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Just someone curious with some stories to tell.:)
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Encounter With An Elemental? on 2011-12-19

I'm back with yet another story. I never realized until recently that I did have a lot of odd things that happened to me in the past! I'm not sure how other countries perceive Elementals to be, but here in the Philippines, they are called "Engkantos", "Anitos" and so on. These Engkantos and Anito...

Jun Jun on 2011-11-23

A lot of people in the office would know who "Jun-Jun" is, if you ask everyone. Jun-Jun is a playful little boy that pulls pranks on everyone in the office. He's always seen wearing a black and blue striped shirt, denim shorts and white rubber shoes. As far as I can remember, he has been a mainstay ...

Miss, Could You Kindly Hand Me Some Tissue? on 2011-10-19

I am writing about several things I have experienced while working. This would be the first experience, and I will write about the others in another entry. One instance that I would like to share was when I was in the ladies' room in the office. I opened the door to the ladies' room with some ...

Funny Lucy on 2011-08-31

This happened just yesterday. I want to share this to everyone, especially those who have read all about our friend, Lucy (read my other story, Older Sister Lucy). Lucy did something funny yesterday. The subdivision has houses right next to each other. Over time, everyone had done renovations ...

The Man In The Sugarcane Field on 2011-07-19

I'm really not sure if I am able to describe this story in detail, because for the life of me, up to this day I still can't determine what it was that I saw. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. When I was a kid, I usually spend the whole summer vacation at my grandparents' house, al...

Older Sister Lucy on 2011-07-05

I was 3 when we first moved in our new house (I'm 27 now). It wasn't an old house; the subdivision was new. Every single house was newly built, each looks the same (as with any low-cost housing places here in the Philippines). But at the time, only three families lived on our street, the other house...

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[at] Jav

Forgive my over-glee, but OMG! It IS uncanny! It's such a great thing when I read other people's accounts of the same experience... And here I was, looking for something similar and you found one for me!:D
Date: 2012-01-02
Hey! It's so awesome that Jav pointed me to this direction--I think what you and I saw was the same! Somehow it feels really, really different--not something that's scary, but more like playful, and it looked magically beautiful, right? Here, read through my story on it:

Maybe I should make another painting of it so I can show everyone what it looks like:)

[at] roodygin: Wow, ball lightning is really, really interesting! I have never heard of it until now. I've been reading on it a little, and although no one actually got a clear picture, the different accounts tell me how awesome nature really is!:D I also can't discount the possibility that what I saw was a natural phenomena; however, I guess I would just have to find out which. Right now, I'm trying to research for similar accounts and so far, with the limited time I have (I'm crazy busy at work x_x), I haven't found an exact one. Because I'm thinking--if it was an Elemental, for sure someone else in the world must have seen the same manifestation, and therefore, they should have an account of it somewhere. Wish me luck on that!

[at] Nysa: You can be right on it being a ghost that decided to manifest itself in a different way. That is a possibility. And with it being an Elemental--that thought was just given by a friend, as mentioned in the story. I haven't really gone too far into researching about it as HappySpirit suggested.

Thanks for your inputs guys; I'm really learning a lot here!:D
Thank you for the information. Sadly, I have not encountered the nature spirit again since that time. But I will take your advice and research into it further. I will start with the information you gave me--and if I do encounter it again, that would be really great.
Date: 2011-12-22
Yup, it is a classic case of sleep paralysis. I have experienced this more than I would actually like, and sometimes, the brain is still in a sleep state that when you open your eyes, things don't look like what they are (there were a couple of instances when the fan had a sneering face on it, my choir toga on a hanger looked like it glided from where it was to the door). I don't think it's paranormal.:) Just relax.
Date: 2011-12-16
This is so nice! We have a family member at home, too; and we named her Lucy.:) She's a funny ghost, though. It's nice to see that some people do have their own "Casper"s.:P

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!
Date: 2011-12-16
Funny, cause I have heard "Topper" somewhere before, and it was also associated with something paranormal.

No, I know the book and the TV series, but I just can't remember where I heard it or what it was, exactly. X___x
Date: 2011-12-14
Hi guys! Sorry for not responding immediately. I was crazy busy! X__x anyway, I got some information on Jun Jun.

