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Grew up in a family of spiritualists, work a mother that is a powerful medium. Although I have only had a few experiences of my own, I am always curious about other people's experiences.
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I Put A Spell On You on 2012-03-13

This story starts 20 years after my parent's return from Italy. They had recently divorced, and I was living with my mom in our old house in Brazil. The mood at home was not great, as we mourned the death of our old family life. My mom did her best to keep us entertained, and things seemed to slowly...

Tribal Spirit on 2012-02-22

In my previous story, I told about my mom's most memorable experience with spirits. Since that incident in Italy, my parents moved to Brazil, and my mom converted to spiritualism. For that reason, I grew up visiting spiritualist communities and doing charity work with them, studying the phenomena, a...

A Haunting In The Old World on 2011-05-16

This is a story I always tell people when asked if I ever had a paranormal experience. I will tell you the first part - about how it started, with my mom. First I need to clarify, my mom is sensitive. She does not see or hear spirits; it is more of a feeling thing. She always knows when something i...

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Date: 2012-03-16
Hahah, that is not how it works. Coal is believed to be a manifestation of dark energy chanelled by practicants of this religion. I do not practice it myself and I don't really know much about it, it's just a common belief. If you care to know more about these african religions, I will post another story about an experience with a Candombl
Date: 2012-02-28
Javelina, I'm glad to be back!

I will post about the turning point that made me seek out my mom's help as soon as I can.

I can't tell you how glad I am to have grown up with such a fascinating person as my mom. Her abilities have helped me in so many ways, and her life is full of interesting paranormal occurances that I am sure to post as soon as I get to write them down. Hope you enjoy them!
Great story! I would love to hear more about this unusual relative of yours.
Hey guys, glad you all liked it.

Yes, about my mom, she is a no-nonsense kind of woman. She currently "works" part time in a religious center in her town, helping those who are affected by negative entities to get rid of them. Of course she refuses any kind of pay for that. I think this experience showed her that people need protection against negative spirits.

Feyan, I don't live in that house anymore. Although my family is all italian, I currently live in Brazil. I do visit Italy every now and then, and I have been outside the home where these events took place. I did not to go in, because I was advised against it. (No Wonder!) I know the landlords, they are friends of the family, and it seems like they are selling it because it's just really bad business.

My dad has changed dramatically since that experience. He was somewhat catholic, and turned against religion after it all happened. I think Slouslips makes a good point, that he might've been influenced by the soldiers' feelings that must've soaked the walls of that house. Also, I think because he's a doctor and scientist he was not ready to deal with the idea of superior forces, it means too much of a change on what he has been taught about life and death. That might've been one of the reasons he blocked it all out.

Javelina, I love your story, I think you will relate to much of what I publish in the coming weeks.

I am currently working on stories about my own experiences, as well as my mom's. Growing up with a sensitive mum is a remarkable experience, specially when you're trying to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night. (and she finds out, while sleeping in another continent...)
JamesRobiscoe, I personally believe suffering and desperation means energy that creates a good environment for negative entities to lodge. Also, the property was old enough for us not to be able to track all of its history, so Its possible more happened that we couldn't account for.

My dad doesn't really talk about the experiences in that house. All I've been able to get from him was his comment that he can't really account for All his time spent in Italy, that he was very depressed and the events were very confusing.
Guys, glad you liked the story. This is just a review of how my mom became a spiritualist and provided us with an opportunity to open our minds to the paranormal, study it as a religion and try to develop and improve ourselves through it.
Before that, she was catholic and wasn't really open to the idea of spirits. The months she spent in that house changed her mind forever and were the turning point that caused me to live and understand many of the paranormal experiences in my life.

And, of course, I just think its a great story. Every time she shows me old pictures of the couch with strains of white human hair, it still creeps me out.

So, Pjod, answering your question, yes, I plan to write about the later developments of this story soon.

And JamesRobicoe, my theory is that all this activity started because of the building's history, a lot of people died and suffered there during the war, and renovations probably could not whipe out that energy. So I agree, the events are probably linked, including the accident. My mom says she had an intense feeling of dread minutes before the crash.
Date: 2011-05-04
Ha, a very distant one.

The great Sao Paulo, Brazil. Good place to visit if you want warm weather and don't mind sharing it with a dozen million people.
Date: 2011-05-04
Hey LouSlips, I've been reading your stories and I must say you really are something else. They are so well written and thrilling, I smile everytime I see there's a new post.

I think you are lucky to have experienced so much first hand, I trully believe it's better when you have an idea of what really is going on out there and beyond.

Good Luck with your ghosts.