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Keetha Thusyanthan
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- Born in Sri Lanka
- Raised in Canada (since I was three years old)
- Hindu by birth but considered myself a spiritualist.
- Being born as a Hindu, we always believed in incarnation and the paranormal.
- Being the oldest of three, I have one younger sister and brother that were born here in Canada.
- Currently, living in a house with my parents, brother and sister.
- It seems that I am the one who got the gifts from my mother and grandmother. So far, my sister and brother having experienced anything.
- My mom believes in what I have experienced. My sister and brother are on the fence because although they haven't experienced anything, they have seen some prove of what I experienced. For example, finding out that my friend's kid was really sick before it happened. My father and I don't get along and he thinks I'm crazy and all this is for a cry for attention.
- Personally, I would play the Devil's advocate (no pun intended). I would not jump at everything and say that it was paranormal. I would try to be a skeptic and find other causes first before declaring it paranormal.
- Being a movie lover, I watch a lot of movies whenever I can and not just in English but in my mother tongue language, Tamil (Kollywood) and I also love watching Hindi movies (Bollywood), also. I love action, horror, drama, and comedy.
- I want to visit the haunted ship Queen Mary in California.
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Unwelcome Visitor on 2013-02-11

As you see from my other stories, not all but many of my experiences have taken place outside my home. The times I have come in contract with the paranormal when I am home is mostly when my grandmother has contacted me when I in the state between being awake and going to sleep. Whenever my grandmoth...

The Event At Delta Chelsea Hotel on 2013-01-29

I had being thinking about this story since last October (2012) and I had my reservations about submitting here because of how it would come out and what most of you would think; especially lately, as stories on YGS have come to light as fake. Since I have posted other stories on here and readers ha...

Rook's Cleansing At Work on 2013-01-16

In my previous story that I submitted called "Why Did He Come to Me?" I wrote that I had two experiences about a week apart. This is the second one that took place in Calgary, Alberta during the New Years week. Since the rest of the family had different plans for that week, I decided to accompany...

Why Did He Come To Me? on 2013-01-07

Sorry, I realize this is kind of long (as usual), so bear with me. I need your help on this one because I am lost on why I experienced and why he came to me. Before I get to my experience, I will tell you about the person that came to me in spirit form. The guy that came to me was a guy I knew...

Tsunami Victim Saying Her Goodbye on 2012-07-31

Tissue warning to people like Miracles and Javelina. I think many people on this site could relate when I say that we try to suppress bad memories so we don't have to go through the pain those memories cause us. Then something happens and all those painful memories come rushing back. This is one ...

Major Accident Prevented on 2012-07-31

For many of my previous accounts, there was some kind of ending or closer to the encounter of a spirit. But I had this incident that happened to me recently that has me questioning my sanity. This happened on this past Friday (July 13th). Before we go on, I know the first thing people are going to s...

I Managed To Scare My Doctor on 2012-06-26

This took place last month (May), when I took a trip to India. Although I was born in Sri Lanka, both countries have similar if not the same culture. But for a person like me, who grew up in Canada, it was a huge culture shock. First of all was the weather; oh my God, was it ever hot (I didn't care ...

Family Protector on 2012-04-24

A person like me who is interested in the paranormal, it's always nice to hear what other people experience. If not for the fun of it, at least to valid what you experienced is not crazy and as zzzgranny would say, become a loony! It's especially fun to hear stories that are related to your family. ...

I Saw My Second Ghost on 2012-02-14

Among my group of friends, I am only the single one. Many of them are married, engaged, or dating. So my closest and dearest friends decided that it would be their jobs to "help" me find a boyfriend of marriage material. This ghost story happened when my friend Mary decided it would be nice to set m...

Grandma Warned Me on 2011-11-21

I typed this as soon as I got the chance, so that I wouldn't forget the details. In previous stories, I mentioned that I got the same gift as my mother and grandmother. I'm able to sense the paranormal though my other senses and most of the time when I'm in a relaxed state like when I'm sleeping or ...

A Special Bond on 2011-10-11

I thought this over several times before posting this story as I didn't know what the reaction was going to be. But as usual, I would like to know what my fellow posters think. As usual, my story is long because I have added explanations. So here is my story: Recent stories on this site got me re...

My Australian Experience on 2011-08-22

I'm sorry that I haven't been to this in a while. But I had to come back to the site to post this story while my memory was still fresh with the details. Currently, I am in Australia with my family for my cousin's wedding (already happened on August 20th, 2011). My family and I arrived in Brisban...

Maternal Grandmother's Experiences on 2011-07-19

I'll be posting my personal experience soon enough but it's taking me some time to write it down. Each time I think about what happened, I remember the bone chilling fear that I went though. But in the mean time, I would like to tell you some experiences that my maternal grandmother experienced. The...