While I was in a meeting room with the company big wigs, one of them said they just saw Jun Jun outside. Everyone affirmed this, meaning the bosses have seen him once or twice, too.

So I asked if they knew anything about Jun Jun's history. One of the bosses said that the particular floor that he is haunting used to be a storage area for another company (before we moved in). She said that Jun Jun was the previous tenant's grandson, and he was killed because a ladder fell on him and hit his head while he was playing--which was the reason why the previous tenant moved his business somewhere else.

We all asked our boss if we could have someone send him over. She said, in her own words: "A few people tried, but Jun Jun stayed. He wasn't being disruptive, and people just get spooks every now and then, so I don't think we should do anything anymore. Maybe he wanted to stay and play."

Well, for the time being, I just hope Jun Jun is happy with sticking around.:)
[at] Shell: Unfortunately, I am not "absent-minded". Like how I described it in the story, even if I did zone off a bit, the sounds of the two doors (the cubicle door and the main door) would definitely wake up a sleeping person--let alone someone who's drifting into their own thoughts. So I would have to discount that possibility.

[at] Davidspalm: Thank you for the thoughts; however, I am in no position to be able to do such a thing here in the company. And about your question on how the hand looked and felt like: the hand looked completely normal. No distinct features, just that it looked like it belonged to a tiny girl. I didn't really get to touch her hand, just the tissue she gave, but I didn't really feel anything out of the ordinary.:)
[at] Amer: Yes, it was a human hand. She had tiny fingers. I could imagine she's a tiny girl--about 5 feet to 5'2" at the most.

[at] quixoticqt: yup.:) never saw her again, though.

[at] DeviousAngel: It wasn't really scary when she handed over the tissue, I mean, I honestly thought it was a real human being. When I got out of the cubicle, that's when I got freaked. 😨
[at] cecil: sadly, I don't know where her desk is, exactly. We have 600+ people in this facility, and people have come and gone, so I really have no idea where her desk used to be.: (--and God bless you too, dear.:D

[at] zeta: I work in a call center. I train people there. We usually work night shifts.:)
Well, I did tell everyone in the office about what happened. They said it could possibly be one of the agents working here. She died in an accident on the way to work three years ago.

Rumors say that she was asleep when the accident happened, so maybe she didn't know she died yet. According to stories I gathered, they were hearing keyboard typing, her chair was moving on its own, and the drawers were being opened and closed--happened a few minutes before one of their teammates broke the news.

But then again--these are rumors. I don't know if these are true or not, but she sure is one helpful ghostie... And for sure she has just died recently, because she knows that particular office culture.
Date: 2011-10-03
I've had the same experience. I work in a call center too, and the elevator in our building did something exactly like that: opening in a random floor, closing, then says its overloaded.

Turns out there was something wrong with the elevator sensors.:P So maybe you can blame this to the building maintenance.:)

...or maybe we're working in the same building!:P
Date: 2011-09-14
The same happened when one of my cousins died. He had a cologne that he always wore, that we would instantly know he was in the house because of the smell of his cologne.

On the first five anniversaries of his death, my aunt always told us stories that they would smell his cologne for a few minutes. Like geetha said, maybe my cousin also would like them to know that he was there, and not to feel sad about his passing through the scent of his cologne.:)

Btw, I'm from the Philippines too, but this is the first time I heard of the term "aberat". Which part of the Phils are you from? 😁
Date: 2011-09-12
Whoa. That was really scary. I remember seeing that kind of amulet when I went there (in Thailand), but I never really knew what it was. Now I know I should steer clear from it! 😨
Date: 2011-09-12
Wow, that is a lot of comments! Thank you for reading the story guys.:) Let me respond to everyone:

[at] Miracles51031: Well, so far, she has not reported anything to the authorities--or so I think. Maybe she did, but they might have dismissed it, since it's not a very credible story (and considering her history of complaints made against us).

