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Karma Or Fiend? on 2014-08-05

Bad things happen to my exes or people that bullied me. I am not sure if it's Karma or the demonic entity that follows me. I don't wish or ask anything bad on them, but they are in inferior aspects of life (minimum wage job, still single, gross looking although they were "hot" back then, or always d...

Demonic Possibly on 2014-08-04

Last September, I waited until my family went to a football game and used sage in every nook and cranny of my house, including the attic, to get rid of this presence that feeds off my family. It seems to amplify negative emotions and feed off that energy, from what I observed. It has been around sin...

Entity Is Attached To Me And Has Sexual Encounters on 2011-10-11

So I know this is going to sound weird, however I have no idea what he is. I do know it is a male. Let me backtrack to when I was 8, around August: I was laying in bed, wide awake, hours after I read this book. I stopped at the part of this book (I forgot the title) where it read "Don't breathe it'...

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Date: 2016-10-13
It's been a while since I last logged in, but in response to who do I think I am to judge my ex and that they dodged a bullet...
He raped me after we broke up. So I have every right to be angry that he still walks free. In my predicament I knew that at the time, no one would have believed me. So if you're mad at my harsh judgement towards someone, feel free to do so. I shouldn't have to explain myself, because it was already bad enough he preemptively told everyone in high school that I'm lying "just in case". According to the rumor, I'm just the crazy psychopath ex girlfriend that lies. Although he raped me when we hung out because he wasn't getting action from anyone, then he stalked me for two years and called me off spoofed numbers at night for months. Yeah, he dodged a bullet alright because I'm the crazy one.
Date: 2014-08-07
Thank you for the advice!
I don't like to visit the doctor, but if I get narcoleptic during the day then I will be concerned! I would like narcolepsy at night.
I am usually an insomniac and it's very had to fall asleep, it takes me more than an hour, some cases two hours. I found ways to cope like cleaning the house before I sleep to make myself feel accomplished!:D
Date: 2014-08-06
I did find myself after many years of soul searching, and I am engaged to my high school crush (not the jerk ex of course!)
Long story short: I did reevaluate what I wanted in a man and I accepted that the past breakups were partially me being dumb, and mostly those guys were just plain jerks that still are going nowhere in life.
I thought other stories I posted would link to this one which was why I did not discuss too much in detail my paranormal experiences, and I thought people would get curious enough to read them!
I am doing extremely well for my age, and I became strong and very confident in myself. All my exes apologized for being jerks and told me they should have treated me better, but of course since I respect myself I told them that's cool, but I'm still not talking to you since I have a fiance! I still am new at this being engaged thing so I don't know if it's still proper to refer to him as boyfriend or fiance but I switch back and forth. Anywho. Yup!
I feel like vomiting before I even know my ex is there because of whatever is around him.
Date: 2014-08-06
To everyone who commented so far:
Thankfully no one in my family has felt the presence, but my boyfriend is the only one who knows about it. The entity grew really strong due to the drama his family created over this year, and it just feeds off that negativity. I think even if I did the sage burning it might not work because they might not believe it will work or me if I explained what is in their house.
Keeping calm helps things and the sage has kept at least my family safe!
Being forced to fall asleep feels like falling to me, except it's not my body that's doing the fall. When I was midsentence with my boyfriend, everything went black and I felt like something that was on top of me pushed me downward into my bed, then past my bed into pitch black. Then I would feel like an invisible hand is choking me and I can't breathe. I now am able to "wake up" quicker if I focus on finding my body; I found that falling asleep with skin touching my boyfriend helps me find my body faster. He was calling my name when he noticed I wasn't talking and I guess you can say I headed towards his voice.
I would say it feels like the realization that you are in a dream and forcing yourself to wake up except I think I may have had an out of body experience.
I read that incubus have relations with sleeping people but I don't know if they force you to fall asleep or follow you. I didn't want to put too much info hinting it may be an incubus due to the story acceptance guidelines ^-^ Any other details about why it may be an incubus I don't think I can include even in the comments but I hope what is presented so far helps. I think I can at least hint that I felt a physical manifestation a few times while my boyfriend was fast asleep, and if I were able to insert the meme "If You Know What I Mean..." I would.
Date: 2014-08-05
I forget if I was 8 or 10 when it talked to me, but it's been a looooong time ago. I think in my last story I made a few years ago I may have said I was 8, but I'm pretty sure it's 10 actually. Juuuust in case people want to point out the continuity issue.
In the previous story I made a few years ago it describes a more in depth nature of the entity. I'm starting to think there are several, because the one that talked brings a sense of dread. That one isn't the one at his house, but something else is.
At the same time I was posting this recent story, my boyfriend was attacked on his lunch break in the middle of the day when he ate lunch in the living room. It forced him to fall asleep and choked him. He's not eating at home for lunch anymore... On the bright side, his room, during his days off work while I'm at work, is a safe haven because of the sage I burnt in his room right after I burnt the sage in my house. I couldn't burn the sage in his entire house because his family was home and I didn't feel like explaining the why, in case they didn't "believe".
Date: 2011-10-22
I know exactly how you feel. Mine was with me since I was 10, he only spoke to me once when he first met me, all he said was "Yees". I am 21 soon.
