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I love music it is my passion... I want to start a band-)
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Who Is With Me? on 2017-08-24

For as long as I can remember I've been alone, as a young girl I was always bullied and abused by my brother. He would always hit me and people would always treat me bad at school and my mom didn't bother to see what was wrong. I'm not in school anymore and I am in my mid 20's. Every night as a chil...

Little Girl And Such Spirits on 2016-07-25

I've been getting the runaround lately with my thought about so many strange things I lived through in the past. Well I've been living in Texas my entire life since I was about 4 or 5. I used to live in the town before there was nothing but the country and grassy fields and there was nothing for mil...

Mom Hears Voices on 2016-04-18

When my mom was a young girl she used to be very close to her grandmother who used to live in Mexico. As my mother grew older she was even closer to her grandmother. One day her grandmother started to get very ill and somehow my mother expected the worse. Well she recalled being in her home in M...

Strange Light In The Sky on 2016-02-04

I wanted to share this story with you guys, because I found it to be strange and awesome at the same time. I'm not sure that my story would be classified as paranormal. Well I'm going to say this was in early 2014 about 9 or 10. I was home going about my business when I get a phone call from my frie...

Grim Reaper In A Photo on 2016-01-18

I want to share my story that happened around the month of April 2014. This took place at this building in downtown Houston called the Warehouse Live. This was my first time going there and I was going to a Marianas Trench concert. This night was so amazing and I had such a great time seeing 4 g...

I Need Help? Ghost Child! on 2016-01-18

I moved in into my current home about 3 months ago. It was me and my roommate with her husband and child. Things seemed peaceful for a while like for the first 2 weeks or so. One day I came to the house after a long day at work I started to feel uneasy and worried like someone was watching me. At fi...

Hearing Things At My Job In Einsteins on 2015-12-23

I want to share with you guys my story that happened like 6 months ago. I used to work at this place called Einstein Bagels. I still do, just not as much as I used to. Well, at first when I started to work there everything was fine. I got along with everyone, no problems and still none of that. ...

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Date: 2017-10-23
Thanks for sharing this story I really liked maybe it could of been his doppelganger I think if he would of had an out of body experience he could remember that or maybe even as a dream if he didn't know it was happening in real life. I know there are many things we simply cannot explain and we can either be lucky to experience them or not so.
Date: 2017-10-17
Jubeele Thanks so much for your kind words, I definitely feel that god is with me and because of it I am being strong. I no longer let my brother treat me they way he use to and slowly I am changing into a more stronger person and learning to stand up for my self. I definitely know someone is with me and I always thank the lord before going to bed I'm sure he might have something to do with it.

Just this weekend I went to visit my dad because his wife passed away except she was an awful mean person while alive and my dad was never really there for me at all but I went for moral support it had been a while since her passing but I wanted to show him that he could count on me. Well when I went to see him, there was many people I paid my respects and went over to his house. All my time there he never spoke to me but once just to say he didn't like my weight. It really hurt my feelings a lot because he takes care of another girl like it's his daughter since birth but to me he has never wanted me so I went and I cried for a good minute in his bathroom when I felt I big gush if wind just pass me my hair even moved and I suddenly stopped crying all together and I got a good feeling like I knew things were going to change and everything was going to be just fine.
Those are the reasons I am staying strong and not discourage my self. And as far saying Hi and making friends with my crush well wish me luck on that one I am extremely shy with those things and I end up panicking last minute but I hope it works out.
Great story thanks for posting. I come from a Mexican family and there are always stories about little men and in Spanish or they way they call them are "dwuendes" and they would be more like "gnomes". My mom has seem them before back in our old home in her closet and she said that they like to cause a lot of trouble innocent trouble but none of the less trouble. Like moving things around spooking you and she even mentioned taking sweets if you have any. My mom actually as crazy at it sounds she believes in fairies maybe not like tinker bell but similar and she claims there was a guy who captured one. I don't know sounds crazy but she also believes in tiny men not short like the ones you may have seen but like in gnomes tiny ones. She actually went and visited a friend in the country in Mexico and her friend told my mom that from the corner of her eye she kept on seeing running men but when she turned around they were not there or they would hide and she said that a lot of her things went missing including some sweet bread. She lived next to a forest. She had called a paranormal teem that come out in a show called Extranormal based in Mexico and they literally set up tiny sweets and stuff and left them in the woods and then they came back to check on them. And they wore shocked it had tiny bite marks not that of ants or bugs but bites of a little human mouth. The show was actually aired on TV with her case on it, if you ever find it. Extra normal dwuendes. Now many people don't believe it all and call her crazy I mean I don't know if I fully believe. But many people have there own tales and it's weird but hey we never know what can be hidden among us.
Date: 2017-09-25
Jamospollypop Thank you I never thought of it as a gift before. I know my mom is a bit psychic and doesn't really want to develop her self, but she has told things to others that left them in shock. And as far as my grandfather I don't think so. My grandpa from my mom's side is still alive but my other grandpa was a terrible man and I only met him once. So not a grandfather but that really leaves me wondering.
Date: 2017-09-08
Thank you all for your comments.

