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Incident With The Attic Door 2 on 2012-08-15

I imagined after my previous piece that I would not submit a story about my attic again. From all the comments most people felt it was the wind and I felt a lot better about it. I recounted my attic story previously hoping that the attic door would not open again. Well out of the blue awhile back it...

Incident With The Attic Door on 2011-06-22

I have always enjoyed reading or hearing about ghost stories growing up but would take them with a pinch of salt, who really knows what's 'out there'! However for the first time in my life I had an experience that I could not explain and to this day I always check the attic door. I live in a new (...

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Thanks to all for the replies. I had thought of the lock and may just well do it as I can't keep from checking the door daily. I put off doing it as I am petrified that with the lock on I will discover it one day open again and will just move house! I have noticed at times lights I thought I had put out were on again but couldn't be sure I really had turned the light out, you know? Also we do hear noises up through the chimney as though someone stokes the fire at around 10. 30pm most nights but put it down to other things! Items do go missing a lot but turn up even when we have checked and doubled checked areas where they were.
Thanks for all your comments. I still check the door daily. I guess maybe it was the wind. The only thing I ponder is that the door was tilted at an angle not just blown open. Since it has never happened again and we have never had any other issue here in the house I pass it off. Cheers!