He is getting stronger for some reason, and he gets insanely jealous when I am with a man who treats me well. I would draw pictures of the same image, a man with white iris and where the eyes should be white on us, are instead black; he has black hair and black feather wings. I am not sure if that is what he really looks like, but for some reason your description of yours sounds like what mine may be. He never revealed his name to me, I always make him covering his face in pictures.
I think you have a similar situation to me, mine I am already gaining control; as it gets closer to my birthday, I am becoming more drained by him, to the point where I am exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. I am wearing a tourmaline necklace to try and protect myself from him, on top of the Buddha necklace I had worn for so long that warded him off from harming me. When he got stronger, I found out from going to this Pagan/ Wiccan store that tourmaline is one of the strongest stones for protection. Hopefully this works. Ironically the lady thought she was all out, but I went over and pointed to what I was sure was it, she said she had no idea it was there, and we both agreed it was probably meant to be mine?
I suggest protecting yourself before something happens. Before I got the tourmaline, I felt like I was being choked in my own car on the way home from the house of this guy I'm dating after having some intimate moments. I don't know much about demons, other than the fact that not all are bad; my rule of thumb with any person is that the greatest evil knows how to disguise themselves as good. The feeling he gives me when he is present is absolute terror... I am pretty sure demons usually are linked to us because they need us for something. They are "protective" because they need us. I would like to speak to you more about this.
All the nails I've been seeing don't say what type of nails they are! Some say tin, but I'm not sure if I have to wear pure iron or not... So, I will have to look for those stones that contain iron. I'm sure I will come up with a nice design. Thank you again!
Thank you so much... I will do some digging around in my garage or head. To walmart. Sorry about the late response but my phone is acting up again... Smart phones. -____-
... Which symbol is easiest to make, bearing in mind I also want it to be aesthetically pleasing?
Oh my gosh I can't believe I never thought of iron nails... Thank you so much. Do you know any other iron options? I'm good at metalworking, I'm an artist and anything I touch s a work of art! I suppose it might charge some of my energy if I shape it myself? Any ideas on any specific shape or maybeinto a pendant? My friend said I can't take it off ever except for metal detector
I'm not good at wearing rings I always lose them so either necklace or. Earring
My friend needs to find me iron so she can enchant it, she said it will protect me for a few months until she needs to do it again
I'm not sure what to do about the more powerful one until I findout more... Would be like putting an electrical fire out with water if I don't know what I'm dealing with. The incubus is just lonely that's all. Ill find a way to calm him down I am sure he means no harm.
I hope either the water or with hazel works... But I think I need to figure out what he is exactly, or risk making him mad:D
My friend said hes a shapeshifter. In my dream I got a glimpse of his skin. ALthough he was disguised as my Grandpa, the skin looked like it wasn't his... I looked at the eyes, I could see his real skin underneath, it looks blackened
My friend is going to find me some iron and enchant it to hopefully ward off the evil presence.
As for the evil presence... Yeah I want him gone but I am too scared to find out what consequences are if it don't work out.
So I felt lightheaded the whole day at work, like my body was doing its routine but my mind was being tickled (only way I can describe it). Was peaceful but I also felt lips brush up on my face and arms around me, never EVER had that happen to me at work. I do know that the first week of November is coming soon... Many cultures around the world celebrate it as the time the border between us and the unseen (described in general) disappears.
My best friend is a Wiccan, she tried to bless me with the light of the moon on our lunch break to get rid of the evil one... He is still there. She told me that incubi often bring in more powerful beings, however I met the more powerful one first... We are still trying to figure out who the powerful one is.
Dang you do bring up a good point Scorp, I am glad you got to the main idea.
Funny thing is I have a strong personality, I am in no way like those girls you see on COPS who are watching their boyfriend being taken away for domestic violence, screaming "but I looove hiiiiiim" Both beings have been with me for about a decade since I was a child. The incubus was silently always there, but recently my sex life has been *ahem* more active. He is jealous, I feel bad he feels that way but he did stay by me all those years, getting rid of him would be like stabbing a friend in the back. Any ideas how to calm his jealousy?
... Why do people join this site and just bash on people's experiences? In the gamer world we call that trolololing... Except the sad part is that you're actually serious about the cruel comments you make, instead of the usual troll just saying those things to cause an uproar for kicks.
Incubi and succubi aren't harmful, really... Some just grow attached to you, and come to you without being summoned or anything. The only thing you have to worry about is when they get jealous. And that they tend to draw other, more powerful beings to you. The more powerful beings are the ones you have to worry about.
I feel bad the reason he's violent is out of jealousy. I'm sure he means no fatal harm, I'm not sure why he's possessive of me when there's plenty of females out there.
I honestly don't like all this hostility towards one another. I appreciate the story is quite a conversation starter, but like I said before I just want to know what they are, if anyone thinks its either one being (bipolar though... Sheesh!) or two seperate beings.
Incubus makes sense for sexual one, however as for the other... What can speak to you in our plane of existence, be strong enough to have his terrifying presence be felt, and also be inside your dream?... If anyone answers Freddy crouger ill slap you if I see you in person. This is serious. I don't live anywhere near elm street.
The evil one was the one from original story when I was wide awake. Somehow he got inside my dream this year. Only spoke to me once in my face when I was young, and only was in my dream the one time. Once or twice I felt his presence in the ten year gap, however I would just feel that. He is there