Thank you for your concern about getting help, I have this well under control and don't feel this way all the time I've though about just getting help and talking to someone who can help me forget or move on. But I would never cause my self harm well not anymore.
And I feel that whatever is with me is not bad, I always say a prayer and tell the entity that might be with me that is free to go but maybe it's just a helping hand or kind spirit.

I have not had any relatives die recently, me and my dad don't talk at all and I can see he does not care about me in the slightest. My brother does not hit me anymore I've learned to defend my self now we just argue but I think he's learning to be more mature and I no longer let him treat me the way he did. I was young and didn't know how to defend my self back then. The worst part is that were twins.
And to try and get away from it all is exactly what I'm trying to do I've actually accomplished a lot more than my brother like a lot more so that's why I think he has left me alone now for the most part besides the arguing.

And about getting rid of what is toxic I think that you are right. Even though I think it's a kind spirit I also think it could be something maybe trying to leach of my energy or one who enjoys all the negativity. Or if not that maybe it can be as they say my 3rd eye.

I never though of it as a spirit guide or though I could ever have one but seeing the circumstances I could I agree very much that it's a big possibility.
And yes for sure I know how it feels and I'm glad you can relate to this as well. I hope your doing well.
Wow great story maybe he knew how much you loved him and maybe he just needed help to pass through. I mean I wish something like this happened to me especially from him that's really cool. And yes wow all of those coincidences that really has to mean something. I don't think he visited you just because you were a fan I think maybe he needed your help in some way. Maybe if you call upon him and say you will help him get through the light maybe he will come back. I'm sorry I don't have much to say or don't know what to say because this just an amazing situation you went through.
Date: 2016-11-28
Hello there I really enjoyed reading this story. I personally don't think it's normal to dream with this entity for so long or even for you to hear his voice. Sometimes dreams are the only way you can actually see them or come in contact. Sometimes you may not even be dreaming even though you think you are. Look you may want to seek help maybe by a priest or someone who may know about dream interpretations. I will say you may read any verses from the psalm pages on the bible but I'm not going to press religion on you because I know people get offended. And I hope I'm not offending here. I have had dreams of the devil I sometimes don't see him all the way but i'll see his hand and he will challenge me and I know it's him. Usually when I know I'm about to dream that or if I'm that situation I force my self to change subjects and I usully say a small prayer and it will go away. I know some people don't believe in god, but in my time of need when I most needed to believe he sent me proof of his existence and I usually don't share my experiences because people don't believe or think I'm crazy. But I'm tired of people getting offended over religion it's not hurting anyone to believe in god at all. And if you believe all just say a small prayer and if your ever feeling fear just say " the blood of Christ is powerful" Again I'm sorry if I'm talking about this I'm only speaking from experience and what has helped me because I have many paranormal experiences. But indeed this entity in your dream may in fact be real and dreams are like the gateway of communication and please be aware of things and journal how many times this happens in the night and for how long and if it is every night or every once in a while. But when you dream one thing for so long it's not normal and it is a dream that may be warning you of something or telling you of something but in this case I do believe that it is a real entity and you need to be real careful and I would advice to seek help if you are able to. Please be careful and stay safe:)
Date: 2016-11-28
Wow great story, My actual thought was that maybe the lady appeared because you did not want to listen to your mother at the time. It's still a bity weird and I have no clue what the cat would be doing there.
Hello there great story to read glad you shared maybe when you encounter this entity again you could possibly right down a few names you think are possible and have him move something to give you a clue to see if that is the name. Good luck I hope you can help the being get through to the light.
Though I would also try and light him a white candle and give him a prayer to help him move along. I really do hope you find out the name. Maybe this person used to live in the house before you guys or maybe he just came to you guys because he thinks you guys can help. Good luck.
Date: 2016-10-03
Well I'm not sure if this could be a ghost but most ghost do communicate through electronics. I think what you should do is light a white candle as say a light prayer to help what ever is there go to where it's suppose to go and if you feel things getting stronger then you light some sage all over the house including the corners and tell it to leave.
One thing to know is that you should never encourage an entity/ghost. You never know if they are good or band and encouraging them will only make them grow bigger and it will be harder for you guys to get that thing out of your home. Well good luck I hope what ever is there will stop bothering you, I'm sure you'd like to watch TV in peace:)
Thank you sweetsunshine1800 for your comment.
Yes I believe that there separation surely did bring a lot of negativity or least made it aware to what was already there. There would always be continuous fight every night and it wasn't healthy for neither of them.
And yes my mom believes the people before us could've had a feud over money and maybe that's why some of the people were killed in our land. So maybe that would explain the burning tree. And it's ok this is well into the past and none of that activity has fallowed us, which I'm glad. I still hear noises from time to time but nothing major.
And thanks you have a good day as well.
Date: 2016-08-05
Thank you both for your answer.
Revajane- yes sometimes shortly after my heard these voices days later something would happen to someone not necessarily death but someone always got sick or hurt.

