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Some Sort Of Spirit Or Entity on 2011-04-18

My parents have always gone to be at-least 5/6 hours before me, I usually stay up until the early hours of the morning, 2am, 3am sometimes up to 4am. I went to stay with my father in Germany, before that I had never had experience with ghosts, spirts or however you wish to refer to them, so here's m...

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Date: 2011-05-10
Well. I would never sleep again, I enjoyed reading this:) Sadly, I don't have a clue where to start looking to provide you with portraits, I've never witnessed anything physical either so I've never looked.
Hey Vikstal, thanks for your comment there. The "more evidence" parts were how I came to believe it and weren't meant to seem like I'm trying to convince you guys, & the mental illness was about 10 years ago, and I hadn't seen anything which could be classed as paranormal since then. She was not mentally ill at the time of the adultery, and my mother says she was experiencing this before I returned home, and I do believe her. When I returned home, at first, no I didn't really experience anything, the house felt strange but I hadn't lived there for several months so of course it's going to feel strange.

After a while, I did start hearing things, and since I'm an open minded person, I will never say it's not real when it's this real, to me of course.

Thanks for your comment, if you think I'm making an argument I'm not, not sure how this will look when others read it:)
KandiieChoklatee & Lilady4, thanks for your comments and your thoughts, it does seem likely now I think about it.
Hey Gizzy!

My mother and father are back together now yes, and the boyfriend was around for 2/3 months maybe? I cannot be certain as I was living with my father and didn't know about it when it started.
Thanks to below comments, and I do not feel ashamed to discuss this topic, and understand everyone's views and opinions on the events that occurred.

I will still be checking the comments daily and will respond to direct questions.
I am open to many things, and there are a few lights flickering here, but you kind of know when there's an unknown presence, and I feel safe here, warm. So if there is anything here, it's definitely not an issue.


My mother, sister, father and myself now live in Germany together, and there's nothing to prove any paranormal activity is happening at this time.
Thanks for your below responses. I am living in Germany now, there's no clear evidence that there's anything here now, I believe it's my imagination playing tricks, but we've had none of the same problems here.


It caused no physical harm no, however I wouldn't have been to happy to stay for another few weeks and find out as it was starting to become worse.
Some strange things occur on this planet, unexplainable things. Thanks for sharing the story.