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me hmmm well let's see I live in the sunshine state and to be honest Cali sucks. At least the city that I live in does. Fresno can be considered the armpit of Califonia. Lol I greatly enjoy the unexplained and supernatural. Unfortunatly I am too curious for my own good and it gets me into trouble. I guess that the reason I got on to this site is because I have had a spirit that I think is trying to tell me something and was hoping to find help.
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Making Contact on 2011-04-19

In January, with all the strange things going on at my house, I asked a friend what he thought could be in my house. After a long discussion he said that he wasn't sure on what it could be, I'm pretty sure he thought I had an over active imagination. But I was persistent on getting help, so after mu...

Mischeif Maker on 2011-04-19

I have been living in the same house for nine years now and weird things have been happening since my family moved into the home. We have a four bedroom two story house and there are seven of us living in it. I live upstairs in the attic which is by far the one room in the entire house that gets the...

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Date: 2011-08-30
okay so I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time and effort into trying to figure out who and why this young man is and why they are haunting me. I wrote down every dream I have had that he had appeared in and eveything I could find out about him. And this is what I can tell you: he is of asain decent has light tan brown skin and black hair that reaches just to his jaw. He has a small mustach and goatee on his chin. During my haunting experiances this spirit had written a word on a mirror in the house. I looked up the word and it ended up being the name of a college in Malaysia called SEGi university. All the other things I have found on him all pin point him to malaysia. A few people in my family have admittedly seen this young man now. And we don't know what he wants or if he is a actual ghost or not. Another weird thing about him is my sisters and grandmother have claimed to have also seen him and like me he has moved his lips like he wanted to talk or thought he was but no sound ever escapes his lips. Can anybody help me or explain this please
Date: 2011-08-30
Okay so I amin need of assistanc because I am starting to think that the man I am being haunted by isn't a ghost at all. I am starting to think he is a real breathing human being. But I am not ahundred precent sure on how to find out who he is or why I keep seeing him. Can anyone help give me good advice I think I have located where he is from
excuse me but I have a question well it is more or less a request if you don't mind
Date: 2011-05-29
So I was talking to my grandmother about what has been going on with me and she and my grandpa sat and listened to my stories of what had happened to me in this house. After my grandpa had laughed at me and said that it sounded like when I was younger. I asked him what he meant and he said that when I was a child I used to be very quite and didn't really have many friends. Which I had already knew was true. But he added that when I was five I had and imaginary friend named Seiji (I maybe spelling that wrong I am just guessing that's how its spelled.) He said that I would sit in my room or outside and talk and play with Seiji all the time, and whenever I broke or lost something that I would blame my so called friend. Now this information baffled me I didn't remember having an imaginary friend or reconise the name at all. I asked my grandpa if he was sure about it and he said that he was positive that I had.
My grandma even confirmed the story and said that I used to draw pictures of my friend all the time they seemed surprised that I didn't remembrance him they said I would talk about him and play with him all the time and hadn't stopped until I was eight years old. She even had showed me some of the drawings I had done. This has left me curious if this could have anything to do with my strange experiances? I would love to hear any comments about this please and will update as soon as I learn new info.
Date: 2011-05-29
for example when we had first moved into the house I was laying in bed fast asleep when the door to my room had opened, Normally this would have gone unnoticed I am a heavy sleeper. But the door to my bedroom squeaks loudly as do the old floorboards so when it had opened the noise had woke me. At first I thought it had been my younger brother or my sister they usually go to my room when they have a nightmare.
I myself try to portray a cocky confidence when they are afraid to make them feel safe. I called out to them but neither of my siblings had answered I sat up squinting in the dark to see a dark figure standing in the door. The shape itself did not match anyone in my family, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me I asked who was there? Not shortly after my door slammed shut and the sounds of footsteps could be heard running across the attic. I had really thought it was one of my younger siblings and got out of bed to yell at them. But I was surprised to hear my step dad yelling at me to be quite because the kids were all asleep. I stood there stunned and didn't know what had happened. I thought my mind had played tricks on me and shook it off and went back to sleep.
The next morning I woke up and my parents were angry with me and asked what I had been doing in my room all night. My mom said that she kept hearing me walk back and forth upstairs, she heard the radio turn on, a shuffling noise like I was moving something, me opening and shutting the doors. But I had slept the whole night except when I had first heard the door open.
Date: 2011-05-29
good gravy you all posted so much it took forever to find the actual questions you had asked. I think I have found them all so here goes. Somebody asked what kind of man my dad is? Well to answer this man is not my real father but my step father he is a stern quick to temper man and is usually quite mean at least towards me. I know that this sounds like I am exaggerating but when something goes wrong I am generally the person he points the blame at.
When this had hapend I was seventeen, many other things do happen in the house but its not always something as odd as this.
Weird occurrences such as hearing footsteps upstairs, and the door opening and squeaking closed are quite common when no one is up there. More on one occasion a mirror or picture frame will be cracked, and on another day my little sisters stuffed animal had been ripped open.
To my knowledge this creature has never hurt anyone in our house, but has scared the bejeezus out of my siblings. I am the oldest out of five kids. When I am watching my younger siblings there have been nights when my little bother has said that he was scared and wanted to sleep in my room with me but would refuse to tell me what was scaring him. There were a few time when we had first moved in when I myself had gotten scared.
Date: 2011-05-28
I thank you all for the comments and advice, quit a bit has happened in my last postings. I will try and write about them tonight because I have some free time. If anyone can advise me on how to find information on previous tenats I would love the help. Because I have no idea where to search.
Date: 2011-05-25
the stories here take way to long to post and I don't have the patience or computer skills to deal with trying to understand how things work, again my apollogies. For anyone who is willing to help me this is all I know of what's going on and about the house. My house itself is by far the oldest on our street it is two stories high with an attic (which is where I sleep) it is a brick house. I looked everywhere to try to find information on the house and when it was built but had no luck. An to be honest I don't know where to look, the only information I found on the previous family living here is that it was a single parent with two sons.
As far as how things have been going in the house itself I would love to say that the strange things have stopped but they havent. We own four dogs who all stay outside the only one who is allowed in the house refuses to come in anymore. I was advised to burn white sage in the house, and to hang up bells near the doors. I was told that if a ghost passed through the doors that the bell would sound and frighten the spirit. But when ever I leave the house and return the bells aren't hanging anymore they always end up on the floor. Do any of you have some useful advice for me?
Date: 2011-05-25
i have been rather busy lately trying to fnd information on the house and anyone who had any experiances like the ones I have been having. But I am having no luck, I can't find the previous home owner or any information on the house iself. I don't even know if what I am dealing with is a ghost or something else entirly. I do not ask that any of you beilive what is happening to me because I don't care if you do or not. All I am looking for is answers and help with what is proving to be a expanding problem. I am exhausted and don't know what to do anymore.
Date: 2011-05-25
😭 my appologies for not postig sonner
This may sound unbeilive abe ut my family doesn't actualy own a computer the only times that I can get on is when I am visting my grandparents. Which isn't very often. I will try to post more often when I can. I need help and I feel like I am going in circles.