Justmenoname- No nothing would be running and my mom would just be watching tv or just laying in bed when she heard these ramblings and people talking.
Date: 2016-08-05
Revajane HI thanks for your answer sorry for the late reply and yes in Alvin there have been many sightings. There is even a documentary of this ufo expert and he talks about Alvin in his documentary. And what I saw was definitely no ghost. I am not the only one who saw this being.
Date: 2016-07-25

Here is a website that may help you figure out what are shadow people. Good luck I hope it never happens again. Great story thanks for sharing. This story reminds of the scene of harry potter where is in the lake and he sees those things flying so then se sees the white light he believes was his father.
Date: 2016-06-28
WOW what a great and creepy story. Makes me wonder about zombies... Lol I would have also freaked out bad, and I don't know what I would of done seeing actual bodies moving when there supposed to be dead...
Date: 2016-06-14
I'm sorry I know what you said in your believe of god. And I cannot understand how the occurrence happened to you and you still refuse to believe in god.
And I know we have our own believes and you your own. But I highly doubt that it was the peoples will to get this entity out of you. Most people don't have the power to drive something so powerful away from someone just because they said so.
Similar things have happened to me not like this but similar and always on the name of god I have prayed and believed and he has always shown me to be there for me. There have been times in my life where I have been confused and I prayed to god to show me a sign that he is there and he has as hard it is to believe.
And I believe those people did not will that entity all on there own but in the name of god it was done.
And that is ok if you do not believe I mean why would you? If you don't see it it's not real right? But one day our time will come and we will have to face him and that is when we will find out... Anyway good story I liked it.
Date: 2016-05-17
Wow nice story I like it. I live in Texas but I've never been up there since I live near Huston. Yeah and that is pretty weird actually. Something similar happened to me actually, I was outside and I was using my guitar and amp out there so my mom wouldn't hear all the noise inside. Well all of a sudden I take a brake and I can hear a woman's voice coming through the amp it just shocked me because I didn't expect it. I mean the amp is nothing like a radio and there's no way for that even to happen. But the way I saw it was that maybe it interfered with a radio tower or something. And yeah thanks for sharing I liked this story a lot and now I want to visit possum kingdom:)
Date: 2016-05-12
I just loved your story thank you so much for sharing. And to be honest I would have loved to camp out that same area as you once did. It really sounds like you guys had so much fun even though you were scared. But I can deal with a few ghost surrounding me. Heck the first weekend in august ill be staying the night for two nights at a hunted hotel.
Date: 2016-05-03
Nice story here very chilling I have to say. I'm glad that there's nothing there at this moment. And let me say I think that this entity is the same one as always, and as time goes they can often change to image to look older or younger depending on the person there trying to attract. But if I were you I wouldn't let this thing in my home. I would do a deep cleansing of the home. Start by dusting everything out even from the corners. Always keep holy water in the home and thrown it all the corners of the home and in all the bedrooms. You always want to ring bells in the corners as well to keep negative energy away from there since that is where it likes to accumulate. And if you believe in prayer please do find your self saying heavy prayer. You can prevent this thing from coming back.

