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South Africa
hi my name is charmaine I'm 21 years and already feeling old...i'm glad to have find this site its very interesting to read all the stories and to know that I'm not the only one hearing a bump in the night.

I hope I keep by the rules and that I don't dissapoint anyone if there are any complaints about anything that I have done or someone would just like to talk my email is listed here

Well that's all from me love
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Did It Follow Me Home on 2011-10-10

Some of you might know my other story, if not you can read it to get a better explanation of what followed me home. I moved away from my parent's house and into my own apartment with my boyfriend (the one who had that funny but awful experience with my ghosties). I thought my problem with the ghos...

My Haunted House Strange To Say The Least on 2011-05-23

The house all this activity takes place in is in, South Africa, Parow. This was the house I grew up in and I never grew up alone. The first thing I noticed was the footsteps in the hall (I was around 10 years old). They were heavy like someone wearing boots and walking on a wood floor the thing w...

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Im always glad to find people who grew up in the same areas as me with stories:D
they say when you get scared you either fight back or flee. I have that strange problem of freezing 😁. In almost every experience I had I found myself frozen in shock keeping my eyes closed and waiting for a sign that it's safe to move lol.
Date: 2011-11-17
ha 2d photo look in the reflextion above the chair looks like someone sitting there I can only make out a head or is it just my eyes playing with me because in the other pictures of the same chair its not there
this picture is very clear to me if the camera moved or not. I see a woman on the right bottem side of the first picture. She is sitting agiants the tree on the ground hands in her lap legs turned up like in a sitting fetal posision. Looks like she has a black cap on also like in the old days woman would wear a hat (mostly poor woman) looks like that the dress is definitly black with white detail. That's all I see:)
Ps. She looks sad and cold
Date: 2011-11-17
i have to admit I would wet myself if a greenfaced girl smiled at me! 😨 but I'm glad you are out of the house now and raccoon I also find that thought very funny I can imagen it right now lol

Love ladymoondust ❤ ❤
oh my... I just looked at the photo where thay claimed the table was standing on one leg I would have fell for it if their hands wernt on the table
any fool can see they are balancing it with their hands...
Won't surpirse me if they say before they begin the investigation get the camara the tape recorder and the fishing line...
basement rejects and huanted poter potty's I think I should follow these's guys stories just for the entertaining coments afterwards lol.
I love every response.
This just basicly made my night...

uhm I don't know if its apropiate to say this but if you want to share information about the parow area in a more safer way my email is on my profile. Granny is right you never know who stalkes around these days lol
😲 😆
well I'm in parow east next to the train tracks... (no adress this time 😳) my friend stayed in parow west and she had the creepiest house ever! Hmm is that the churh where there is little wall dedicated to past people (don't know if the ashes are in there too I dought it) the church has a lot of wood in it or am I off base now?
ooh I'm so sorry... Youre right I wasn't thinking clearly... I got so excited at the fact that there is someone who know my area I just wonder if she would know more than me. I aplogize for that mistake granny it won't happen again 😢
i have read an story on this site of a woman who said no to this kind of entity and he got voilent with her now don't take my words as advice I'm only saying what I've read so you should get someone to help you in this but I agree with fanny you should contact one of those people he mentioned they will know what to do and can give you more information

Hope everything works out it sounds like a horrible thing to go through
❤ ❤
South africa has so many superstitions that's its acualy ridiclules haha I live there and wow almost for everything they have a do not do that or els...
I love that you put afrikaans in the title being from south africa its a welcome statement.
there are many roads in south africa where paranormal stuff takes place
from ghost cars who run people off the road to hitch hikers that scare you into making an accident or have a paranormal scar for the rest of your life haha or even ghost brides that takes your attention off the road so an accident is possible
there are so many more so maybe superstition maybe not I have seen none of these with my own eyes only read about them
but from what I have read South africa is a very haunted place!
❤ ❤
Date: 2011-10-13
I have talked to a few people who have lived here since this place was build (16 years ago).
There have been 6 deaths in the complex, 4 of them men but none of them in my apartment so I don't know if that helps anything. The woman also say that my apartment has been the one where people doesn't stay long in. They always stay a few months and then move but refuse to say why I am the person who has stayed the longest so far.
I have also found out that there is a woman here that can give my house a blessing. Maybe I should go to her and ask her to "clean' my house.
it's not that it bothers me but my boyfriend is very scared of these things and I don't want him to feel scared in his own house.
So far I have experienced no more activity. I can feel a presence but nothing more
I'll keep you updated if I get the house blessed
❤ ❤
Date: 2011-10-13
wel first of all ghostguys 'presense" seems to make everyone a little on edge...
I hope this doesn't turn out to be a fight haha.
Ghost= I was not ignoring your advice I was just looking at other options too. If your looking for a house you buy the first one you see.
DARKNESS= the reason I thought this is one of the old one's is becuase this building isn't very old (ofcorse that doesn't meen anything) and I just thounght that maybe it atached itsself to me but it doesn't feel fimiliar at all it still makes me scared and that's new since the old ones I was all use too. This one still makes me jump every now and again. I just don't understand why I seem to be more drawn to male ghosts!
Thank you guys all for reading my story
Date: 2011-10-12
hi all.
Well I don't know much about the paranormal so I tend to believe others if they tell me something 😢
I don't know if ghostguy's statement is true or false but general you state a very important fact there is a lot of old buildings are huanted by ghost who are super old! If they do cross over how do you explain the facts that general just stated. So I think maybe givinng attention or not if they don't want to go They don't want to go haha maybe I just got a little bit wiser!
Date: 2011-10-12
thank you for your coments guys 😁

Lisa= yes I don't know why I didn't notice it before it is difrent I hate being a ghost magnet but it proves to fill my life with excitment so I'm not complaining! 😳

Ghostguy= I would feel bad if I was responseble for a lost soul not finding its way and if it needs to move on I don't want to be in its way and make it think I want it to stay so no nick names this time!

Small little update...
The feeling of the hair stroking is now almost everyday and I think it warned me yesterday about something funny. I bought milk and put it on the counter and forget to put it in the fridge. A few minutes later the milk flew off the shelf and that made me remember to put it in the fridge otherwise it would have gone bad it was very hot that day. I just said thanks ghostie and smiled so maybe he is helpfull
Thank you all for reading!
oh my word, I also had a bad experience with a doll! It was a big pocelin doll in my grandmothers house and there was a room at the end of the hallway and it sat rigt in the doorway I used to put a towel over its head because I felt it staring at me but everytime I went back the towel was pulled off! 😨
Date: 2011-10-10
i have just thought of something that might make sense, you said the old house burned down, now from seeing the pictures you posted the 'mist' maybe it's not mist but smoke! And the evp saying 'i can't see' maybe the entity is reliving the fire he/she/ can't see because of the smoke, just a thought! It makes sense to me but maybe I'm just over thinking things.

I woulds like to hear someone's thoughts about this theory

❤ ❤ ❤
hey guys I submitted anouther story watch for it if you are interested "did it follow me home"
Comming soon (I hope)

❤ ❤
Date: 2011-08-04
now I feel foolish! Sorry granny I thought you were talking to me. I'm an expert at making a fool out of myself thanks for clarifying that guys 😆