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Hey Guys! I Live In The Oldest House In The STATE!
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Living With A Trapped Soul on 2011-07-04

Our play-house is like a lodge. 2 stories, with some games in each. In the Attic, there is seemingly a trapped soul that likes my rocking chair. She is wearing pigtails, a purple hoodie, and likes her teddy bear. My friends Dcl4, Jetzz 111, Lexther, Penblooe, and Punky789* stayed the night there whi...

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"We already did, in the attic." This could mean there are a few entities in the lodge.
About the retired dad thing. The investigators are between 26 - 33 Years old, and I'm 28. Jetzz's dad is 63.
I am in EST. That's why it was 3:00 there. Why I need help is beacuse I don't know if it's needing something or if it's saying its just... You know, there. 😕
Penqiuno and Punky were teamed up in the investigation. Their nicknames are from their email address.
Other people that stay the night at my house usually see her through the windows. One of them was me. 😨