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Weird Occurrences Throughout My Life on 2011-05-16

Firstly, I want to say thank you for taking time to read my story. It will be pretty long; for lots of things happened to me that I didn't find the courage to talk about with someone else. I'm not sure when all of this started, but before I get on with the story, I should probably mention that I ha...

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[at] geetha50: No, the slamming doors always happened with both my parents at home, but all three of us were upstairs while the doors slammed downstairs. Should've mentioned nobody could've slammed them, either. Dad went downstairs to check everything considering a burglar or whatever, but he couldn't find anything. The next day mom asked me if I was in a cemetery or anything like that recently, thinking that maybe I had brought home a spirit in that way.

[at] benn: thank you, I'm happy to hear that.

[at] Hoodzy: About that friend of mine, yeah. I didn't quite believe him either, but I have to admit he really got it right with that magic involvement part. I couldn't have looked for the uniform, my other friend (the one with the soldier issue) is living in Greece, while I am in Romania.: (
Those two events with flashbacks were the only ones I have, but I'm experiencing deja-vus all the time, sometimes I can even complete the other person's sentence. And I get bad feelings before something bad happens and I can feel when something's just not going to work out well. This helped a lot because I prevented a lot of unhappy events.