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Israefel on 2011-07-05

Now, before I start this, you might want to go and read my other story "Scary Black Mass" to be able to keep up with what happened in this story. This started about a year or so ago, and was very strange. I see ghosts and spirits at my school since they sort of cling to the area (I researched it,...

Scary Black Mass on 2011-07-04

This happened a few summers ago, and I am still very scared about seeing it. My mom told my brother and I that it was our turn to take the trash out. Normally, I'm not very afraid of the dark, especially since my brother was going to be with me, but for some reason I had a very bad feeling. To...

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Date: 2011-07-13
[at] rookdygin:

Frankly, my first impression was beautiful and calm.

And he gives me an overall "good" feeling. Once in a while he makes me a little tense, but that's usually when he pops out of no-where and scares the poo outta me.

[at] Surya:

I read that on Wiki, and it interested me. I learned a little bit about him in my religion/history class earlier this year, but the book did not state his name.

I think it's just a strange coincidence that they have names that are closely related.
Date: 2011-07-12
[at] rookdygin:

Ehh, my friend was very loose about what she was afraid of him for. She said something about how he looked strange to her, or something like that. Stargirl also said that he just gave off a really strong energy compared to the spirits that hung around. I'm not sure, it was a few months ago when this happened, and I don't remember much of what she said about him. She just does not like him.

[at] ZiShu:

That could be. But I'm also not very religious, as well. I was raised a Pagan, but I don't have any official religion yet.
And a comfortable energy... That's not what I've always heard. I've heard that they can sometimes make people uncomfortable. I'm not sure.
😆 And see, the problem about me working on my "senses" is that I'm too chicken. I'm what my family likes to call "An Energy Reader" and rely on energy on an insane level. If mine ricochets back at me, it's horrible because my energy is so strong. I'm afraid to mess up on something when I'd try to get better and not be able to read energies as easy anymore.
Date: 2011-07-11
[at] Mintyleaf:

Uh... What? 😆

[at] bacchaegrl:

I thought it was strange to. But, I guess spirits can be like humans sometimes and dress uniquely.
Hmm... A guardian spirit... That would make more sense since he doesn't have wings...
I am really hoping that one day I can get my friend to understand about him, but for now he seems to avoid appearing whenever I'm around people anymore and she doesn't really like talking about him.
Yes, he does come back regularly, it's quite common for him to be around me now, especially since Stargirl flipped out about him.
I actually looked up his name on a lot of websites, and I've gotten a bunch of mixed info about him, sometimes about a demon from some religion, and sometimes an angelic entity named Israefel. It confused me, especially to see such information. Some of it doesn't really fit his description though.
I was scared that he was going to get hurt because he was one of the only... Things really that stuck by me through a few hard months that I had been really depressed over stupid drama at school, and I was afraid that my friend was going to try to get rid of him. He makes me feel really safe when he's around.
No, I have no intentions of getting rid of him. I guess I'm too nice for that.
That's what I was thinking as well, but I still get this gnawing feeling in my stomach whenever he seems in danger. Makes me wonder if he really is a lower spirit...
Date: 2011-07-06
[at] redphx:

Right... Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. I'll try to avoid it if it shows up again. 😊
Date: 2011-07-06
[at] WaitingForDaybreak:

Yeah, not my brightest moment of the lightbulbs... ^^" I really regret doing that, especially since it could have attacked my brother.

I researched the property and nothing's really popped up. There was a few disturbances from mass anger breakouts, but nothing else really popped out that seemed important. My mother tends to help spirits, but they're completely different from what that thing was, because I can feel them once in a while. I hope I can learn what that thing was some day.
Date: 2011-07-06
[at] redphx:

I never really thought of that... Thank you. I feel kind of bad now. It's sorta like I judged him... Poor thing...

[at] bacchaegrl:

XD Yeah, I felt sorta bad about running without telling my brother the full reason. I asked him if he saw anything weird and he said he saw a weird-looking dog. We get some pretty scruffy ones out where I am, but apparently it looked almost red in the dark. I was wondering after that if maybe the thing I saw that night could shift shapes or looked different to different people. I just asked him yesterday about that, so...
Wow, how absolutely frightening... I really do pity you, I know how much it sucks to be that young and have something as freaky like that happen to you.

I agree with zzsgranny. It was probably a poltergeist trying to get to you, especially since you had so much energy going. Not trying to be rude or anything, but I believe your friend sort of deserved it. As people say, what comes around goes around, and it came back fast. She went against you and your other friend's wishes and did it anyways, and I believe that might partially be why whatever attacked her attacked her.

I feel really bad that your other friend won't talk to you. I hope she will eventually talk to you again some day.

Best Wishes,
How interesting...

I agree with Gizzy, how do you know that she's trying to take over you?

From the way you described her, she almost sounded like an over-evolved Homunculus. I'm not saying that's definitely what she is, but that sounds pretty much like it.

And since it's an "un-evolved astral body", that brings me to the wonder that you've been astral traveling yourself. I've heard it's fairly hard to do, even when you know how. I've heard that sometimes it's possible to do without knowing that your doing it, but it makes me wonder, especially when you say some nights are more scary than others.

It might also not even be near an astral body, but a spirit. It may have been passing through, or it may be at your house (not trying to scare you.). What I suggest is maybe putting a little salt around in your room, maybe a little holy water (if your into that type of thing), and looking up the past of your property, maybe even the land.

