, I got the impression reading it you were blessed to have seen this little boy, don't know why, it was beautiful to me. Most likely because you described him so well. Hope he is at peace and just comes to visit every once in a while. Overall's go way back 1700's where they were the working man's protective clothing, they were called "slops". Later on they were built into everyday wear for simple folk and are part of Americana as well as gingham, the shirt fabric described. If they were denim, that would date it to late 1800's and on. Could have been from the 1st group of settlers there. Bathing was not a priority on a farm or settlement lol.
Thanks for sharing!
Date: 2016-04-09
Lol K.F...don't envy being that hard of a sleeper, I have one in my home as it is, he slept through a real fire right out side my kitchen door. (caught it in time, had not burned through siding, I was able to put it out... Ill have to submit a story as that has a "paranormal link" to it). Totally hear what you are saying regarding your reasoning for not investigating!

Manafon, I agree, so much to learn here and love the sharing of ideas!

To readers: I was thinking, would not just the mere fact that there was no buzz about the noise the next day in the hotel suggest that this "residual" was intelligent, selecting only the op and his wife to hear and feel it's story? You would think that after this hotel being open for so many years, SOMEONE would have recorded this same experience by now! I wonder, as anyone else felt a physical vibration (like in this story (yet someone with them has not? Fascinating!

Thanks for sharing this story!
Date: 2016-04-09
Great story, would have scared me to death! Hard to believe that the noise didn't wake everyone up and prompt them to head to the hallway to find out what is going on, but, the practical side of me says, if it had been me, I would have pulled my covers up and cowered saying "wtf" over and over lol. Perhaps you two were the only ones that were lucky enough to hear the event. Normally I am a light sleeper but last night a picture fell off the wall which in turn knocked the clock right below it to the floor. Broken glass everywhere on a tile floor. A very noisy event right next to my bedroom and I didn't hear a thing! I still can't get over it lol!
I would love to visit this place as well as the Fort. Alas, I'm on the other side of the coast. Ill just have to read up on it. Thanks for the links!

To the poster speaking of residual energy that sometimes responds...well, to me "residual" is a definition," an event that does not respond to or appear to notice its surroundings, basically a recording playing back"... "Intelligent", just the opposite, "responds in some manner or makes a connection to its physical surroundings". If there is some kind of response, it cannot be a residual. Just my opinion. Thanks for the recommended reading!
Date: 2016-04-08
Nice to see other ideas on this. I still find it unusual that whomever was stalking in the woods, was able to do so THROUGH wild rose and raspberry bramble. I could deal with the raspberry but wild rose, that will tear you a new one, and is extremely painful to get through, speaking from experience. The stuff just arches in all sorts of directions and can be quite dense. Once you get away from one branch, one swings in and attaches somewhere else lol and is hard to get off of clothing. An animal, the thorns would just comb through the fur. My wild rose at the base of the hill is more like a 8-10 foot hedge than a bush.
Date: 2016-03-25
Enjoyed your story. Here is a theory. Your son is sleeping very deep, his is ill and getting ready to be sick. Someone watching over you and your son knows he is in danger, of choking on his own vomit if his isn't brought up closer to consciousness so he can wake up at the 1st reflex. So you get your knock. You react. You make noise. You check on your son. You react again only louder, this may have been just enough to bring him up out of a deep sleep, enough to wake with the 1st cough reflex.
My son is a deep deep sleeper. He got stomach migraines that caused his pyloric sphincter to close off from his stomach to his small intestine. Gases would build up and he would violently projectile vomit. One night he did this while asleep, he was on his back. I heard it happen, then a k k k sound then nothing. I was in his room in a second, just in time to push him on his side and clear his airway (almost losing a finger in the process). People do choke on their own vomit, your mystery knocker may have saved your sons life!
Date: 2016-03-21
Very good points. Wonder if the op will weigh in on this theory. 'Glad you posted your idea Kitsune.
Date: 2016-03-19
Kitsune, I was thinking that as well, possibly a juvenile. There are theory's abound that Sasquatch is an interdenominational being... Which would link him to the paranormal. I've heard him/her before, and smelled him/her before camping and on hikes in Gifford Pinchot National forest in Washington State but have never seen him.

I didn't mention it though because the op didn't mention any strange smells, which usually heralds a Sasquatch in the area (to express how bad they smell, I describe it as a cross between a wet dog that rolled in dead animal, skunk and rotting garbage.) 😉
Date: 2016-03-19
Enjoyed your story, chuckled about the engineer comments, my dad was an engineer, description is dead on lol.
I have a hillside behind me full of blackberry bushes, wild roses (both with the long nasty thorns) and various other shrubs. I know if I hear movement up there and there is no cussing and cursing, its an animal, not human. Those stickers hurt like hell and pull and rip on cloths. If you didn't hear any cussing and swearing, you most likely had an animal moving through the woods, but WHAT KIND? Didnt hear it in the woods but could see it, but once on the gravel, could hear it... How whacked is that? I suppose that's one of the things that spooked you? I would have spooked me for sure.

It was someone, or something physical though, or it would have been able to come up after you, locking the doors wouldn't have mattered. But, it was unfamiliar with the area, most likely while intent on looking at you, it dropped right into the well, distracting it away from you. I say, LUCKY YOU!
Fascinating,keep posting this! Glad you are getting some help. A thought, your mother is a sensitive too, maybe your combined energy is what this person is attracted to. Time to have a frank talk with her, so you can compare notes. It maybe, wether or not she likes the paranormal experiences, she maybe contributing to them and her help, and support would be nice.
Love this to pieces! I am so happy for you and your family he made himself known. Wonderful! Sounds like a lovely man, my condolences for your loss! Xxx
Date: 2016-03-07
Beautiful, thank you for sharing. The line "I wanted her back so we could plant flowers and she could push me on the rope swing and I could hug her" really hit home, that was the way I felt when my father died. Thoughts of a child full of longing and love, even though I was an adult.
Tweed no worries about otter, otteer came to be because I was creating an email account when I really should have been out the door and on my way to work... Being late I typed in otteer instead of the intended word otter, which is my animal totem...so, it has stuck with me cause I was to lazy to change it lol!:)

Ps...I think when the op says I'm not a science guy, he means I am not a detective... Just my thoughts.
Pss...Jan 2016 a new hospital wing*surgical/emergecy critical care did open up in that city, and they had horrific winter weather (snow) that month. Tourist buses there are in many cases very low slung with the cab as low as regular vehicles. A car could do a lot of damage to those cabs.
After looking at some of the crash photos in Japan, I don't think ill me taking a tourist bus there any time soon!