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First and foremost: please do not preach to me about God or religion or anything of the sorts. I respect that everyone has their own beliefs and such, as do i, so please respect that:)

Here is a little background info on me: in January 2004, at the age of 12 I was in a horrific house fire that took the life of my best friend and nearly took mine. The other girl I was with, I saved her life, as her sister I wasn't able. The fire was set purposely, to "kill the children". The man who did it, roger, was the stepfather of the kids, who's house I was at. He was a very bad schizophrenic. One day before the incident, I caught him in the bathroom talking to his voices saying "I have to kill the children" over and over. I spoke up about it to the mom, but she brushed it off. That night (the night before the fire, the fire started that morning), I dreamt of a fire breaking out in the house, and low and behold my dream was correct. A little while afterwards, me and a few people decided to go to the house to see if any of Crystals belongings were not completely destroyed. Crystal is the one who died. The ONLY item in her room that was not even charred, was her ouija board... I mean, not even a hint if soot on it, completely untouched. The room was so destroyed there weren't any walls. Now explain that one. The police didn't believe us when we went to them saying we knew roger did it. Because besides Crystal, there was another body, that believed to be of roger, but we all knew it was not him. It was a random drunken homeless person, we know for a fact because 1. After the fire the man was never seen again, which for this particular homeless man, was uncommon and 2. For about 6 months after, roger followed me around, but every time I went to the cops they laughed in my face. Same with everyone else that has seen him.

I just wanted to give this information, because all of the stories I have to share started after this happend. Now if there is any significance between the fire and the things that have happend, Is beyond me, I am really at a loss on that one. Well if you want/need any more info or details, jus drop me an email, ill be glad to share more. As for now, I'm done. Trying to type all of this on a smartphone is a drag lol =^.^=.
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My Attatchment on 2011-05-17

I'm not going to go into much detail, but here's a bit. My story started about late summer 2004. In Cleveland, Ohio, my mother lived in this apartment that was directly across the street from an historical landmark, Franklin Castle. Google it for history. I believe the...thing...that attached it...

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Date: 2011-05-28
[at] otteer- I am 20. Pretty sure its not a poltergeist! The reason I think it came from across the street is because I've had previous experiences there, and it just feels that way. If that makes sense... The priest thing won't work, mybmom tried that, plus I don't believe in god so that's sort of a no for me. I thank you for your advice though:)
[at] michiko- yes over the years I've come to understand it and it understands me. Don't worry about scaring me, I'm way past that lol! I have/still do practice magic. I know it doesn't bother "him" I think he sort of enjoys it.
Date: 2011-05-27
[at] kristy- the attacks were random, they didn't happen at any specific time, just whenever it was bored! I've tried everything I could, including sage, but it won't leave. I've had it for so long, we have a sort of "understanding" if that makes any sense. It hates new people also.
[at] bacchagerl- that sounds like a book have to read:). And thank you
Date: 2011-05-27
[at] danny- no I didn't see anything, my eyes were closed. At one point I felt pressure on me, like another body against mine.
[at] louise- nothing like that has happened since, after that the attacks weren't so bad, pushing, pinching ect. I've gotten used to it over the years. And yes I did take pictures but my mom has yet to dig them out. It was pretty serious, and absolutely terrifying O.O
Date: 2011-05-18
[at] Otteer: that's awesome =^.^=. Kudos for the link! It would be awesome if it had more info on the house though, I would like to know why a house was built in such an odd area lol.
Date: 2011-05-03
[at] Taz: =^.^=

[at] Lou: I quickly realized and understood the history. Nothing can make me not come back here, this site is amazing and so are the stories and people. I'm always interested to hear other peoples opinions, and I don't judge:):).
Date: 2011-05-03
Thank you darkness, I realize that now 😉. I just hope in the future everyone can be a bit more civil towards each other! As for me, I apologize for putting my two cents in where its probably not needed, but as I read this entire thread I couldn't help myself haha! That's just who I am

Date: 2011-05-03
Wow...I'm only 20... And I'm sure most of you exceed that... So what baffles me is, as I am reading this entire... Shall we say..."debate"... All I can think is, "wow...everyone here needs to grow the heck up and agree to disagree.". You all have very valid points but you are also making total a**es of yourselves. This should not have went as far as it did... Like I said, grow up. And to succubussed: I'm sure everyone gets your point man, don't ride it. It's a waste of your time 😁

So for this being my first post ever, there you go LOL! I apologize if this seems harsh, but seeing this entire comment thread,it's pretty mild haha