And, also, one more thing. You said that she was screaming and laughing at you, which almost makes her sound a little sadistic. I advise you to be a little careful, and next time, when she confronts you like that, tell her that she has no right to act so rudely towards you, and if she wishes to speak to you, she must do so in an orderly fashion, and one that is more pleasant.

Good luck,
O_O This thing sounds really, really dangerous. I suggest blessings from your local priest or some leader of your religious choice, and salt. Lots of salt. And, if your into that type of thing, holy water. EVERYwhere. Start carrying tokens that make you feel safe (such as a cross or a rock or something) around with you, and if you see it, DO NOT try to confront it. That would probably be the most dangerous thing to do in this case. If you do magic, do protection spells around yourself and anyone you think that it might try to hurt, and try to stay safe. Overall, just try to avoid it as much as you can. I really don't suggest taking this thing on yourself, you might get hurt very badly.

Good luck,
Date: 2011-07-05
[at] honsolo26:
You've really seen something like it? I'm interested on hearing what you have to say about it. And if you have any pictures of what you saw or videos or anything, I would really appreciate seeing them.

😆 Trust me, seeing it once was enough to last me a long time. If I see it again, I'm picking up my feet and running. 😆
Date: 2011-07-05
[at] redphx:

Hmmmm... I'm not sure if I've necessarily seen all of them. And a fae... I'm not sure if it was a fae. Fae don't usually scare the crap outta me like that. XD
See, and the energy confused me. It felt scary, and usually I depend on energy to tell me about something, especially like that. I am very sensitive to energy and my family has a running case of being sensitive to supernatural things, such as faeries and stuff. And the strange thing is, is that it seemed evil, but not the kind of evil that wants to hurt you. It was something that I had never felt before. I can usually get a small gist of a person and how they are feeling by energy, but this thing... I'm not really even sure what it was.
Date: 2011-07-05
[at] xxVamp:
I've told my sister, and, as she said, I should stop thinking about it in case it comes back.

[at] redphx:

See, and I've seen nature spirits before, and most of them I find are quite beautiful, especially tree spirits. But this thing didn't seem afraid of me, it, well, let me put it this way: It almost seemed like a child who had been caught with it's hand in the cookie jar and was trying to be cute even when it isn't to get it's way. It was very frightening, and I am very, very sure that it wasn't a nature spirit.
Date: 2011-07-04
[at] JustCurious:
I was hoping it was a shadow spirit... And I really hope it doesn't show up again either. My sister has started doing protection spells for me whenever I go out, and, like I said, I haven't seen it, but it's still really creepy to think about.

[at] Gizzy:
No, I have definitely not told my parents about it, I don't want to scare them, and I've only told my sister. I asked if my brother felt weird about going out that night and he said he felt perfectly fine. He also said that he had this weird feeling that there was an animal back there of some sort, but he passed it off as an owl or something.

[at] Robertar:
😆 😆 That may have just brightened my day. Thank you for that. 😆
Date: 2011-07-04
How interesting...

I have a few questions:

First, DID YOU USE AN OUIJA BOARD? I did hit the caps lock on purpose, because this is a key question. If you did, even though you got no results, you may have attracted something. And that is truly frightening.

Second, do you have anything in your belongings of the house that was there before you moved there except, well, pieces of the house (i.e.: Vases, dolls, paper, etc...)? That might be the cause of the strange feeling. I've heard a few stories and cases where moving something from it's original house can cause an upset since so much energy is attached to it.

Third, have you done any contact with spirits since? Such as a seance, the post-it notes, etc...

Overall, I suggest the possibility of getting a local priest or whatever religious leader that you wish to use to give the house a final blessing before you leave, or even doing so yourself.
From reading this story and the updates of what's going on, it almost seems that this entity/spirit has followed you from your Aunt's house to yours. The last time that you left your Aunt's house, were you having a lot of anger or sadness?
Date: 2011-05-28

So you sort of understand it? Not trying to scare you or anything, but that's a bad sign. The same case happened with my sister (no injuries, luckily) but once in a while she'd make this really creepy smile and not realize it. Then she started playing with magic a little, and it started trying to scare the crap out of her by coming in her room late at night and looking like it was going to hurt her. My mum eventually had to get rid of it. Buuuuuutt, the point of this story is: "Have you been doing any magic of the sort, like taro readings or simple stuff, that might be causing the "thing" to be agitated?"
XD LMAO Unfriendly. XD

Well, I agree with everyone else, it may have been a spirit thinking it was funny for you to call him Jesus. But, it may also have been harassing you just to get a good laugh by imitating what you would figure what Jesus would sound like.
Dang... O-O... I agree with many people "Get away or you are going to die."
Date: 2011-04-27
Um, not trying to be mean or anything, but it... Kinda looks like either a hair or someone scribbled on the picture...
Date: 2011-04-25
Hmm... I don't think the little girl could be possessing him, but she might be talking to him quite a lot. And him getting a hold of the doll. That might actually be that the little girl is taking it from the attic then letting him play with it, such as a little child would do with a close friend "I'll let you play with it a while, but then you have to give it back to me". I don't think that the little girl could be malicious, but I definitely suggest that you beware of your son and how he's acting.