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Phantom Surprise And Sainte-Chapelle on 2011-07-04

I have recently returned from a vacation to Europe where I found many orbs in my photos and must admit didn't have a clue about them until I started to research them and was delighted, as the reason I was in Europe was to verify information given to me a few years prior from a very interesting visit...

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My dog passed over 3 years ago and the photo was taken 3 months ago so I don't understand how a mirror can reflect this, besides there is no mirror in that room.
Thanks zzsgranny, I think I understand. This photo was the very first one of the open door. No intents just hopefull for any orbs. Interesting thing about that orb in particular is its placement on the ground as most other orbs kind of float. You see he was born on that spot and that was the usual place he would sit, guarding the front door. Considering he was our dog of 14 years it did upset us initially because we knew what we could see. Even our vet who is a true man of science, was dumbfounded and after processing what he saw, called it a gift. Trying to convince anyone else who didn't know our dog is pointless, but we agaree with the vet and know its a real gift.
Wow, I'm stunned at the positive reponse to my story. I wrote it to share with only others who may have been interested and certainly did not submit it to impress or prove anything to anyone as at the end of the day I know my own truth and it seriously doesn't matter what others may think. I am sorry I don't know what matrixing means or the fact that I need so much help with my writng skills and may have confused some of you. When I took photos of the Chappel, I wasn't investigating anything, I was simply taking in the atmosphere as I had finally found the place after 2 years of searching. I was not AWARE of Orbs in my photos until someone pointed them out to me, which inturn led me to investigate them. As I stated the only reason I was in Paris was to visit the chappel as my visitor, who by the way was a ghost from the 13 century who did phyically show himself to me before we started conversing. He showed me this place in "my minds eye" if you will. As to who he was? He did tell me, but I didn't believe at the time and I would love to tell you the whole story my friend, but it would take a lot more than a few insignificant lines on someone elses web site. You will have to wait for the book. Cheers