Grandpa Visited on 2011-06-06

I got permission from my friend to write this story as it is related to her son. Also, everyone's name has been changed to protect them. About one week back (Saturday, May 28, 2011) I went over to my friend, Anna's house with our other friend, Mary and her fiancé, Matt. Like me, my friends are in...

Childhood Paranormal Experience on 2011-05-16

My name is Keetha. I'm a Sri Lankan born Canadian. Born as a Hindu, I consider myself a Spiritualist. I live with my mother, father, younger sister, and younger brother. (I'm unfortunately the oldest of three). The reason why I am posting this story under this site is because I'm not sure where ...

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Just out of curiosity. Did the sound of the ice cream truck come from one direction or general direction where couldn't pin point where it was coming from?

Also, do you have any objects in the house like a toy that can create that?
I haven't been here in awhile but I always like your stories. I have had my maternal grandmother come to me several times to relay messages to me. But whenever she appears to my mother, she usually has someone that we know, beside her. Within hours to about two weeks later, we would find out that they passed away. Like Miracles said, I don't think I could handle it well knowing that the people that come into my dreams are going to pass away.
Date: 2014-06-15
You are a brave woman. I would have probably run out of the place without the keys and probably not return either.

Like others, I would love to hear your other experiences.

If you don't mind, from a fellow Canadian, which part of Canada are you from?
I am assuming that you still live there. Have you ever felt threatened the presence of ghost there? I would love to experience what you did.
I know others are going to suggest it so I will ask it. Can you post the picture? We would love to see it.

To answer your first question, the ghost might have taken the shape of a cartoon character so that you and espically your brother wouldn't be scared. Of course, this is my opinion.

To answer your second question, (1) it could be that the quality of the picture and the colours in the picture could be fading. (logical answer). (2) It could be possible that the knight might have wanted to be acknowledged and knew you, brother, and father came to visit often and was comfortable enough to make himself visable to you guys.
Date: 2014-05-04
It must have freaked you and the ex out. I take it that you are not there anymore. Were you able to talk to the owners that came after you and see if they experienced anything? If you were still there, I would have suggested doing a cleansing of some sort to help the child cross over. I don't think that s/he knew that they died.
First thing, about your dad's computer. Sometimes because of wirings or EMF it could keep turning itself on.

I don't know what your and your family's believes are but as a Hindu, each time we move into a new place, we have a priest come in and do some prayers and a cleansing.

I was wondering, if you and your family can do a cleansing on the house?

I haven't read the other comments yet but I think someone might have suggested that something followed the family over.
There are people here that going to tell you that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Which is true. Someone must have been looking out for you and your partner that day. Just pray to your higher power for blessing both of you that day!
Date: 2014-03-23
The difference between human spirit and non human spirit is that human spirits are those who have passed on after they died in our world. Non - human spirits are those who weren't humans in this life time. They could have been created by black magic or something like a long those lines. An example could be a demon.

That is the best that I could describe it.
Date: 2013-10-28
First the suggestion:

There are two ways to go about searching the history of the house. First, if you go to your local city hall, I think for a price, you can find a lot of information about the house from them. Second, would be to contact the real estate agent that helped you find the townhouse because s/he can easily get the information you are looking for.

Second, the question:

I have never heard of door bells in from bedrooms. How did you get a door bell in from of your bedroom? Was your townhouse one of those places where each room was rented out before the whole house was rented or brought? I live in Canada also but never heard of such thing.
Date: 2013-09-15
I have read some (but not all) comments before I posted here, so I know some have ready asked questions and suggested some stuff that I am going to say. So sorry for any repetition.

(1) First thing first, is your family open to the paranormal? I'm asking because it could be easy or hard talking to them depending on what they believe. But both ways, talk to your parents and siblings. I don't know the age difference between your siblings but if you talk to them first, you will find out if they have experienced anything. Especially with the brother, whose room you saw the shadow in front of. It could be very possible that the times he slept in his room, he might have seen it also.

(2) Either with your family or on your own, I suggest finding out the history of the property. I know you mentioned that the house is fairly new and that it wasn't build on a burial site BUT the land itself could have history to it. I see that you live in England so I don't know how information about a particular land is kept but I think you can look into it.

(3) It could very possible that your age could be the reason this is happening. At 14, you are probably in the middle of puberty and your body is changing and growing. The paranormal tend to attach itself to people and places where the protection barrier is down. For example, when my family first brought the house, we had a Hindu priest come in and bless the house. Like anything else in life that protection tends to wear down. After an incident that happened at house, we ended calling the priest back to do another blessing (at the time of the second blessing, my family hadn't kept of the cleansing after the first time priest came by, which was about two years). After the priest blessed the house again, we didn't have any incidents and now we doing the cleansing on our own about ever six months.

