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The Entity that Wouldn't Leave on 2008-02-05

There are four of us, siblings, in the family. I'm the oldest and there are three of us, girls, and the youngest is a boy. My brother is about seven years younger than I. At the time of the event that I'm about to relate, I was 16 and he was 9. He had his own bedroom, my two younger sisters were in ...

My Ouija Board Experience on 2008-01-29

I've been reading the stories on this site for quite a while now. The reason I do so is because I have always experienced paranormal activity. There are many stories that I could write about, but I decided to start with this one because I just read one of the latest stories and it is about a Ouija B...

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Perhaps I will try the smudge ceremony next time that I visit. Although, I will probably have to do it when my mom is not around as she would have a problem with it, I'm sure.
My brother doesn't live there anymore and he doesn't have nightmares like he used to have when he was at home. I don't have nightmares as often either. My recurrent dreams that I've had since childhood have always recurred regardless of where I am, however.
I've had other experiences, some scary and some not as much. My grandma was very sensitive to these things and she used to say that maybe I was as well. However, the experiences that I've had don't seem to be related to the one at home.
Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions.
I will try to address your comments. First of all, thank you for commenting on my story.
I must clarify that the board was used in an enclosed porch, but it was outside the house. When the board went crazy, the pointer flew through the open door, which was a double door, and onto the sidewalk. What I'm calling the sidewalk is actually a cement path from the house to the actual street. I have no idea whether these boards are not supposed to work outside, but it would seem to me that entities have no predilection unless they are attached to a specific structure. Whether being inside the enclosed porch made a difference, I don't know.
I have had the dream after I returned from Germany. I've always resisted the idea of past lives, don't know why. But, I suppose it is possible that the dream is related to a past life. There is a part of me that wants to know more and there is a part of me that does not. I do know that if I'm going to place it in a WWII timeline, it would have to be towards the middle or towards the end of the war as I can see signs of damage on the buildings as I'm walking through the streets. The damage could have been the result of bombings.
What bothers me the most is that whatever used the board to communicate did know about my dream. How? It just boggles my mind.
I'm certain that whatever came through did not leave any time soon after that. There was too much that happened after that incident and I'm also certain that we, as kids, had no idea of how to close any open portals. My younger brother and I were the most affected and the ones who had the most experiences.