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Saudi Arabia
Goodness 5 years and I am still terrible at writing a bio, haha.
I have some really interesting stories to share. Hopefully my English have improved since my first set of stories back in 2011.

Updates that has happened the past years:

-We moved to our new house 3 years ago.
-Two of my uncles have passed away earlier this year (2016) one of them being "The" uncle in my stories, but will still share his stories out of respect, he has experienced so much for it to be forgotten.


Thank you for visiting my profile

If you have any inquiries please contact me via my new E-mail

Hayatlhrb [at]
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In Memory Of My Uncle on 2016-09-06

Five years have passed since I last checked this site... I do apologize for that, but I am back now with the last set of my uncle's experiences. Yes the last set of stories, he passed away in a car accident earlier this year, what a great year 2016 has been eh? We are all utterly devastated, it wa...

Our House And The Not Really Funny Pranks on 2011-07-19

Our house is small but there's a lot happening in it, specially to our guests. It seems that whatever is in our house doesn't like new faces or likes to play pranks. We are living in this house for 7-8 years now, I never thought about it but when I was remembering I realized there's a lot happened. ...

My Uncle And His Cute Friends on 2011-06-27

Here's more of my uncle's stories. Once when he was in my grandfather's farm, he was staying in the boys room -we call it boys room its where my uncles used to live, its a separate house from the main house- it was 2AM he was sitting in one of the rooms facing the door and was playing his guitar al...

My Uncle's Fun Times At Our House on 2011-06-22

I'm new here and I realy like this site I'm lucky to have found it. Umm my English isn't very good so don't mind it please I decided that the first story is my uncle's when he was staying at our house, My uncle has a lot of stories I will write them later this is only for the things happened in...

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Wow that's scary lol
She sounds evil, hope she doesn't do anything dangerous
Try speaking with her when you see her again.
Ask her why she keeps on watching you maybe you'll get a reply
I don't think this is sleeping paralysis.
There's somthing in that room
Maybe somthing likes you or somthing, I know a lot of stories about people getting possessed because somthing loved them and every night it-the possessor- have sex with the possessed.
I hope nothing like that is with you since it stopped when you moved to the other room
hi DragonStorm
Hmmm, I never thought that there's somthing unique about it becouse nothing has happened since he got married and moved.
And he has a lot of experiences not only in our house even in his car...
Also we had some experiences in other rooms in the house, we've been living here for 8 years now
But all of the things happening are just small ones nothing is dangerous

Thank you for the comment
Hi Javeliina,
Thank you very much 😁
You see, "sleeping paralysis" is called in my religion Jathom as I said its a small demon who is very heavy that just sits on someone's chest its like Incubus/Succubus exept it dosn't have sex with the victim.
Yes, I too thought that he is very sensitive to those things although he dosn't believe in it.

Thank you Javelian for commenting
And I'll subimit more of his stories 😊
Date: 2011-06-24
Wow this is very interesting
Normally apparitions don't happen very much
As you say
"they" need a lot of energy to appear
Don't you like lose laptop battery quickly
Or suddenly the electricity in the house goes weak and come back?