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Nini Thi
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Hello ^__^
My name is Nini and I am currently a 16 year old going on 17. I found this websiate because I wanted to see if anybody was haunted with a ghost like me and turns out, there is alot. I have no one else to turn to and tell my experiences, so I come here to tell my experiences and seek help and advice.
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He Won't Leave Me Alone on 2011-07-27

I am currently a sixteen year old EVERTHING I say here is true. There is a ghost name Robert Snider, and he harasses me daily. He read my thoughts daily, (He telepathically communicates to me) and I always feel violated. So I ignored him, and this time I avoided the thought of him. But it didn't w...

The Nightmare on 2011-07-20

I am currently a sixteen year old girl; everything I say here is 100% percent truth. There's this ghost named Robert, and he harasses me a lot, and so I talked to people on this website, and they gave me advice. I couldn't turn to my parents; they would NOT listen to me. SO, I just decided to forget...

The Ghost Named Robert on 2011-06-01

Before I begin with my experience, I will tell you right now that everything I say here is 100% truth. I am currently a 16 year old. Okay, so when I was about 10, we moved into this nice, single suburbian house. I liked it, and me and my sister shared a room. We had bunk beds. And everything was n...

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Date: 2011-08-07
[at] Trix: I have other experiences about him, too. If you read it, it wouldn't be confusing. Sorry for the confussion! 😜

[at] Olivia1234: I'm pretty sure I'm not schizophrenic 😠
Date: 2011-07-27
[at] FritzB and [at] RougeWitch: I have another experience Named "The Ghost Named Robert".