Basically, what I'm saying is this shadow/entity probably was able to enter your house because (1) there was little to no protection on the house and / or (2) since your body is going though the natural changes, that protective barrier that we put up subconsciously is down and easier for the paranormal to attach itself to you.

(4) Another poster asked this and I'm asking you also, did you or any of your siblings "bring" home an entity. For example, did anyone visit a graveyard or use an Ouija Board or anything along those lines? If you or your siblings did then you should talk to your parents about protecting yourself and house.

It's 1:30 am now and I'm tired so I can't think straight, so that's all I could think of right now. If I think of anything else, I will let you know. But in the mean time, I suggest that talk to your family about what is happening and let us know so we can give some more suggestions.

P.S. Just thought of this now... One thing you can try is to sleep at a friend's or extend family member's house to see if the shadow is attached to you or the house. I don't know if it will work but you can try.
I just finished reading everyone's comments. It is really getting bad when a lady who has accepted her son's girlfriend (even with a different believe system than hers) turns against you. Something is really bad. Like BJJ and others have mentioned, use your religion to protect yourself, partner, and his mom but with them use it subtly. Like one of the posters mentioned, you can bless a quartz (or something similar) and give it to your partner and his mom as presents as a way of protecting them.

Also, you don't have to bring religion into the topic when speaking with your partner and his mother. You can bring it up as a real estate issue. I actually talked to my cousin who is a real estate agent and said that the value of a home can go down if there are any damages that are done to the house for example blacking of the windows. The way you described the window where Jason is renting, I take it that it faces the front of the house. So that means that people passing the house will see the window. If anyone ever decides to rent or buy the house at a later time, they will definitely talk to the neighbours at which time, they will come to know about the window and the weird things that have been going on in the house and about Jason's ways.

Now I know real estate rules varies among countries but the basics are the same (I believe) so you can use this information. Also, if you know your partner and his mom's lawyer, then you can talk to him or her about getting rid of Jason legally. Also, you can use your partner's doctor to bring Brad outside of the house for a little while at a time (like for a couple of days), even if it means Brad has to sleep in your brother's room. I think if you explain to your father what your intentions are, I think he will be more than willing to help you, even though, as you say, "He's old school".

What I'm saying is the more people who get to help you take out Jason, the better. Because apparently, doing so yourself isn't helping. Also, doing so in numbers means that you don't have the fear in helping Brad and his mom alone.
Date: 2013-09-13
I am waiting to here the answers to both Shlain and BattleScars' questions. After that I will make the comments. The reason is it could be a residual or an intelligent haunting and we can't give our opinions (advise) without knowing the answers to the questions already mentioned.

Hope to hear back from you and stay safe.
I think everyone would have had the same reaction at the time but still it would be funny.
I'm going to agree with valkricry and sds on this one. If things are better now, I think it should be left alone but it never hurts to talk to your family members about what happened and get their opinions and experiences. You know your sisters have had similar experiences as you. Your parents and grandparents might have had the same experience and might not tell you and your sisters because you guys might get scared.
After reading your stories and one of your comments about having a strained relationship with your brother. It is understandable the emotions you go though because one side of you know that your brother wouldn't do anything to hurt you but on the other side seeing your brother doing what he did (even though he wasn't himself), you can't get over it.

The same thing goes for your brother. Just imagine three people, who he really cares about, tell him that he tried to kiss his sibling and trying to rape his girlfriend and have no memory of it. Just imagine the turmoil he is going though. The only thing that he can do is deny it.

I just want to make sure that you and your brother are okay. For that, I suggest both of you (either together or separately) go for therapy. It will clear up all the misunderstandings.

I understand that you finally banished this evil thing. I am glad that you did but I would like to know how you did that.
Date: 2013-07-08
Thanks and no problem. That is what I (and many others) came here for, also, but somewhere in between a selected few thought it would be fun to rub us the wrong way, either with their stories or how they responded to us. As long as there are people who are willing to share information and at the same time learn new things without judgement, we can filter out the negativity.
Date: 2013-07-08
I'm going to echo that others here. On this site (pretty sure) or somewhere else, I read a similar story. I'm holding off on the BS blankie until the OP could explain himself.

I had to laugh at what you mentioned about Amihet's comment.

I, also, understood what you meant but funny all the same.
Date: 2013-07-08
Granny and valkricry,

Thanks for taking the time to explain. I understand now! 😁
Date: 2013-07-08

First of all, I'm sorry for your loss. It's never fun to lose someone you care about, especially someone that is close.

With that being said, I totally agree with valkricry. Your mother in law wanted your husband and his sisters to have the jewelry and she made sure that they found it when they needed it.

The pain will always be there because you never truly get over the loss of a loved one but over time the pain will null down a bit. But just be glad that she will be watching over the family.