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hello everyone. i'm new here. i have experienced many ghost stories in my life since i was a child, and i will be sharing them with you when i can submit them as the submission is currently off. i'm looking forward to read all your stories and comment on them as well :) . take care and enjoy your day.
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The Wolf Ghost at my Grandmother's Farm on 2008-02-12

This happened at my grandmother's farm. We go there from time to time to enjoy our time and have fun. It is a pretty big farm and for some reason I believe that it has many secrets under its soil. I was 19 years old and we were on our way to get there. I was in the car with my parents and siblings d...

The Evil Ghost from my Childhood on 2008-02-04

Greetings to you all. Kids all over the world live their lives as kids, they play, they study, and they enjoy their time, but my childhood was what I call "a disaster". Before I started going to school I was living in Jordan, a country close to Israel. Later on when I turned 5 years old my dad ha...

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hello to you all, sorry I did not answer you earlier. It was a shocking experience and it gave me fear, which would do to anyone. As for the secrets under the soil, I was told that there were a lot fo people who got burried in the same place, and in the farm in general before my grandmother bought it, and it has a graveyard beside it, so that what makes all sort of paranormal things happen there.
it never happened to any of my family but since I have a huge experience with ghosts I was the only one who was able to see it.
it could be my guardian angel as I never thought about it, because I once went to this psychic who told me that my inner spirit is a wolf.
it just stood there watching me but never looked angry or upset.
i did not scream and start running because I already deal with ghosts, so I know how to look at one and what to do when I see one.
thank you all for your comments, they are truely valuable, and I hope I hear from you all very soon 😊
hey looney85:
i actually don't know if it has to do with anything, but it could be ! Maybe since she was my only friend I got used to having unreal friends. I would love to be your friend 😊 thank you 😊
that is actually freaky. Something happened with one of my sister's dolls that you will read in another story which I'm going to post.

she has a very dark black long hair, kind of reaches half of her back, she is skinny, too white, she has hazel eyes, shes shorter than me which means shes not too short since I'm tall. Her looks shows that she had low self esteem as her eyes are always sad.
i actually don't know! She could have 2 names ! That is weird! I knew her name as alexandra from a dream I once had, but she never actually said it to me face to face. You know what I hate the most? That ignorant people call me crazy and for that they keep making stupid comments such as "she is in love with you ". It hurts me to see people that ignorant and at the same time turning me into some crazy person...
sure I will check the article, it sounds like a good idea. Her name is alexandra not sharon.
you are right about what you said... She needs her family and I'm sure she misses them... I will try to help her out and lead her to the light... I don't know why I feel empty already but I think it is for the best.

thank you
Dear whitebuffalo:
the problem is that she is not willing to listen, she either frightens me or appear in my dreams or as a shadow around me (you might now know where my nickname comes from). Do you think she will come back as being good ?...i don't know I just feel that she is my only friend and one way or another I fear her going but I fear her staying as she ruins my life !.thank you so much for wanting to be a friend of mine, I really apreciate people when they tell me that I'm a good person so how you think I feel when somebody tells me that he/she wants to be my friend? That makes me try to leave my darkness and try for once in my life to hold on to human beings and not ghosts. Thank you and god bless you
thank you so much for your comment, I do feel too lonely at times that I would actually be able to handle my fear and be around somebody who keeps frightening me, especially appearing in a mirror as a shadow from time to time, I would speak to her and tell her to not try to scare me because I'm willing to talk to her because I have no one to talk to, I apreciate you being my friend, I really do. God bless you
Date: 2008-02-07
such a powerful and scary story.
i know how you feel about your aunt and not being able to stay around her as you got traumatized. In my opinion the devil was telling you to watch your back because you were trying to come in his way. The young girl who you read about in my story actually threatened a lot of people to not interfere with our friendship, which made people fear me!. Try to ask about how she feels when you are around people and not alone with her, maybe if you have a tiny feeling of her being ok as she might tell you then you will start being around her more often.

take care and god bless
i haven't read your story yet but I will very soon 😊. It is a fobia and not an easy one also, but I wouldn't say I fear dark because I got used to it. As for dolls I don't know why they exist lol. Thanks for your comment and I will comment on your story very soon as well.

may god bless you too my friend
hello whitebuffalo, ohiowatha and kimsoutho:
you are all right about telling her to go to the light and all that. I'm actually a believer in god but I do not hold on to one religion which could be an easy way to evil spirits to come along. My family are very much religious though. I am just tired of her chasing me wherever I go, and wherever I go I feel her humming or holding on to me. The problem with me is still not having friends, maybe that is why I somehow want her to stay but at the same time wants her to leave. Whitebuffalo, I was actually writing with a pencil on that note book when suddenly the words appeared and it was weird because I didn't get frightened at that time since I was desperate to have friends. Could she be somehow lonely too? That's why she is still around?. Ohiowatha, yes evil kids actually exists and I found them more evil than the ghost back then. I am actually still terrified of dolls. I dream of that young girl a lot telling me to help her while she sobs without stopping, so could it be that she wants me to help her cross over?...i don't know why but I somehow miss her when she is not frightening me, does anyone of you feel this way?. Thank you all
Date: 2008-02-01
it was indeed a warning. Experiencing such things, with ghosts warning and helping me, is something I have since I was a child. It is just great to feel that another soul from the other side of this world had choosen you to do the right job on this earth isn't it?. Great story and thanks for sharing 😊