[at] Moongrim: Yep, exactly. I'm really not sure if she did report it, but no one has ever called our house so far since this happened.:)

[at] Indigo: I honestly would like her to just be nice about telling us if we're being a nuisance or not. See, we've been neighbors since I was eight or nine, and she has done numerous things and dealt so much damage that would take me more than a day to enumerate each and every one. My mom just let these things pass for the sake of co-existence, but after a few years you just get to the point where you can't take any more of it. And no, we're not going anywhere!:P

[at] geetha50: Yup, you're right; she would complain, and it doesn't matter what you do or what time of the day it is. I remember when we were having our house renovated, I saw her crush a part of the still-wet concrete flower box (around three inches high) with her truck. It was well inside our property line (around 2 feet), so she can't dismiss it as "miscalculation". That's the type of person she is.

[at] DeviousAngel: No, I don't enjoy it, but I will be honest: I enjoyed that she barged into the house so I can have her sued. The only reason why I haven't is because we try to "understand" for the sake of "co-existence". But barging into the house uninvited is considered trespassing in Philippine law, and I do have my own property to protect. Well, if she does try to get us in another way, let's just say I will cross the bridge when I get there. As far as we are concerned, legally, we have not done anything to her or her property, and she has done a LOT against us and our property.

And about a 10-10 law, uhm, let me explain it in another way: culturally, it is considered a "bad behavior" to us Filipinos if you're still in bed when the sun rises. But of course, there are exceptions, but 9:30AM is already really late for us (because we always end our day at 5PM, and every single noise stops there). Besides, the house right in front of hers is often doing videoke really loud at eight in the morning on random days of the week, so I'm pretty sure it's just us.:)

[at] ngute80: Thank you! Yes, Indigo does have a point, and I will admit that I do want to put a stop to it.:)

[at] MissyM: Like what I explained to DeviousAngel, being in bed at 9:30AM is culturally unacceptable, unless you're really lazy or sick (or work at night, lol).

[at] girlie and jws: I would honestly want to confirm if it was Lucy or not. But with how things are, I never talk to her, nor even look her way. Her daughter is a friend, though; but her daughter hates her too, and she moved out of her mom's house so I can't ask her. But don't worry, there might be a time when I get the chance, and I will post it here as soon as I can.:)

[at] stephyw2001: Thanks for fixing up Missy's karma:)

[at] generalchaos: No, she wasn't mentioned there. I have no idea where she was when the incident happened, nor do I care, honestly! (I'm so mean, lol). When the authorities saw the severed hand, she wasn't living in the village yet.:)

[at] ghostgirl999: It's a follow-up on Lucy.:) Check "Older Sister Lucy" so you can understand the story better.:)

Thank you for the time you spend in reading my stories and commenting on them, guys.:) I honestly don't know why our neighbor acts the way she does, but I am sure grateful Lucy was there (or I hope it's her, lol). We don't have any other "housemates" that I know of, so all I could think of is that it's her.:)
LOL kit_ty_nya! I was about to question you why you chose that username, but, you know, whatever makes you happy... 😆

And like Jav said, you're free to share our stories here. You may want to write one or two.:)

[at] DeviousAngel: Wow, that's quite interesting. This is the first time I read about that disorder. That is also a possibility. And if he IS a spirit, then that should explain his clothes not hiking up. I'm just so weirded out about him being inverted. I'm going to have my cousin answer that question about the line along his arm, though; because either I didn't see it, or it got lost in my memories.

[at] Javelina: It's nice to think about it that way. I hope he's just trying to point out that there's trouble up ahead (that's why he was facing the other way). *shudder* I wouldn't even want to imagine if he was facing us. 😨
Makes me want to do an artist rendering of the horse. The way you described it in your stories kind of attached to me.:)
Date: 2011-08-24
We have a similar story here in the Philippines. It is part of a local folklore, locally called "Santelmo" (or St. Elmo's Fire). It is usually a warning and guide for sailors who sail out at night. It's said that it appears if something terrible at sea will happen.

Not sure if it's related to what you have experienced, but the Santelmo here in the Philippines pretty much serve the same purpose: to warn.:)
Date: 2011-08-17
[at] Allinardo: Wow, you do know about the case. Yeah, I just hope she's content. She has not been scaring anyone lately, just the kids seeing her every so often.:)