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Stacey Was Here 2 on 2013-06-19

I am in my second year of university and am staying on campus again. After the last weird experience I had in 2012 I questioned staying on campus again but decided it would be best for me as I live far away from the university I attend. I have been here since February and its been good up to only a ...

Stacey Was Here on 2012-05-29

One night I was babysitting a friend's little girl. Her mum was going to the movies then out to dinner with a friend of hers. This girl was a very active little girl so I told her mum to bring over some movies for her and lots of toys. When we were playing with her dolls she brought over she started...

Strange Things Happening In My House on 2011-12-21

Lately in my house there have been some strange things happening. When I mean strange I mean things that I can't explain. One thing that happened was: It was early in the morning and I was just waking up. MY mum was up already I could here her talking to my brother in the lounge room. Talking really...

Walking Teddy Bear on 2011-11-16

When I was around 5 years old and younger I use to live in A town house in a slum suburb area. I don't have many memories but the memories I have are very strange. I remember this one time my mum put me and my brother to bed, we had our own rooms but they were right next to each other. I was laying ...

Little Ghost Boy... Or Not on 2011-10-26

This experience starts on a Sunday afternoon when I was babysitting my little cousin. We were sitting down watching the kids channel on my TV. I asked my little cousin if she wanted anything to drink, she said yes so I got up and went to the kitchen and made her a drink. I sat back down on the loun...

Shadow Black Ghosts on 2011-07-05

The story starts back when I was 12. I'm 22 now and have never experienced anything like this since. Back when I was 12 me and my family lived with my nan and pop for a few months and me and my younger brother shared a room. I had no problems with the room apart from it was small... Until this night...

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Date: 2013-08-17
hi all... I havnt had anymore experiences with this thing but I am having a break from uni at the moment its just been pretty stressful and this event has been playing on my mind a bit. Bad dreams about different things won't stop so I decided I need to get out of there for a few weeks.
Date: 2013-07-29
wow so many comments how awesome 😁 if anyone has any other questions just let me know thanks guys
Date: 2013-07-25
HI EVERYONE. So I think we have all come to the conclusion that this isn't stacey? I have come to that conclusion to after all the help and comments I have got from people. I have been busy over the past few days with school work etc and haven't been able to reply. Ok so "joes" experiment didn't work out how we planned A resident supervisor came in and left footsteps everywhere before we could even start the experiment. I think the rooms are only around 12 years old. The girl now in the room I was in last year left last night she quit her uni course packed her bags didn't say a word to anyone and just left. We all think she saw something in that room. Last night we were all up watching movies and could here someone singing outside the door Joe ran out to check who was there and nothing was at the door.
Date: 2013-07-23
thanks again so much for all your advice and theories I really appreciate this. Val "Joe" was wearing Boxers at the time I remember because it was cold and all he had on was boxers and I was laughing at him for being so stupid. ''Joe" and my other friend let's say Freddy made the Ouija board it was basicly cardboard and numbers and letters and they looked up where to place the numbers and letters on the internet. I tried salt around my door and some people who experienced things like me put salt at there doors to and Joe suggested he dosnt do it so if something happens to him and not to us he will know it was because of the salt. Luckily nothing happened to any of us. Recent update though as of like an hour ago 'Joe' has been mentioned to me that he wants to try and catch something on camera he saw on this movie people put powder on the floors to try and capture footsteps and stuff so he's going to do that tonight.
Date: 2013-07-22
Hi Amihet I will try that and I will Also try the salt like Valkricy suggested. I brought some rock salt and will try it tonight.
Date: 2013-07-22
thanks every for your advice... But the board is tore and in the bin now I'm scared after what people have said it will make it worse, but really we didn't use the board we were about to then it fell to the ground by itself. The bad dreams I have been having are screaming monsters coming on my room and writing in fire on my walls. After what happened with a guy in my unit and the scratches we have promised not to tell anyone about it (apart from on here) and as far as I know knowone else knows but us. If anything else happens I will write it on here.
Date: 2013-07-20
thanks everyone for your opinions 😊 I'm hoping this dosnt continue but there has been a few things since I posted this experience. I am starting to have bad dreams. We tore up the ouija board and tossed it in the bin one of my friends also suggested we soak it.
Date: 2012-06-08
[at] qua why would this be a joke, all my stories on here a 100 percent real these all happened to me I'm not a liar... Just saying 😕
Date: 2012-06-06
I am also wondering how my bathroom fogged up without knowone having a shower in their... Or no water being turned on does anyone have any ideas on that?
Date: 2012-06-06
Thanks a lot everyone for your comments I hope use are right and it isn't something that wants to harm me. [at] rook I mite auctully do a bit of research it mite be nice to know a bit more about what's going on... If anything else happens I will keep you posted
Date: 2012-05-29
😕 maybe you should tell your parents all this to... This would be very scary for you and your friend
no I appreciate your side of it rock... I am open to all sides of what this could be:)
ummm [at] metanormalcom he hardly watches horror movies y is that?
Date: 2011-11-21
When I was older and we moved out of that house my mum auctully told me that a family died in the house my mum and uncle found news paper clippings from what hapened... 😢 they also witnessed a lot of strange things in this house. [at] not sure if it matched its position at all I can't remember... I know I should of mentioned about the family in my story... But I wasn't sure I if should put it in or not...
hwy javelina... In no way do I want this thing to be demonic or whatever I so hope it wasn't but that could be one theory is all I was thinking, I do sort of feel sorry for the spirit, my friend suggested to me that he could be looking for the previous owners of the house, who were an an old couple... And we were told they died in our house (no spirit activity with that)
maybe your right radrazz0682 I think maybe researching this or trying to anyway will bring more attention to this... If its what you said I don't want to do that, I'm not sure what type of clothes it was wearing I just was focused on his hand and how little it was his hair I think though was like a bowel cut from what I remember
hi argette yes I was minding her at my house. I would think that would be a good idea but I wouldn't know where to start as in how to research my area for things like this... I would like to know if anyone knows...thanx
Date: 2011-07-09 reply to moonchild... There has been different things happening at my grandparents house none that I have experienced though, family members have experienced it and told me about it, I still only live about 5 minutes drive from my grandparents house and go there often, I personly haven't had any other experiences there
Date: 2011-07-09
hey thanks everyone for commenting... I'm pretty sure it wasn't a dream, I sort of remember thinking this voice sounds familiar to me... But couldn't quite recognize it... I didn't feel any temp changes it was the same temp all the time, I was auctully thinking it might of been an angel but that's just my thought... Thanx again everyone for commenting
Date: 2011-05-16
Hihow are you nighthawk I have had an experience like this when I was about three years old and I do remember some details of it aswell... I saw my mums nan in my bedroom I remember her coming out of my wardrobe and she would ask me to go downstairs and get her cups of coffee which I use to do in my teaset but it was filled with water, I remember her drinking it and saying it was realy nice... My mum asked me once why I was taking so many cups of water up to my room, I told her your nan wanted a coffee she just said ok but she drinks to much coffee.