Here's a prayer for you if you need it.

Father, I ask that you wash my spirit, soul and body with the blood of the lamb.

I curse every corruptible seed that has been planted in me and I command it to wither and die.

I command every foul, unclean spirit that may have attached itself to me, to loose me, to leave this property, to seek dry ground and never return, in Jesus name.

By the blood of Jesus Christ, I bind every evil spirit that is in this room and command them to flee right now and go where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them. I renounce and reject any inch of this house and property that has been yielded or surrendered unto Satan and by faith I take it back and surrender it to the Lord Jesus Christ. By faith, I claim that this room is covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and no evil spirit can enter it." (Pray this over every room in the house).

After going through every room in the house pray:

I dedicate and consecrate this home to the Lord Jesus Christ and Satan has no hold on it at all. I surrender everything in this house to the Lord Jesus Christ and claim it is under His divine protection including all electrical wiring and plumbing. I bind every evil spirit that is in this house by the precious blood of the Lamb and command them to flee and go where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them. I claim by faith that everything in this house is covered under the blood of Jesus Christ from the top of the roof to the bottom of the footing and everything in between and especially anything that conducts electricity.

I claim by faith that this house is surrounded by a hedge of protection, a wall of fire, a wall of faith, and covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on all sides, above, and below. I pray that powerful warring angels would come to protect the Four Corners of this house and property and everyone inside. Thank you for the complete victory we already have in Jesus Christ. I ask that this home be consecrated with your divine presence so that everyone who enters it will be blessed with spiritual blessings from heavenly places, Amen!
While you do this keep all your bibles open to psalm any page will do and keep a lot of holy water with you throw it all over the house. Most important while your doing this ring a bell in all the corners of your home it will drive all the negative energy away from those areas, because that is where it all likes to gather. And often saying "the blood of Christ is powerful. And burn sage all over the your home. And in the name of God everything will be gone. Good luck and please keep us updated on what happens:)
Date: 2016-05-03
Hello Tweed

To explain more into detail, yes she said it sounded like an older train passing by. As far as the voices they were believed to be in Spanish and English and they were both male and female. Well I'm not sure how often this happens to her but just 2 days ago she heard the same prayer like lots of people praying in a church and it turns out that my grandpa has been very sick and depressed. Her theory on this, is that they are warning signs that someone is going to get sick or that something not so well is going to happen. She explains the voices often sounding like a lot of people in a cafeteria or restaurant when there all talking at one time but you can't really understand what there saying.


I do believe sometimes we hear these voices because they are often trying to warn us about something. I know that it's hard to decipher what they might be saying but maybe there not there to tell us what's going to but just there to warn us. Or maybe they them selves want help maybe they feel stuck in our dimension that they need help going through to the other side. And thanks for sharing with me your comment that is really odd and makes wonder, what is there business here?

Thank you for your comment and lovely description, that is how my mother reported they sounded like. I would say you are lucky if you hear them because not everyone can hear them. And just maybe there were trying to reach out to you for some help.

I my self never heard any voices, but I have seen plenty of ghost in my days. Coming up this august I will be staying at a hotel called The Galvez in Galveston, TX. Many have reported the 5th floor being haunted so I requested a room up on the fifth floor. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll be able to post about on here.