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Do You Want To Play? on 2011-06-22

A couple of years ago, my parents left me all alone in the house for 5 days. My sisters were also gone, so I was completely alone. As I said before, I live in an old house, and the two floors my family has are structured like this: My parents and my youngest sister have the kitchen, living room (th...

Thank God It's Morning on 2011-06-21

I'm not exactly sure what happened last night, but I sure know it wasn't for the first time. I live in Romania, Bucharest in a house that was built in 1919. I tried to look for records, for the last owners of the house, but my dad has no idea where they are, they were lost during the communist age....

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Date: 2011-06-28
Gizzy, every time my mom sprinkles holy water, any spooky activity on the ghosts' behalf stops for a while, even for a couple of months, then it starts again. I don't think it's the property... Can a person be haunted? Because I've slept in many houses and I felt the same spirit. Or could it be just a clumsy Guardian Angel? I have no idea whatsoever. But you know, there are times when I feel he spirit, watching and so, but I don't feel threatened whatsoever. I mean, I know it's there, I even wave at him or her (I really think it's a male), but it doesn't frighten me.
Redphx, I don't know, maybe I've watched too many movies? I do know that steel and salt protects you, I don't know why I chose a silver knife. It seemed like the best thing to be done.
Thank you for your comments and advice!
Date: 2011-06-22
Rookdygin, you know, the weird thing is that I still stumble on saying it in Romanian pr English, but I can perfectly recite it in Latin. And at the times I couldn't say it, and stumbled at the bread part, I knew what was coming in Latin, but I just wasn't able to translate it into Romanian.
Aussiedaz, no, not that I know of. BUT, major but, I am adopted and I know nothing of my blood family, so maybe it's one of them, I don't know.
Date: 2011-06-22
I know I should've given more details. When I started typing the story I missed out A few things (firstly, right in that morning I wrote everything down on the nearest piece of paper I could find). I forgot to say that at some point I was trying to say The Our Father prayer and every single time I stopped at 'Give us this day our daily bread', I just couldn't go on. I tried this for 20 minutes, or so, but I couldn't, not once, finish the prayer. I agree with all of you, and thank you for your advice. I somehow believe it was my imagination, but as I told you, I knew it wasn't like that. You know the feeling, when you play hide and seek, and the seeker is near your hiding place, and you're keeping your breath so it doesn't find you, and your heartbeats are racing faster than ever, you can actually feel them through the silence? That's the feeling I had, only that I knew it was there and every moment it could see me, but it's still that fear, that something bad will happen once it gets to me. I'm sorry I'm repeating myself but I will sum up this feeling: It's like when you know it's there, he knows you're there, you can almost see him, he can almost see you, but when he does, you'll suffer. Shall I continue with other things that happened in another story or in a comment? Will you read? Thank you all again!