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Joe And His Haunting Brother on 2011-06-21

I have previously posted a story regarding some of my problems as a teenager and young adult. I know that even though they are not extremely supernatural they are part of a phenomenon that occurs to a lot of people through their lives and I appreciate all your comments. The story I'm about to tell y...

Alice And My Late Night Frights on 2011-06-20

I've read hundreds of similar stories., most of them relating to creepy houses, late night frights, sleep paralysis, etc... I can't tell you that this is a different story. I grew up in a new house., located in what used to be cotton plantations. The only odd thing about it is one of my neighbor...

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Date: 2011-07-19
Things run differently in 3rd world countries, where children are left to fend for themselves at a very young age. Certain cultures even marry their children when they are really young (3-7).

I do believe that because of the enormous need the family had, they decided to leave the child alone., unconsiderate and irresponsible, yes!., impossible, unfortunetly no.
Dont know why but this has "prank" all over. I don't believe this girl kayla is telling you the truth... Did you actually read this with her or did she just blurt it out while you stayed wide eyed listening?

Isnt it odd that she aknowledged seeing the old man just as you said it?., she is toying with your mind.

I do believe you got some activity going on in your house...but...the 2 murdorous/insane sisters story?...for reals?...did you believe her?

For the scratches part., its as easy as having bedbugs (or lice which you already admitted having) you might have scratched yourself while sleeping and don't remember it.

Now., I know that there is no age for religion... But I do not believe that being 14 and stating you are wiccan is really smart., I truly know nothing about wicca but any religion should be taken seriously and I don't think you are doing that.

You crave for your parents attention., I beg you please talk to them because it seems like you need some guidance. And stop believing everything you are told.

Im sorry if this post is rude, I normally don't reply in this way but you seem like someone who needs more counseling than paranormal advice.
Date: 2011-07-18
Dear Sia: I'm terribly sorry for all that has been happening to you lately. My simpathies to you and your daughter that must be equally crushed by your mother's loss.

I trully believe that things have not gone "mellow" as you say., more likely you are feeling "numb" because of all the problems that are surrounding you right now.

As rook said, take your time and try to heal., it seems to me that you need to mature spiritually in order to see more clearly what is going on between you and this entity. I don't know why but I get the feeling that subconsciously you are inviting this entity to be with you, yet in a conscious level you are scared. Please correct me if I'm wrong., but having this problems makes you feel unique?, special?. I am not stating that you are not unique or special, I'm pretty sure that you are... My concern is that you might feel that you are not.

Find your center., try to be calm, and focused, for your daughter and for your fiance, but most of all for you.,

I am not trying to give you advice on a paranormal level, because I think that more than enough has been provided so far. You are a wonderful and very special woman., never forget that.

I wish nothing but the best for you!
Date: 2011-07-15
Dear endymion., you seem surrounded by such strong negativity., I hope it doesn't smother you.

There is hope and good people in the world., don't lose your faith in humanity. Pray to the lord that your gift was indeed intended to aid people., and not sent by the great deceiver.

My best wishes for you.
I'll be looking forward to your next post.
Thank you javelina., I sure wish she is perfectly fine and was able to cross over... Thanks again for all your help! Tell my thanks to your daughter as well!

VooDooKitteh: I am sorry if my story portrays me as a judgmental person., actually I'm not. I usually get vibes, I somehow know how a person is feeling and I have known a lot of goth people like yourself and honestly from goth people I get sometimes sadness, anger for not being understood and most of the times melancholy but never a sense of evil. Evil is something innate in a person I believe, its part of the duality of us humans, on the other hand I have met tons of "normal" people that are evil (I got a cousin just like that). This is why I can say that Joe was (and is I believe) evil. Thanks for reading!

Geetha: I'm 32 and 9 months old hahaha. I was 12 in 1990. We never heard from Joe again., he almost dissapeared from sight. About my mom and I not liking him., she kept saying to my sister that she didn't like him and made her stay in the porch with him when he visited (she didn't want him in but also wanted to respect her daughters decision to befriend someone she didn't like). As to me, I couldn't say anything because I was a kid (and who listens to kids haha?)

Javelina: The writings did stop., although later when I was older I started to have experiences (from my previous story). I am not saying it was the same entity., because it feels completely different., but they are here to deceive so... Who knows!.
I would really apreciate your daughters help regarding the navajo. I have not been able to find anything online and there are no navajo near the Baja area (where I live). The reason why our family is concerned is because my greatgrandmother should be resting., we don't understand why several "seers" place her with the navajo.
Date: 2011-06-23
AnimalAngels: I agree with bacchaegrl... It is residual, because it keeps repeating over and over again...she's not aware of her surroundings, stuck in some sort of cycle I guess?, most likely she didn't even notice tremendo's dad...
Lexie Out ❤
Thank you Warrior... (and glad you ended the 12 year old debacle) haha...

Anyone kwno anything about the navajo culture?
Date: 2011-06-22
Hi khristina: This also happened to my niece., she would suddenly wake up, her eyes full of fear or when we were changing her diapers, she would be giggling and then stare at a spot right next to our head and start crying... I hated that I couldn't do anything for the poor thing...

Hope nothing like this happened to your sister or your family again...
God bless you!
Darkness: Indeed., my neighbor is a huge problem to us. It was worst when we were little and as we grew up things calmed down a bit but she used to do rituals in her backyard I honestly don't know what kind. I always pray a wholy father when she's looking at me haha.
My mother did feel something following her when they lived on the old house but that was before I was born., I don't debunk that it could have followed us here. About praying, believe it or not., I do believe praying is the best weapon you have against this sort of things... Sometimes they mess with your head and don't let you articulate (its happened to me a lot) but they totally hate it when you begin praying...
The house feels really calm right now., I sometimes get feelings about things but it seems as though they are passing through., like they are not attached to the house or us.

About the entity., its nature is demonic., I'm 100% sure... Ghosts don't feel that way.,

"you survived all your experiences, which makes you a very strong person "... Thank you for your words Lynrith., even thnough I felt quite weak sometimes, it used to make me feel a lot of rage and anger and my poor family often paid the price.

Thankfully its gone., and it can no longer feed on my fear or my familys'.
everytime something happened I told my mother., yet sometimes I just didn't want to alarm her... They eventually ended up calling the praying circle and helped most of the family... (it turns out almost all of us felt something., from touches, sleep paralysis, etc) I still got some issues though., the people in church calls them false charismas... For example., I look at a person and see nothing., but later on as I remember what I saw I see other things as well., things that were not there when I saw it at first... I know it sounds weird.