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My Very Special First Encounter on 2011-06-07

The unknown has always been a fascinating subject of discussion for me. However, I was also a great deal apprehensive, or plainly put, scared of anything related to ghost, entities, etc. Still in all these years I never encountered any direct things connecting these things... That is until 2 years a...

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thank you all for your comments and sorry for my late reply... So to reply to your questions, I did not feel threatened at all, just very awkward at what I was seeing and trying to rationalize it... Now that I think of it I did not have any weird chills or anything, maybe broke a sweat cause my heart was racing as quick as my thoughts. But truthfully I still believe something holier was making my trip safe, because the rest of the trip I did not feel any different from when I started my journey or went through this area... Haha as for my boyfriend, even today he never believes it and tell me it was the light/my imagination/fatigue from such a long walk... I wished at that time I had shown him what I was seeing and get his thoughts, but I was too concentrated to understand myself... Sirocane I wish you a nice stay in our paradise... Blackriver is gorgeous with chamarel and the black river gorges and so much more...:)